10 tips to breeze through the silly season…

10 tips to breeze through the silly season…

As we all know Christmas is hurtling towards us once more, and there’s all those parties, all those drinks and christmas cakes and glasses of celebratory wine and champagne. So how do you not just survive the festive season, but breeze through with your health, waistline and laughter intact?

Here are some of my tips:

1. Throw out the all-or -nothing mentality. Moderation is the key.

Moderation is the key to happiness, and health during the festivities. Yes, have a glass of wine, yes have a tiny slice of cake, yes eat whatever you want on Christmas day. Also, maintain your regular exercise schedule, yes, add in family activities like cricket, beach walks or playing with the dogs, and yes, remember to smile.

It’s not very fun for you or your friends and family if you’re feeling deprived through the holidays, so don’t deprive yourself. Have a little, and then stop. Keep up your exercise and you will be able to maintain your current weight through the holidays. If you’re really active you could even slim down!

2. Drink water

Drinking water is the best advice I can give. When I’m at a party and have decided not to drink, I like to have lime and soda in a large wine glass. That way you still feel festive, no-one asks why you’re not drinking and you can stay blissfully sober when everyone else is getting tipsy. Also good for alternating with wine on other nights, to keep hydrated. Keep up your daily intake when you’re on holidays by carrying a large bottle around and ensuring to drink it all through the day. This is especially important in the Australian summer heat.

3. Add in fun activities with friends

There are loads of fun activities to do during summer, try out cricket or soccer with your friends, or get down to the beach and battle the surf or swim a few laps in a pool. The more fun outdoor activities you can get in you’re burning fat and keeping fit and healthy and having fun! (Remember your sunscreen too!)

4. Keep the Christmas sweet shopping to a minimum.

Leave the extra chocolates and cakes out of the shopping basket. There will be plenty around anyway, so keep your shopping basket full of lean meats, veggies and delicious summer fruits.

5. Ask for fitness related Christmas pressies

There are some amazing new fitness gadgets, toys and funky clothes to make you feel like a fitness princess. Ask your friends to get you something that will support your new healthy lifestyle. I’m loving Nike+ that syncs up with your ipod to tell you how far you’ve run, and resistance bands to keep up your weight training when travelling or outdoors.


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6. Stay focused on your long term goal.

It’s easy to say no to some tempting short term pleasure when you have a big long term goal that you’re excited about and committed to. Keep focussed on your health goals through christmas and you won’t need to make any New Years resolutions.

7. Utilise hypnosis to maintain a positive attitude under stress

Hypnosis is a great tool for maintaining calm and positive attitude. It is very useful to help with sleeping while travelling too. Get the Kickstart Program for 4 awesome health hypnosis sessions.

8. Coach yourself out of a negative attitude

Let’s face it, Christmas and the logistics of organising relatives and long hours in the car can be stressful sometimes. If you get into a negative mindset, don’t make it worse by beating yourself up about it, accept that that’s how you feel right now, and take yourself off to a quiet place for a moment of solitude. (I like going to the bathroom) Once you have accepted that you’re a bit irritated or upset, ask yourself: Do I have permission to feel this? Do I have permission to let it go? If you don’t; just give yourself permission for both in your mind. Then ask,  What can I learn from this? What can I be grateful for about this moment? What can I be grateful for about this day?

9. Skip the small talk.

When talking with someone you hardly know, skip the small talk and avoid questions like: “So, what do you do?”, ask people interesting questions and you’ll get interesting answers. Some of my favourite opening questions are: “So, what are you most passionate about?”, “What do you love most about your life?” Interesting conversation opens up your relationships and makes your days more meaningful and enjoyable.

10. Relax and be grateful for what you have

Take a moment at each party to really celebrate whatever you’re celebrating. If it’s been a great year or a tough year, you got through it, and that deserves celebrating with friends and loved ones. Think about what you’ve learnt, what you’ve gained and what you’ve become and appreciate that you’re another year further along your own journey. Relax and enjoy your time off, have some fun, eat well, eat healthy and move your body, laugh and relax with your closest friends and family.

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