10 signs you need to awaken your goddess body.

10 signs you need to awaken your goddess body.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for a long time, you need to stop the weight loss struggle and instead awaken your goddess body…

Does this describe you?

1. You feel fat.

Regardless of what you see in the mirror, or how much progress you have already made, what you see in your head is flab. You feel big, bloated and frumpy, and are desperately unhappy with how you look.

2. You eat secretly.

Secret eating is a big obstacle that holds you back. If you eat at the fridge door or in the kitchen away from your family and friends, and hide wrappers in the trash bin, you are not doing yourself or your body any favours.

3. Eating is a reward, a consolation, a comfort and a friend.

Eating is pleasurable, we all know that. However there is a point where eating can become so overloaded with meaning that it becomes your confidante, consoler and friend, the only thing that is always there when you need it.

4. You are trying really hard.

You train every week, maybe even 5 times a week. You eat clean most of the time. You read and research about food and healthy options. You’re trying really hard and not getting the results you feel you deserve for your efforts.

5. You compare yourself to others and get demoralised.

You compare yourself to others; friends, people at the gym, people on Facebook, and wonder why they can do it and you can’t.

6. You sabotage yourself.

Mysterious illnesses, injuries or emergencies, seem to take your attention and energy away from your weight loss goal as soon as you begin to get close to your ideal weight. Or you straight-up binge for no apparent reason when you start to see results.

7. You’re mean to yourself.

If only people knew the horrible things you say to yourself in the name of motivation. You would never say out loud some of the things you say to yourself in the privacy of your own mind. You feel horrible, but think that pushing yourself harder is the only way to get the result you want.

8. You have tried “everything”

Well maybe not everything, but it sure feels like it. PT, diet after diet, flogging yourself at the gym, endless cardio sessions, bootcamps and body shapers, fat burners, protein shakes, meal replacers. Nothing has ever worked for more than a few months.

9. You’re afraid that you might never get there.

You’re tired from trying so hard. This isn’t the only thing you’ve got going on in your life. Sometimes you try to rationalise that it doesn’t really matter that much, that you’re happy the way you are now, but secretly you wonder if you can really do it at all.

10. You avoid your life so you don’t have to show off your body.

“The beach? Oh no I don’t really feel the heat. I can’t go to the beach today anyway, I’ve got too much to do.” How many more events and experiences are you going to let yourself miss out on so you don’t have to wear something that reveals your body?


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Is this you?

If you nodded along with more than 5 of those points then you need help. (You’re not crazy by the way.) You’re just going about weight loss the wrong way. The outside-in way. Trying to change your body from the outside-in is only ever going to yield short term and poor results for maximum effort.

BUT changing from the inside-out yields maximum, amazing, breath-taking “Oh my god what have you been doing?” results with much less effort. Getting slim and staying slim can be easy. However it does involve doing work on your mind, thoughts and emotions. It requires a radically different way of thinking than what you have been doing. I can teach you how to do that.

If you have had enough of living life struggling with your weight and are ready to awaken your goddess body, if you are ready to step up and invest the time and energy in making an inside out change. I can help you.

Learn how to make the change…

I am running my 1 day Awaken your Goddess Body Workshops around Australia: Get your tickets here for the events on sale or pre-register for the upcoming events in your state. In these events I will teach you the diet mindset mistakes and what you need to do to overcome them. And I will reveal all of the steps of the system I have discovered to create complete mind and body transformation.

Apply for me to coach you to your most breathtaking results ever…

For those who are willing to deep dive and can’t stand to live another day without making this change, I am running premium Goddess Body Transformation programs including a 3 day unleashing event in Sydney, this is the program where I hold your hand and personally guide you through the 7 steps in my proven transformation system, even guaranteeing your results! This program has proved incredibly successful. The ladies going through it now making breathtaking life shifts, and unleashing their inner strong, slim sexy goddess bodies.

This program is intense and will absolutely get you the results you are looking for. It is a complete mindset shift and will create a massive positive ripple effect through not only your body transformation but your whole life.  I am only taking on a very select few clients each year, if you would like to apply, please email me Kylie@mymindcoach.com.au, and I will arrange an application form for you.

Unfortunately the truth is, if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting. Radically different results requires radically different action. If you have been following my articles, you know that I am fully committed to your results and deliver exceptional value. If you are ready to make the change now, make it a priority to get to my Awaken workshops or apply for a place in my Transformation program. I truly hope to serve you to achieve the goddess body that you dream of.

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