10 Weight Loss Transformation Tips that could Save Your Life.

10 Weight Loss Transformation Tips that could Save Your Life.

It takes something to step up and change your life! The decision to start is half the battle (in your head and with your heart)! Here’s my lifesaver tips that have got me through the first year. And I don’t mean the lollies…

As someone who is continuing her transformational journey into the evolution level; it is has become a commitment to myself; a signed contract to my heart & soul as a life long quest everyday for the rest of my life. Here’s my 10 lifesaver tips, from my first year of conscious transformation.

So for those of you who are starting or on the journey of transformation: congratulations and welcome!

Every journey needs some preparation and a few little tricks to get you through – here are some insights from my first year.

1) Green Lifesaver – Get Support!!

Transformation isn’t easy – it is a mixture of experiences! Kind of like a roller coaster… then a caterpillar to a butterfly… and everything in between! There will be days that feel like weeks and minutes that feel like hours. So please share with people who care about you, that you want to do this! It is good to know who has your back, you will be so grateful for this extra TLC. Ask them to hold you to your word; this is about you stepping up and being vulnerable and making your dreams a reality. Whether it is your mum, your best friend, partner, your Personal Trainer, or your GP – do what feels right to do and keep them in loop.  🙂

This is about having people check in on you without it feeling like a check up!


2) Yellow Lifesaver – Gratitude!

Two little words… Thank you!

Instead of getting frustrated with your body & your head; start to thank it everyday! For one week try this little exercise out: First thing upon waking up in the morning, say thank you, then think of other things, like saying thank you for a good night sleep; for breath; for your heart that is still pumping, for the bed you are sleeping in! A little thank you goes a long way. And SMILE – YOU ARE ALIVE! Merci!


3) Blue Lifesaver- Little STEPS!!!

Babies start off by rolling over and then crawling and then balancing upright, then holding on to furniture… You get the idea, so what makes you think you will transform overnight!

Upon starting my journey – the internal mindset changes gradually began showing up, and by the 3rd month: Wow massive shifts! Please don’t compare yourself with others, this is your journey and your life! DON’T try and change everything all at once.

Pick a few things, for example aim for more sleep (7-9 hrs per night), drink more water, get an extra 30 mins of sunshine per day, go for a walk or find something fun to do. Come from a place of abundance and love, instead of frustration and lack and it will turn around I promise.


4) Purple Lifesaver – SELF CARE is now your 1st priority.

I know I know! Everyone goes on about this; so I will say it again… SELF CARE IS PARAMOUNT!

You might feel guilty; you might not be sure who to ask for permission for this. I will give you a tip… You can give yourself permission! Self care is different for everyone it may be to schedule in a massage, or a facial, or time in the sunshine reading a book, or a sleep in! For me, I started to journal again, writing down my emotions and the things that I felt good about – it is all self care a.k.a self love. (Check out the Goddess Body Quest Program  for more on this… The ripple effects are amazing!)

SELF CARE is placing on your own oxygen mask first! They even tell you this on every flight! Your oxygen mask needs to be fitted first. You have tried giving it to everyone else first, and has it worked?? No!

So STOP doing what you have always have, and expecting a different result. Try on self-care for size, and yellow is a great colour.  😉


5) Orange Lifesaver – VALUES check

VALUES? What do values have to do with transformation, self love, weight loss and body confidence I hear you ask?


I hadn’t looked at my values since I lived in the Paris, so for 3.5 years nothing was aligning because I was going against my core desire!

Ok, so here is the thing – you check your bank account, your car tyres and your mobile battery, when was the last time you checked your VALUES?

What is important to you? – Write it down…

Where does your health sit?

If your HEALTH is not in the top 5, how can you expect it to be a priority, and work at the optimum level so you can live the life you love; a life feels incredible from the inside-out?

Examine this closely… What has been working and what hasn’t?  Be clear, be straight with yourself. Do this every 6months, it has been one of the best tools for me as it helped me to really pay attention to honouring me and following my purpose.


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6) Pink Lifesaver – STOP HIDING!

Seriously – STOP!

I learnt that my weight was my way of hiding and also protecting me. I was afraid of people’s reactions to me, because the thing was, I didn’t like my reaction to me.

