23 year old life coach??!!!

23 year old life coach??!!!

What can a 23 year old life coach possible offer?

I remember having that thought over and over as I began my life-coaching business 16 years ago.

“I have barely lived any life at all. What can I possibly offer someone who is running a business with a team of 20 or having a marriage breakdown?”

As I come close to 40, now with with many years of professional coaching & life experience under my belt. I remember the young girl I was when I first started coaching with NLP in 2004.

You guys… this was back when MySpace was a thing… and Facebook was still a tool for rating girls in University Campuses.

I used to put flyers in cafes and stick pole posters up in my local neighbourhood – with little tear off tags with my phone number and website on them to get clients.

I remember how scared I was to begin my coaching business, I remember my excitement and passion about the life-changing tools I had just learned, and how I thought nobody would possibly take me seriously because I was sooo young.

I was lucky that I had a mentor that I apprenticed to who saw my intuitive skills and how sharp I am at seeing into the core of the issue in a coaching session. She helped me to recognise how much I had to offer in the precision and implementation of my newly learned skills, even if I didn’t have much life experience.

I’ve always been a person who was more mature than my age. In my 20’s I was lucky enough to collect friends and mentors who were much older than me, who gave me the benefit of their wisdom. I honour all my mentors and teachers; too many to name.

I have always been committed to my growth and professional precision above everything else, and over the years have amassed a very long list of qualifications, courses, certifications and coaching mentors.

With each course, each client success, each business win and challenging back-to-the-wall failure, I learned.

I learned and I learned and I learned.

There are the coaching skills.

And there are the running the business skills.

Both my parents were scrappy entrepreneurial. My father a chef. My mother a horse-riding teacher, they had always worked for themselves, and I always assumed that I would too.

Getting a job was never an option. There was only ever Plan A – work for myself on my terms…

So I learned about marketing and niche.
I learned about online courses.

I made my first audio course in 2009 – The Kickstart Health Mental Detox Program.

(I learned about catchy names later…)

And while I’ve been learning. Our industry has been growing and growing and growing.

Changing and morphing rapidly and radically with the social media influencer marketing opportunities. Changing rapidly as internet has improved and now video courses and group coaching with clients all around the world is an easy and effortless way to do business.

Now you don’t need to know anything about tech to have a gorgeous website and sexy funnel.

So now thousands and thousands of client sessions later.

I see a new breed of 23 year old life coaches.
With gorgeous branding photos.
Posting vulnerable personal journal shares.
Posting Inspirational stories and insights.
With the confidence that says “I can take on the world and win” and you can too.
Demonstrating pleasure & purpose as a priority.

Proudly showing their sensuality.

Many with their first training, like I had when I started.

Some with the pure confidence, enthusiasm and passion of wanting to help others and seizing an opportunity to make a difference and get paid.
I see the posts.
I see the passion.
I see the excitement.

It’s truly beautiful and it’s the evolution of our industry.

I support and salute all the coaches in our industry. New and old.
I honour you and your enthusiasm and passion to serve and make a difference.

And I can also read between the lines of the things that don’t get posted.

Of the deep struggles and self-doubts.
Of the business mistakes made in ignorance and innocence. (Hello tax debt)
Of the client issues that might have been handled wth more finesse.

So now I realise, as a mother of two children, and a veteran of the industry that I am already in my chapter of mentoring others… I’m just late to realise it.

I know now that there ARE things that a 40 year old life coach knows that a 23 year old life coach can’t conceive of. Nor do they need to.

I know how much there is STILL to learn.

And that BOTH experiences are valid and have so much value to offer others.

Everything has a right to exist.

I see many coaches in their mid-20’s and early 30’s who are single, with no other responsibilities than themselves, fresh to the industry and full of the enthusiasm and confidence to break old systems and paradigms.
And I see older coaches coming into the industry after many chapters of life to support others with issues that they went through, or to share the experience of their success.

And that’s exactly what we need.

You have SO MUCH to offer as a new coach. Both young and older!

You are EVOLUTION in action!

I see it and I know that it’s my time to offer mentorship, and support to the next generation of leaders.

I get to offer my encouragement, cheering support and share the finesse and nuance of my experience to those starting out that I had the privilege of receiving when I was starting out.

So I am opening up the founder memberships for the COACH ACADEMY.
This is the home of professional precision and luminous leadership for coaches. Where your soul-skills and intuitive knowing gets to land in a container of deep mastery. So you can have rock-solid confidence and the epic competence to back it up.

If you want to find out more you can join my free community the COACH CRUCIBLE.

Or if you know that THIS IS THE YEAR you commit to yourself and living your best life, you can book a call with me here to apply for your place in the COACH ACADEMY.

The coach academy is where I train you in all the skills you need to be an amazing coach and mentor you in the leadership and business elements as you step into your luminous leadership and make a stand for the clients you want to serve. (even if you don’t know who they are now)

Together we rise.

With love,

Kylie x

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  1. Spoken like a true Mentor Kylie. If you are looking to pay it forward or earn a little extra on the side I heard Lisnic.com is looking for new Mentors!

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