17 Signs of a Self-Loving Goddess

17 Signs of a Self-Loving Goddess

“How do I know if I love myself?” I was asked this question on my Facebook page yesterday. This is a great question because there’s a LOT of talk going on about self-love these days,  but not much tangible evidence or specific behavioural skills to measure it.

Lots would say, you just feel it. But not everyone wakes up and feels amazingly loving every single day. Well maybe Louise hay does! Love is not just a feeling, it is a DOING. Small acts of kindness and compassion that grow over time.

There are some key behavioural differences between Self Loving Goddesses (SLG) and those women who are still on the way there; the Goddess in Development. So check off which of these you already do, and which you need to work on.


1. The SLG’s inner cheerleader is loud!

Yep, we all have an inner critic, that doesn’t ever go away completely. The SLG knows that the inner critic is actually her friend too, and the critic does not get all the airplay. The SLG has a team of inner cheerleaders ready to help her get back up when she needs them. When she looks in the mirror, she smiles and gives herself a compliment.

2. The SLG knows that she is more than her behaviour.

There is a critical difference between what you DO and who you ARE. The SLG knows that even when she stuffs up, she is so much more than that mistake, and she can apologise when necessary, get back up and try again tomorrow.

3. SLG believes she is worthy of love and does not accept crap.

The SLG knows that she is worthy of love, just like every other living thing on the planet. She feels this worthiness deep in her veins and does not put up with sub-standard behaviour from friends, boyfriends, bosses or partners. She lets people know when they have crossed a line.

4. SLG stands up for herself.

A flow on point, from believing she is worthy of love, the SLG does not look for conflict, or create drama, but she does not let others walk all over her either. She is happy to assertively stand her ground and enforce her boundaries. This means not jumping to rescue everybody at the expense of herself too!

5. SLG is on top of her finances.

Yep, saving. SLG saves approximately 10% of her income for her financial future. She is on top of her taxes and gratefully keeps track of her incoming cash. She also has a plan to better her financial situation, by working towards a promotion, learning about investing or upskilling for a new career. Even in a loving partnership, she still maintains her own financial security and freedom. She realises that money is simply an expression of the service and value she delivers to the world, a form of energy exchange.

6. SLG invests according to her values but does not spend recklessly.

The SLG knows that she deserves the best and is happy to spend money on herself to buy the best she can afford of those things that truly matter to her, whether a dance class, personal training, or a beautiful handbag or shoes, however she does not spend recklessly or just go on a “retail therapy” bender to make herself feel better, and she takes care of the things she buys.

7. The SLG keeps her space tidy.

Cleanliness is next to… self-lovingness. I’m not saying you need to be an obsessive neat freak, and at the same time, it’s true that your outer space reflects your inner space. So the SLG maintains a haven of space for herself that she keeps clean and tidy, where she can feel at home.

8. The SLG eats for nourishment and joy, to feel alive.

SLG does not need to count calories, or follow someone else’s diet plan. She listens to her inner knowing about what  is right for her body that day. She eats lots of healthy veggies and drinks plenty of water and herbal teas, knowing that they truly serve her body and make her feel alive! She also loves experimenting with making delicious healthy treat recipes like cacao truffles, or some healthy raw carrot cake.


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9. SLG only weighs herself out of curiosity, not obsession.

The SLG does not care what she weighs, because she realises that her health and her worth can not be measured by a scale! She weighs herself no more than once a month, just out of curiosity, and the number has no impact on how she feels about herself. She measures her health progress by her daily vitality levels, and how her clothes fit her each day.

10. SLG has a grand vision for her life and her service to the world.

Self Loving Goddess knows that she has something of value to offer the world.  She knows she is amazingly unique and that there are people who need what only she can deliver, she is striving for excellence and to birth her vision into the world!

11. The SLG takes calculated risks and backs herself.

The Self Loving Goddess is happy to courageously embrace risk, because she realises that change is a law of nature, and you can either ride the wave, or get sucked under! She is embraces her fear, listens to it but is not overwhelmed by it, she keeps her vision in her mind and believes in her ability to get through whatever challenges lie ahead.

12. SLG glows and is present.

When you have a deep feeling of self-love, you also are able to be compassionate and caring, empathetic to others. SLG is a light in the life of her friends and family, she is compassionate and glows with an inner joy. She is really present with people, and listens with her heart as well as her ears.

13. SLG invests in her growth.

The SLG actively seeks knowledge and growth, she looks for aligned souls who are a few steps ahead on the pathway, who she can model and be inspired by.

14. SLG is creative.

SLG allows her creativity to shine in everything she does, from problem solving, to how she gets dressed. She knows that creativity is in more than just singing, writing, dancing and and art, though she loves that stuff too.

15. SLG is ok with letting go.

From cleaning the closet and donating all the clothes she no longer wears, to cutting off and saying good bye to a toxic friend, the SLG is ok with letting go of the old, because she knows that stuff she no longer needs will be well used elsewhere and she’s making space for more awesome in her life.

16. SLG creates time for herself.

Even if she’s a super mum, a busy career superwoman, or an empire-building entrepreneuress; the SLG makes time for herself, to go to the gym, read a book, meditate, or do whatever fuels her soul and fills her cup. She knows that she’s no good to anyone else without this time for herself and does not let guilt get in the way of her self-care.

17. SLG seems to have a bit of magic. Shh, it’s gratitude!

The SLG is working in harmony with the Universal Laws, and as such, she finds that she regularly experiences synchronicities and coincidences in her life. Sometimes she thinks about a person and they call or email, or she gets a parking spot right out the front of wherever she’s going. The SLG seems to have a little big of magic in her day. This magic is created by her wellspring of heartfelt gratitude for her life,  the opportunities of each day, the joys and the challenges.

Sealed Section: 18. SLG’s have great sex!

Here’s your bonus, between the sheets sign. The SLG has great sex. She can let go of the day, the to-do list and wondering what her thighs look like and focus in on the sensual experience of being with her lover. Joyfully giving and allowing herself to receive pleasure are key signs of a self-loving goddess in and out of the bedroom.

How many do you have?

If you have a few or more of these characteristics and behaviours in your life then congratulations, you are well on the way to being a Self-Loving Goddess! Use these points as inspiration, and listen to your inner knowing to find the point that you could work on for your next leap in development.

And of course, inside my Goddess Body Quest program you will learn exactly how to shift the self-loathing to self-loving, with my incredible proven strategies and support. If you want to find out more, just send me an email with your question, or comment below,  I’m always happy to help out.

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  1. All of the 13 Manifestations are very true.. But we as women.Seem to forget about ourselves and give of our selves to others..Instead..Thinking that this is the Way a Woman is to be.. And then in Moments of Realisation accept that we come first. before others… We have to love our selves completely.. before we can love any other..We.women should have this imprinted in our Brains and Souls so we remember.

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