3 Simple Steps To Kick Imposter Syndrome To The Curb, Discover Your Secret Sauce & Impact The World

3 Simple Steps To Kick Imposter Syndrome To The Curb, Discover Your Secret Sauce & Impact The World


One of the key things that came up that stops people from getting the results that they want for their clients and for their business is imposter syndrome, feeling like a fraud, feeling like you’re not good enough, feeling like you don’t have anything unique to offer.

Do you remember when you first became a coach that feeling of like, “Who’s going to listen to me and what could I possibly have to offer?”

One of the benefits of getting older and being in the industry for a long time and having a lot of skills and practice under my belt is that I never struggle with that anymore.

I know I can get results.

I know I can deliver.

I know I can make change because I’ve done it.

So when you first start out and you haven’t got heaps of certifications or skills or practice or results under your belt, how do you do that?

How do you get started?

So there’s three things here and one is if you’re struggling with imposter syndrome, you have to ask yourself: Is there any valid information here?

Is there any valid information? Because confidence is in a loop with competence, confidence and competence are in a feedback loop.

The more competent you get at a particular thing, the more confident you are that you can do that particular thing.

So you either need to raise up your skills to be able to do the thing.

You need to raise your skills by practising, by getting out there and serving clients and making a difference. Trial and error, having a go, working with clients and putting those skills and the things that you’ve learned into practice.

If you’re just starting out, then you do need to get some skills. You need to do some training’s and reading one book is not enough to call yourself a mindset coach or a coach to go out there and try and make a difference.

One book is not one book, two books, three books is not enough. That’s an issue with our industry, is that there are people out there that aren’t skilled, that are calling themselves coaches. And there’s no differentiation between the people who have really put in the skills and time and effort to hone their craft and think of this as a profession.

You guys here are not like that because you care about the profession. You care about being the best coach you can be.

So there’s three things that are going on here.

1. Raise Your Skills

We need to raise our skills by either getting some more training under our belt, or most likely just getting into practice and working with clients and getting out there and learning how to sell, learning, how to coach learning, how to make a difference.

2. Build Your Confidence

If you’re not confident enough, maybe you need to do some inner work on your own. Self-worth.

So it’s not so much about needing to raise your skills. Maybe you have great skills, but you don’t have the confidence and the oomph to go out there and claim what you’re good at and claim it down to a point that says, “Hey, I can help someone get this result. I can help someone make a difference in how they’re showing up. I can help them with this tangible result.”

So many coaches that when they’re starting out, they struggle to claim a result because the truth is they don’t know if they can 100% get that result.

That’s why as super coaches, we need to be amazing!

When you can traverse or navigate the inner world and the outer world with equal skill, then you know that you can help your clients get a result because you are not going to be tripped up by their self-sabotage.

You’re not going to be tripped up by their emotional resistance by them.

You know how to help them with that.

If you’re struggling with imposter syndrome, you need to either raise up your own self-worth as a human being so that you can stand in your power and really feel like you have something to offer, or you need to take that feedback on and go. I need to raise up my skills either through training or through practice.

There is a worldwide epidemic of coaches with imposter syndrome that are going out and trying to learn how to market, and then they don’t necessarily know how to get the result.

I’m about delivering and making sure that you can deliver a great result and that your business will grow as a result of being great and amazing at delivery.

It’s really about being able to stand in your power and say, Hey, I have this, I have this skill. I have this power. I have this unique gift. And a part of that is your training and your modality or your qualification, a part, not all the other part is you finding within yourself within your own fire and your own uniqueness.

What is that thing that I bring to this?

If the modality is the structure or the cookie cutter, then what’s your special cookie dough that goes in to help create that magnetic transformational difference?

A big part of what I bring is grace and fire. That’s my thing!

And so it’s really about helping you to get fired up, to find your own unique skills, your own unique attributes. There are things that you are so skilled at, or the things that you take for granted, the things that come so easily to you that you don’t even think that’s a special gift.

You don’t even think that’s a special gift because it comes so naturally to you.

So many coaches discount their special sauce because it comes really natural to them.

