1111 Activation Class

Here is the first class in a 9 class series of Consciousness Activations & Energy Healings & DNA Upgrades. Enjoy.



“I finished the Spiritual Awakening Course yesterday and I found it amazing.  I feel so much more enlightened and “opened-up”.  I start each morning saying to myself that I come from love and I succumb to a life of abundance.  It has really opened my eyes to the power of the universe and the energy  flowing in each of us.  I loved it – thank you.

You may remember from my last email that I am feeling so lucky at the moment.  So many things are just falling into my lap.  I visualise it and set my intention to manifest it and it comes.  Things such as getting more clients, needing help to put my business online, not knowing how to get known in my local community etc.  Courses / insights / clients have just fallen into my lap at the right time.

Of course I am still learning and growing, but the course has really helped.  Thank you” – Katharine Williams

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