For example: Ok – yes, the gym is full of people that I used to worry were judging me. But they don’t actually come to the gym to see you, they go to the gym for themselves. Why? They value themselves, they got out of their own way, and said this is important; I am worth it, my body is worth it, my life is worth it! Hiding only serves your FEARS; not your EARS! It is not just about burning calories. People enjoy it! It feels good! It is fun!

Get some groovy gym gear; find something that sparks your interest and go.  You just might surprise yourself.

If the gym is not for you, great that you are clear on that, it is not an excuse not to move. Go for walk, find a yoga class in the local park, go do belly-dancing, ask a friend to come over and do a DVD workout – I love Jillian Michaels! Perfect for a rainy day! You don’t have to be wonder woman in the workout, find something that you enjoy and repeat!


7) White Lifesaver – Bullshit Beliefs -DEAL with the EXCUSES!

This one is tough – and has the highest rating on the Bullshit scale, this will stop you dead in your tracks! Literally!

It didn’t matter how many positive affirmations I said… I didn’t believe it. So you have to stop hiding behind the excuses; the Bullshit Beliefs. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself you are beautiful, if the other little voice in your head says “Bullshit” and you listen to that one – It wins!

So start saying YES to you and NO to the things that don’t work in your life!

Accept responsibility that this is your life. You react to situations; hence you control that, you can’t control others.

So STOP playing the VICTIM,  your choices are the reason you’re here! Look at the PURPOSE of why you want to have what you want. Then write down every excuse, every statement that pops up in your head when you don’t want to do something. It could be “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy” or “I can’t…” Acknowledge it, what is the purpose of it? That is your limiting belief.

One tool I love as a practitioner is EFT – look up some free tutorials on Youtube. Brad Yates or Jessica Ortner have some good ones, and tap that BS excuse out of your life and start creating a new one! YOU ARE WORTH IT!


8) Red Lifesaver – DECLUTTER

When working on your mind to change your thoughts, I have found it so so useful to DECLUTTER the physical!

Don’t you find that when you spring clean; everything feels better… Lighter?

Everything, I mean it! Go through your things, it is just STUFF. Look at what you are no longer using, pay it forward. Stop placing importance on the STUFF, and START placing importance on you and valuing you – YOU ARE WORTH more than a pair of $500 shoes!

Ohhhh ouch, some of you are upset. I am not saying don’t enjoy having these things. I am asking you to look at yourself. Aren’t you worth spending $500 on good healthy food each month and nourishing yourself everyday so that you can enjoy the shoes when you are 80!! Remember you can’t take them with you.


9) Lime Lifesaver – PATIENCE

You didn’t get here overnight; it starts in a cellular level within you, and then it ripples into the very community around you! I have watched people grow and shine brighter around me than ever before, since doing this work. Once I got out of the way of myself, everyone else was shinning brighter too!

Patience is vital, be creative with your goals, if you don’t reach it, re-evaluate. Look at your expectations: Were you being realistic? Write a new plan, change your food, try something new, get a Personal Trainer, see a health practitioner. You are an incredible being who needs to be loved, nurtured, fed, stimulated and cared for on all levels.


10) Rainbow Lifesaver – Forgiveness

It is time to forgive yourself.  Let go what you thought you “should” be.

Forgive your previous choices, actions and responses. This is a whole new way of learning and it takes time.

Forgive the person who bullied you in high school.

Forgive the person who broke your heart.

Most importantly; forgive yourself!

Write a letter to yourself – I wrote one to the little 8yr old girl, then the 16yr old girl, then the 21yr old girl…

I had to forgive myself for the not so great choices that had me arrive at the ‘hell hole’; and move forward without the sadness, guilt or shame of what I had done to my body and my mind.

This is not a quick fix.  You are not broken or flawed. This is about nourishing yourself everyday for the rest of your life;  to live a life that shines and to be the BEST version of you!

It takes time, it takes commitment, it takes effort, it takes YOU!

So now you are asking…


WHY transform in the first place?

This is not a dress rehearsal!

My transformation has became an Evolution… because now I get to work with other ladies, lead by example, and have fun doing it! Working with them and watching them soar is the best part of it all!

Now, it’s your turn….  Keep me posted in the comments below 🙂

And remember, you’ve got this!

Selina. x

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  1. Love it Selina well done and Congratulations! Really appreciate the Beautiful lifesaver tips xo.

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