10 Essential Ingredients for Weight Loss Success

10 Essential Ingredients for Weight Loss Success

There are some essential ingredients to lasting slimness, health, vitality, critical factors in getting and keeping a slim, strong, sexy body.

As we come into the last month of the year, the weather heats up and the beach starts calling, many of us suddenly realise it’s time to “get serious” about our body goals.

At this time it’s easy to get lured in by quick fix promises, pills, shakes or some “ah-mazing” machine that will supposedly shed the kilos faster than anything else, so to help save your wallet and remind you what really matters, here’s my list of the essential ingredients of true and lasting weight loss success.

1. A crystal clear and inspiring goal, within a realistic timeframe, that you believe you can achieve.

A crystal clear goal is always the starting point. Know where you are. Know where you want to get to. Simple. Remember there are no impossible goals, only unrealistic time-frames. You can’t lose 10kgs in a couple of weeks. Get specific and visualise your moment of success. Focus all your attention on it. Keep affirming it to yourself and reading stories of success until you believe that it is possible for you to achieve. Make it about more than just what you look like, include your health, energy and some performance aspects too.

2. A big reason why you want the goal that links into your highest values.

Your reasons are the fuel that will keep you going. The bigger your reason, and the more those reasons link in with your other values and priorities, the more compelled you will be to endure pain and pleasure in the pursuit of your goal.

3. A deep understanding the cost of not changing.

This is critical also, to utilise the “away from” motivation axis. It’s important to be very clear on the long term & short term negative consequences of not making the change. It’s not about beating yourself up, but rather being honest about what it’s truly costing you, so you don’t rationalise yourself into mediocrity. Get honest with yourself about the pain of not getting slim and healthy. This is the fire up your butt, to get you motivated on the days you don’t feel like it.

4. An absence of conflicting unconscious blocks or secondary gain.

This is my speciality, and unfortunately something that is very difficult for you to work on by yourself. If you’ve been struggling, you will undoubtedly have unconscious mental or emotional blocks that are stopping and sabotaging you. Get some help to get these out of the way and fast track your success. Come along to my next events, or email me for more info on how I can help you.


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5. Positive reinforcement from someone.

A little bit of support essential to embed new habits and reinforce positive behaviours. Get some support from a friend, family member, coach, a team or online forum of people who have similar goals. It is not essential that everyone supports you, and many times people will actively undermine you, that’s life. Learning to deal with that is a part of the process. However in order to keep yourself on track it is important to have at least one person you can turn to who has similar goals and philosophies when you need support and encouragement.

6. A mentor who inspires you.

The quickest path to success is modelling the success of someone else. Find someone who inspires you who you can model and borrow their techniques and positive thinking. If you are ever unsure of what to do, you can always ask yourself “what would X do?”

7. Measuring the right things, and acknowledging small successes.

Acknowledgement of the small successes from day 1 is critical in you being able to internally reinforce and support your own changes. When you measure the right things you will notice success from the beginning. When you measure only your weight you will most likely struggle with your motivation. Learn the right things to measure and you’ll notice how much you’re improving and be inspired to continue.

8. A growing body awareness and sensitivity.

As you become healthier, you will notice a blossoming body awareness, and sensitivity to certain things in your environment. It is a sign of success. Learn to listen to this awareness to discover what works and doesn’t work for you.

9. A commitment to small daily improvements.

Commitment to small daily improvements is a critical ingredient in lasting success. You already know that trying to change everything at once does not work. Instead, commit to making each day just a little bit better than the one before and very soon, your small steps will snowball.

10. Self-compassion for the past and slip ups in the present.

Self-compassion is a key ingredient in lasting weight loss success. Let go of the past, let go of your slip-ups, forgive yourself and move on instantly. Nobody’s perfect, just do the best you can and improve every day.


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