14 Nourishing Food Secrets to Live By

14 Nourishing Food Secrets to Live By

There are a couple of things I’d like to clarify about food. Some of these you will already know, some you might not. I am not a nutritionist, but have learnt these food secrets after years of working with food experts and nutritionists and realising what works in my own quest to get slim, and stay slim.

  • Your body needs regular clean fuel for maximum fat burning and energy.
  • Clean fuel is vegetables, fruits, lean meats, dairy, legumes and nuts, grains & seeds. Food that grows. Food that is alive is clean fuel.
  • Fat is not the enemy, carbs are not the enemy. Sugar is best left on the shelf.
  • Beware of hidden sugar. Read the labels, or better still try to avoid stuff in boxes or packets buy stuff that was once alive.
  • Use cinnamon, nutmeg or agave where you used to use sugar to flavour food or drinks.
  • A lot of weight-loss foods are a total scam. Read the label of the regular product and the weight-loss product you’re considering and compare fat, protein and sugar for 100 grams across each. You want the one with the most protein and the lowest sugar, that has the most natural ingredients. Skip anything that has numbers in the ingredients, artificial sweetener or anything you can’t pronounce.
  • You don’t have to count kilojoules, calories and points. Do you want to do that the rest of your life? You can get slim without all the math. ( *Note: If you really are struggling with knowing what is a correct portion size. Vision Personal Training have a very comprehensive nutrition counter, where you weigh each of your portions and the computer system works out the protein, carb & fats in your food for you. This is very useful to do for a short period, like their 10 week challenge, if you are struggling to know what is right for your body, and want something very precise.) Otherwise a portion of meat veg, or fruit is about the size of your hand. Stick to 2 portions veg & 1 protein for your main meals and 1/2 portions carb, protein for your snacks.
  • Eat as many green vegetables and salads as you like, the more colourful the better.
  • Avoid liquid sugar: soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine and spirits. (What! no fruit juice?) Eat the fruit instead, fresher, more nutrients and more fibre.
  • Green Tea is the new best friend of the slimmer. There’s lots of reasons why, hydration, antioxidants,the thermic effect, all good things, you can look them up if you want.
  • Eat 3 healthy meals and have 2 healthy snacks each day. Every day. I’ll give you a guide below.
  • Chew your food, savour the flavours and textures of the natural fruits and vegetables.
  • Grilling, Baking, Steaming, Stir-frying are your new favourite modes of cooking. Boiling & deep-frying are out!
  • Think about nourishing your body as you eat. Your food is the building blocks of your new cells.

Example Meal Planner

This is an example of something that you could potentially eat every day of your life and stay slim and healthy and full of energy. Obviously you will mix it up a bit as you get used to it and try different combos. Give this a try for a few days and see how you feel. It doesn’t take long to cook dinner and is super easy. No calorie counting required.

1 cup natural oats, with Milk or Water (Soy / Dairy / Rice / Oat milk is fine, whatever you prefer.)
1/2 cup blueberries
2 tablespoons natural yoghurt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Mid-Morning Snack
Big Green Apple and 1/2 cup cottage cheese. ( it’s surprisingly tasty together!)
Or  the apple and 15 natural almonds.
Green Tea


Rye / Spelt / Sourdough Sandwich with lots of salad and
Beef / Ham / Chicken / Smoked Salmon etc.
Green Tea

Afternoon Snack
1 Cup of natural yoghurt
1/2 cup fresh strawberries
Green Tea  ( Or you could make this into a protein shake with some water, ice and 30grams of natural protein powder)

2-3 cups steamed or baked vegetables: Broccoli, Beans, Squash, Carrots, Sweet Potato etc.
1 portion grilled or baked chicken / fish


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