NLP Mindset Coaching to Unleash Your Weightless Woman

It’s time to stop feeling ashamed of your habits, embarrassed about your body and unworthy of your dreams.

Discover the confidence & energy to truly get out there and live your life to the full.

Hi there! I’m Kylie. Nice to meet you. I’m so glad you’ve found me.

I know you’ve been through a lot to get to this point. You’re exhausted, frustrated and are desperate to make this change. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried diets, exercise programs, challenges, affirmations, reading hundreds of books, articles and magazines, anything you could get your hands on to change this behaviour and feel better about yourself.

You might feel like you’re a passenger in life, watching yourself go through the motions, as if you’re invisible. Listening to everyone, but never saying what you really think, until you get grumpy, frazzled and explode. Running around constantly, caring for everyone else but never looking after yourself.

You’re so busy caring for everyone else, but never looking after yourself.

You might yearn to find that happiness and freedom you had as a kid. To be able to run and play with your own children and to be an inspiration for them to live their best lives. Instead you worry that you’re just passing on your own fears and insecurities as much as you try to hide it.

You might like to lose some weight, but if you’re really honest with yourself it’s not even about how your body looks or what you weigh. That’s just the surface stuff.

You’ve finally realised it’s about how you FEEL about yourself.

You just want to be happy again, to feel confident in your skin, to feel healthy and energized no matter what the number on the scales or the tag on your dress says. you want to stop avoiding social events because you have “nothing to wear” (which we all know is code for “I’m having a fat day and feel gross in my body”)

I’d love to help you, I’ve been there myself and have found a way out. A way that works. You might not be that surprised to discover it starts with your mind. You probably already knew that’s what needed to change, but you didn’t know where to start to make it happen.

How do you change your thoughts?

After 11 years of helping thousands of women, I have developed a program that can truly help you to change your mind, body and life from the inside-out. It’s not a quick fix. It’s not a diet. It’s a commitment to yourself. It’s a commitment to  becoming your best self.

Science + Strategies + Spirit + Support.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching processes, with Advanced Energy Healing techniques, hypnosis audios, and heaps of practical strategies for daily life, plus a big sisterhood of support, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re chomping at the bit, and desperate to begin today, then apply for a call right now to speak to myself or my coaching team and we can get you started.

Or if you’re still just looking around and not 100% ready yet, then sign up for the free craving crusher e-book and hypnosis. That pack is super powerful and will give you a chance to dip you’re toe in the water, and know for certain that I’m the real deal.  Then when you’re ready to make a change, we’ll be there for you.

My team and I can’t wait to help you to make this change, and welcome you into our sisterhood.

with love, Kylie