Welcoming Selina! Your New Client Service Manager.

Welcoming Selina! Your New Client Service Manager.

Today I’d like to announce that I am bringing on my first full time staff member to help me serve you better. The amazing, passionate and unbelievably enthusiastic Selina McGarrigle a.k.a. Miss Fabulousness. Hooray!

I have been honoured to be a part of Selina’s blossoming over the last 2 years, since she first emailed me to say that she found me on facebook and loved my posts, to meeting her at my Brisbane event, to her mustering the dollars to invest in my 3 day training, coming to Sydney and the unbelievable life changes she has made since then, to now coming on as my full time Client Service Manager. Selina has been through my Goddess Body Quest training and has since completed her own Life Coach training, she has her own expertise in Social Work and Reiki, and is a super-nanny, child-whisperer as well. So many talents!
Selina will be helping me to grow My Mind Coach & serve you better, and also help me with more support so I can be the kind of working mum that I want to be as this mission grows! I am really excited to have such a talented, wise, compassionate and caring woman to help me help you, and I am honoured that she considers working with me her dream job.  Selina has her own wisdom to share and ideas to grow the course and event offerings so watch out for those too.

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Selina will be running complimentary Self-Sabotage 60 minute Discovery Sessions, Valued at $250, starting Monday!  If you’d like to be one of the first to get this life-changing coaching session with Selina, to discover what’s really holding you back from achieving the body you want, and how we can help you to create a lasting change, book in your session now!

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A Recap of  Selina’s Journey with My Mind Coach…

Selina-Before-AfterWhat I have gotten out of the course can’t be measured. I glow from the inside out! For the first time in years; I am happy because I am happy!

I love myself – I can actually look in a mirror with no self loathing… I love the woman smiling back at me and not just because my body has changed on the outside – I have changed from the inside and it is a reflection!

As a coach and mentor you Kylie are simply amazing! no words can describe the gratitude; the love; the results or the arse-kicking you have given me! (wink-wink)

You helped me to save my life! Turned it around and now there are no limits! And now I get to do the same for others; thanks to you! The tools and the actions from this program I will do everyday for the rest of my life! Because they work! – Selina, Miss Fabulousness

Selina dropped 9cms from each thigh through her 8 month journey, so far.  She has now started her own inspirational blog!  Read it here.

In full bloom just 8 months later….Watch Selina’s full Interview on her story of transformation this year.

Selina’s story is one of seeing an opportunity to change her life, and having the courage to take it with both hands, this is a quality that I respect and admire in her so much. I have helped Selina to find the tools and the door, but she has created this success entirely herself. I am so very proud of her results and thrilled to be a part of helping her grow to the next level and share more of her gifts with the world.

If you’d like to talk to Selina to discover how you too can find the courage and support to change your life, book your session here.

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