Weight Loss Motivation for Women

Inspire your mind. Nourish your body.

Self-Love. Weight Loss. Body Image Coaching & Personal Development for Women.

Overcome the sabotage & self-loathing diet mindset that has kept you struggling with your weight, and begin a romance of self-loving kindness.

  • Still struggling with your extra weight, despite dieting for years?
  • Are you sick of constantly thinking about food, calories & weight loss?
  • Have you lost yourself in the roles of mum, wife, daughter, employee?
  • does everyone and everything come before you?
  • Would you like to be a better healthy role model for your kids, but don’t know how to make the change for yourself?

Join the revolution and reclaim your power to listen to your body, and nourish it to slimness without diets or deprivation.

Hi, I’m Kylie, I’m a Mindset Specialist in Sydney, Australia. I help women to shift their diet mindset and create a healthy slim body sustainably, through making lasting lifestyle changes, without fad diets, radical surgery or pills, potions and shakes. If you’ve been struggling with your weight loss motivation, body image and self-esteem I can help you. I will help you to uncover the underlying reasons why you’ve been sabotaging yourself and help you to get slim from the inside out.


I can help you, because I’ve been through this journey myself.

I struggled for many years with my weight, self-esteem and body image, trying different diets and even going to work at a gym, thinking that it would help me get slim. Nothing worked! (That photo is at the gym Christmas party!) It wasn’t until I discovered a special psychological technique that helped me to change my thoughts about myself that I was able to create the body I really wanted.

After struggling for years I discovered the secret inside my mind, became really dedicated, I did all the things we all know we should, and in 3 months I dropped 20 kgs! I have lost 30kgs all up since my heaviest weight, and have maintained my healthy body since 2004, even through my recent pregnancy, I maintained a very healthy weight and bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight after just 1 week! Amazing! I know this is because I now think like a slim person, and my body is regulated to be slim. I can help you to do that too.


It all begins with your mind…

Thank you to beautiful Kylie Ryan who helped me achieve this transformation from the inside out FIRST and got me to remember who I really am and get the hell out of my own way! That’s where abs of steel comes from – not food, not exercise, from being willing to examine your MIND, SOUL and your HEART and surrender yourself to the process xx
- Bianca Aiono


Weight Loss Motivation

If you’ve got no motivation, and can’t seem to get out the door to exercise, you’re not alone. I have been there myself and I’ve discovered a simple and proven system to shift your mindset and get more motivation than you thought was possible.

Since working with Kylie…  I have made some of the most amazing changes to my life that I never had previously believed possible…  the excuses that I had so heavily relied on in the past became far more trivial and easy to overcome, which has motivated me further to set more goals and challenges for myself.
- Simone Brustolin.

Overcome Self-Sabotage

Do you work really hard dieting and exercising only to have a massive binge, blowout or injury when you start getting close to your goal? This is classic self-sabotage and you don’t have to keep doing it! You can let it go with just a little bit of help!

I became more focused…I am not as angry as I used to be, I drank less and I want a healthy, happy body.  I have lost weight through a personal trainer something that I would not have done before.  I feel more confident and it is apparent in a lot of situations. I have realised we are not perfect & you can actually achieve what you put your mind to. - Nat C

When you value yourself and feel inspired and confident, eating well and exercising become a pleasurable part of life.

Crush Food Cravings & Emotional Eating

Do you suffer with uncontrollable emotional eating and intense cravings, Do you find yourself mindlessly eating or feeling numb afterwards? It has to stop. I can show you how…

Can that really be my waist? There’s no tummy, no muffin top. My legs actually look lean? I am totally in awe of how my body is rewarding me for not filling it with crap anymore! …I am happy eating what’s right for me and I’m never hungry. I have heaps of energy and I feel great – no cravings, mood swings around energy dips etc… I am now a size 10 I haven’t been this small since I was a teenager. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  – Name withheld.


Become Your Own Cheerleader

If you beat yourself up in your own head, it’s hard to find the energy to do anything. Do you have a heckler or a cheerleader? I can help you switch.

Thank you Kylie for your inspiration. When I find it hard I turn to your pages for a lift!! Xxx I owe a lot to you and your magic. You seem to have an article for everything I’m struggling with. Thank you so so so much. I’ve had so many ahhh-ha moments reading your stuff over the last year. It really has contributed to my success! My inner cheerleader is doing some kick-ass flips and splits right now! She is shaking them pom-poms!
- Haley De Martin

No matter how many diets you’ve been on, or programs that have failed you, you can have weight loss success.

I can absolutely guarantee you that nothing will change for you, unless you change your mind!

What do I get? How do I do it?

There are many ways I can help you to make this change. I have programs and services for every level. Begin by signing up for my Craving Killer Cheat-sheet & Hypnosis session in the yellow box.

Give yourself an amazing gift, let me help you to create a self-love mindset and nourish your body slim & glowing-healthy!


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