$20/hr waitress to $220/hr coach in 2 years

$20/hr waitress to $220/hr coach in 2 years

Is this the most rewarding job on earth?

I was always that girl that people would come to when they had an issue. The person who would strike up a conversation on a train or bus, or in a queue with a random stranger. People would always be telling me their life stories.
Somehow by talking to me they would feel better.  I had a natural gift for it. At that time, I had a university degree, my own self-doubts and fears stopping me from seeing my potential.
If someone had told me in my tortured early twenties that I could create a life of freedom, abundance and choice just by TALKING with people, I would have told you you were completely mad. I was a $20/hr waitress, and I couldn’t see beyond my current reality.
Yet, I was guided to this work. At 22 I became a professional NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach.
As you may have heard before, learning NLP completely changed my life. In a year I went from being in-debt, overweight and a party girl with low self-esteem, to a confident, slim, healthy young woman helping other people to transform themselves too.
In a single year I paid off $20k debt, I lost 30kgs, found my husband, joined a band and started my coaching business, while working part time as a Personal Assistant. To say my results were astonishing is an understatement.
Yet I have seen others create similar transformations after their training too! Leaving toxic relationships, up-leveling their business, letting go of constant self-doubt, and stepping into living their life’s purpose, feeling the joy and freedom that comes with that.
In two years I transformed from a $20/ph waitress to a $220/ph NLP Coach. I couldn’t believe that I was worth as much per hour as a Doctor! And I was able to over-deliver massive, life-changing value and truly help people.
Coaching truly is one of the most rewarding vocations on Earth. Being able to see someone’s eyes light up and their entire face change through an NLP process as they release years of emotional baggage, or release a limiting belief in a few minutes is nothing short of a miracle.
And the level of insight and wisdom you get to witness as you help people tap into their own Higher Self wisdom is priceless.
I’m sharing this story with you today, because right now enrollment is open for my Mindset Mastery Mentoring Year. This is a 12 month Mentoring course that includes an NLP Practitioner Certification. By the end of the year you will become a confident coach, who can legitimately begin a coaching business and happily charge at least $150/ph+ (more if you have other qualifications as well).
I have 4 places left for this year long course. When it is full, enrolment will close for the year. I keep the group small so that we have heaps of personal interaction together.
Unlike most people who learn NLP in a 7 or 8 day fast-track certification course, I was very lucky to be trained and mentored over 4 years by two of Australia’s leading NLP coaches. I worked as an Apprentice to two Master Coaches and learned invaluable skills that you don’t get in a week long course.
Now after my own 12 years of coaching and Mastery, it is time for me to pass the Mentoring on to the next generation of coaches, and I have created a course that offers that 12 month Mentoring experience that truly allows you to transform personally and step into your power as a Confident Coach ready to practice.
If you have the gift of talking with people and helping them to feel better, like I did, perhaps you might consider learning advanced NLP communication strategies and skills to go from just giving advice to truly becoming a transformation specialist.
If you would like to speak to me about discovering if this is right for you in 2017, please apply here to speak with me and we will have a no obligation conversation to explore the possibility together.
PS – This is a Professional Certification including 4 live events plus a year of online and webinar training, as such it is a significant investment of time, energy and money. Please be aware of this. If you are called to transform your life and help others, then let’s talk about how you can get one of the last remaining places in the 2017 class.

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