What is it that you are really gifted at?

What is it that comes really easily to you, that other people can’t do that is a part of your secret sauce and the way that you can help your clients get results. The other piece around confidence and competence is that so many coaches struggle with niche, resistance, and don’t want to claim one particular result that they can help people with. And this is a trap.

It’s a trap because it stops us from being able to become a master of one particular area.

We can’t be experts at everything.

So if you go right down into a particular result, a particular outcome, whether that’s a 3d outcome or an internal transformation, then you can bring your special sauce to it and you can commit to mastery by continual learning, continual engagement with that particular niche, with that particular result so that you become the master at that.

3. Then you have to own your Expert Status

Brendon Burchard says that when we have expert status, it’s where we have three things that make us an expert: results, reputation, and research.

Three things. So ideally you want to have results for yourself and also be able to get results for your clients. You want to build a reputation that you can get the results by having integrity and delivering on your promises. And you want to have the commitment, the professionalism to go. I’m in this. I am committed to mastery here. And so you continually research best practices, best ways to do this.

You’re continually refining and researching how you can help that client get that result. When you have that level of expertise and you don’t even need to fully have it yet, but just having the commitment to that, making the absolute commitment to yourself and to your clients, that you are going to do, whatever it takes to help them get that result, your clients feel that integrity you then have a much higher level of conviction when you’re on the phone to them.

When you’re talking to them, when you’re writing copy, when you’re emailing them in any kind of interaction or conversation that you’re having with your clients, you have a much higher level of commitment and conviction because, you know, just like having a sword at your back that you are a warrior for them, that you will go to battle for them, that you will do whatever it takes to help them get that result.

Conviction overcomes imposter syndrome.

So you as a coach need to make a commitment to yourself and go, am I in this?

And so if you are all the way in, then you need to do whatever it takes to get the bullshit out of the way, this little self-critic voice that goes, oh, I’m not good enough.

Or maybe I’m not worth it, or whether it’s training, whether it’s practice, whether it’s masterminds, whether it’s getting coaching yourself, you need to be committed to do whatever it takes to get that bullshit out of the way so that you can serve your clients and get paid because if you are not getting paid, you are not in business.

You have a personal development hobby that you are calling a business so that you can keep doing it. You have to get really honest with yourself and say, am I in this for business and to make an impact, or am I in this to pussy foot around and do some personal development and think that I’m growing a business?

I’ve been in that place where I’ve thought that I’ve been trying to grow a business, but I wasn’t 100% committed. I just had a really expensive hobby.

If you are in business and you want to make an impact, you need to make an income.

And that income is a response of the person.

If you really, really, want to make an impact, if you really want to serve the planet, if you really want to make a difference to people, you need to make an income.

An income gives you leverage. It gives you freedom. It gives you the ability to employ people, to help you. It gives you the ability to get Facebook ads and connect out with more people that need your service. 

Are you in this to really make an impact? And if you want to make an impact, you must commit to being profitable and making an income through your business, whatever it takes.

If you are struggling with imposter syndrome, if you recognize yourself as being someone that has an expensive, personal development hobby, masquerading as a coaching business, and you actually want to have a coaching business that makes an impact and makes an income to create a life of meaning and freedom for you and impact the world then let’s talk,.

We can have a conversation because I can help you. One of the things that I have in spades is conviction about what I deliver, because I know I can deliver the goods and I can teach you to have that same conviction because I can mentor you and teach you and train you in the processes, skills, methodologies systems to create holistic systemic, lasting change.

It’s time to kick this imposter syndrome to the curb, to find your special sauce, to find your fire, your passion, your unique genius, get out there and serve the world that is waiting for us.

The world needs coaches to step up and help them transform. The world is going through radical transformation at the moment. And if you have something that can help people, then it is your job. It is your duty. It is your responsibility to get it out to as many people as possible.

Thanks for listening to my fire. I appreciate you.



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  1. Can you Help me Transition to helping people and having my work online? I have many trainings, and I am meant to do many things, but Im just not getting it together. I just want to make a difference and make a living loving, independent and free, liberate others as well.

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