13 Key Laws of Manifesting

13 Key Laws of Manifesting

Did you watch the Secret? Do you wonder why it’s difficult for you to manifest things like it says in the movie? Like a slim, healthy body and fulfilled life….

There’s more than just the law of Attraction that governs the skill of manifesting. Here’s the some of the others… when you live in accordance with the 105 universal laws and your chances of receiving your desires will go up exponentially!

Be warned this post does get a little spiritual… Enjoy.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. You will attract to you those things that you think about and dream about most. The vibration of the thought in your mind, attracts the vibration of the thing itself like a magnet. This law is not something that you can specifically practice to create, it just is. it exists inside the fabric of the universe.

Law of Polarity / Duality

The Law of Polarity states that every thing has a polar opposite, the unity is in two extremes on a continuum. Up, Down. Hot, Cold, Bad, Good, Energy, Matter. Thought, action. You can transform something to it’s opposite polarity through action, and focussed energy. Finding the higher purpose in a “bad” thing can transform it to “good”. For manifesting to work you must take action on the physical plane, and also on the metaphysical plane, to create true change.

Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect states that every effect has a corresponding cause. Due to the power of this law it has been called the Iron Law of Human Destiny. Everything happens for a reason. All actions and inactions have consequences. Choices and the conscious avoidance of choices have consequences.  Every single result in life, has a cause that has brought it into being. In the physical sense this can be understood as Sir Isaac Newtons third law of motion, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” This law makes success simple, because all you need to do to create some specific result is to model what others have done before you to be successful in that area. Model success, take action and persevere!

Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is the foundation for the law of attraction. Law of Vibration states that everything is energy. When we go way, way down to the deepest sub-atomic levels, the tinniest matter we can find, matter ceases to exist and there is only energy. Inside everything. Wow! that spins me out when I think about it. At the deepest subatomic level you can’t see a difference between where your leg ends and the chair you sit on begins! Everything is energy and everything in the universe is vibrating. The higher or lower the vibration corresponds to how dense it is. You are living in a sea of energy waves. Every thought you have influences the sea of energy around you.


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Law of Gratitude

The Law of Gratitude states that what you appreciate, appreciates or grows.  Whenever you are dissatisfied and dwell on lack, or resentment those too will grow in your life. Focus on and be grateful for what you have and you will feel  truly blessed and thus your blessings will continue.

Law of Deliberate Creation

The Law of Deliberate Creation states that deliberately and consciously directing your attention, thoughts and focus towards a particular outcome, you can be, do or have anything that you desire. Your thoughts are creating your world every day, so mind your thoughts. Weed the garden of your mind and seed it with the ideas that you want to grow and take root.

Law of Allowing

Spiritual leader Esther Hicks states that the Law of Allowing is the most important law of all for the creation of your desires. Allowing is simply giving permission for good things to come into your life. Fully, and consciously allowing your slim, healthy body to come to you. It is a gentle form of manifesting, steeped in trust and faith in the Universe. Whenever you feel stuck in any area, simply giving yourself permission, and allowing can have miraculous effects.

Law of Honesty

The Law of Honesty is about deep authenticity and congruency from our inner beings to our outward expression. We need to be fully honest with ourselves before we can be honest with others. Sometimes we live in a way that we think is honest, but it is bound by a minimising story that we have bought into, we fail to see and accept the honest truth of our magnificence. When we are truly aligned with the honesty of who we really are, we will be acting in accordance with our Higher selves.

Law of Abundance

Law of Abundance is not just about money. It is about being connected to and fully realising the incredible abundance in the universe, and all that is. Abundance is a fact. There is an unlimited source of everything we need or could ever want. Our experience of abundance or lack depends on our alignment with this law. By focussing on how we are vibrating we can connect more deeply with the Source and expand our awareness into all, and truly experience the abundance of the universe. Relax and allow yourself to be given what you desire.

Law  of Forgiveness

While we hold negative feelings towards others we are held back and blocked. It is in forgiving others that we forgive and free ourselves.

Law of Change

The Law of Change states that everything is in the process of becoming something else. Change is constant. Learning how to embrace change and go with the flow of change will help us to change more easily.  When you initiate changes through choice, will and practice you work in harmony with this law. The three main factors which cause change are choice, chance and crisis. If you change by choice, with focussed intention, you’re less likely to be a victim to change by crisis and chance.

Law of Perfection

the Law of Perfection states that our process of unfolding is a perfect process. AND we cannot achieve perfection while we still have our ego and our physical body. So give yourself a break! We can strive for excellence instead and be ok with our imperfect perfection along the way to ascended consciousness.

Law of Service

This law is about setting aside our personal interests and focus our energy on the higher good of the collective. Our desire and ability to be of service grows naturally as we expand into our higher consciousness. Being of service is not the same as rescuing others where it actually harms their growth. You must also serve yourself and nurture yourself to maintain your wellbeing.

To reflect on…

  • Where are you living in accordance with these Universal Laws?
  • What could you do today to help align yourself more fully with these principles?
  • What do you want to do to “raise your vibration”? What does your inner voice tell you quietly about this?


Read more….

One could spend many lifetimes studying the Universal Laws. My little post is just an introduction. If you’re interested, you can read more spiritual stuff and find out more about the laws & wisdom principles here:

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