4 Life Changing Outcomes Kenneth Discovered as a Result of Learning The Magic of NLP

4 Life Changing Outcomes Kenneth Discovered as a Result of Learning The Magic of NLP


Kylie: What was it that made you want to learn NLP in the first place?

Kenneth: I wanted to learn about how you talk to yourself and what your self-talk can do for you or what it can do for you.

I often wake up in the morning and feel like I’m not living the life that I want to live in many departments.

My objective at the end of the course was to be able to kind of fine tune that self-talk and just help be the person I want to be.

Kylie:  Amazing. What has your experience been so far? What have you noticed?

Kenneth: NLP has been incredible. I’ve never done anything like it. And the people on the course are absolutely incredible. Like all the people you meet, I feel like I just meet them once a week, but they are really good friends. They’re like people who care, people who deeply understand. I just feel like if I ever went into a room with those people, we would just click together immediately. So that’s what my experience has been and that’s been the main, most amazing thing.

I also feel like in the last few months, I’ve had some difficult times but I never felt like I couldn’t reach out to that group. There was not a hair on my body that was hesitating. I just thought I felt I could just put any question into the group. So that was the best part. And again, on the outside Mei and Kylie are both mind-blowing people with incredible personalities.

Listening to them, for example from an admin perspective, the way they hold their meetings, and the way it’s structured, the way everything is presented and prepared.

It’s also nice to know the time has been taken, to present and to curate the content. That’s really important on the flip side of that. I love how organic it is. 

I’ve seen that the course is actually so different from what’s in the book or like the order of the courses on the portal and stuff. It’s completely different. So that organic nature is so good. That is what has been absolutely amazing about it .

The internal stuff: The first thing I want to say is of course change doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work at it. But when I started the NLP I wasn’t doing any of the stuff I wanted to do.

Like my daily habits, like journaling or eating well, exercising and stuff. These are things that are taken for granted. We just use a few of the tools that we start with for NLP and also use the breakouts during the course, I was able to just pick those things up just like that. That was huge.

I got over a lot of inertia

It may be a small thing for other people, but for someone like me, I had a lot of inertia to overcome and I’m sure everyone’s got something like that. So for me that was, that was a big thing.

I think one of the cool things that had happened was in my second breakout with Eric, we spoke about journaling and how I wanted to journal everyday, but I was only journaling once a month from then on, I think I journaled 24 times in 31 days and the next 31 days I journaled 24 times.

My habits have been super strong ever since.

The difference between doing and not doing it’s what you tell yourself.

I’ve definitely become a better husband 100%

I don’t think I listened to my wife or paid attention to her as much as I do now, and it wasn’t even a conscious thing.

It was just now I’m paying more attention because of the stuff I’ve learned. So I’ve understood her so much more and I’m able to be a better partner for sure.

My work life is definitely better.

I got a really cool new position in my workplace which wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for NLP.

My rapport building skills are off the charts.

We were doing all these rapport building exercises at work. And on my first day, after my first interview with the CEO, she called me back and she said, “I’ve not felt the kind of rapport I felt with you with anybody, with any of the other candidates.” And that was huge because all I was doing was doing what we learned at NLP, and that was unconsciously. It wasn’t even like a conscious effort because it’s what we do. It’s great what we learn.

I’ve unpacked some painful memories to release them and it feels so liberating.

So that’s all the internal stuff. I think some just go a little deeper, we’ve had a few breakouts where we’ve had the opportunity to kind of go back in our past using timeline therapy or submodalities and unpack some painful memories. And that has been the most favourite thing for me. I had some really painful memories with my dad and, you know, I love him to bits and it’s just stuff that was, you know, just yeah.

I had not a few, let’s be honest. I had many, I had many, many painful memories with my parents and my dad, especially that, that have just gone away in the sense that when I think of those things. Now, all the pain associated with those memories has disappeared. It’s so liberating. And my favourite one so far has been a timeline therapy exercise.

We did one recently where I actually went back 22 years. Like I didn’t even know I had memories of those events. 22 years ago. Someone said something to me that I held on to, and that’s made me the person I am today. And just that breakout session we did helped me go back and realise, “OH” that was it. You know? So what would you say to that person and what have you learned from that? Can you put that away now? And we move on. I know I’m flying. It’s great.

I’ve been stalled for a few years, but I’ve had some real growth happen in the last 6 months.

I’m really looking forward to getting more for me now.

The best part has been the impact it’s had on the people who work with me.

When I started this job as the manager for the first time in this company, three people left because they were like, “We can’t deal with you. You’re too fast. You don’t care about our feelings and blah, blah, blah.”

Okay. I’m sure I wasn’t a bad person, but I was less acknowledging of the mindset and less aware.

And so ever since, it’s been amazing because I’ve been able to do NLP and go to work and implement it in the workplace. That’s been amazing.

The big change for me went from being manager to coach.

I really put the work away, especially at the one-on-one sessions with the team. And also the group sessions very often put the work away and talk to people about what’s going on with them. What mindset they have, what meta-programs they’re playing, what they bring to work everyday.

And then just asking them questions, using the well-formed outcomes to understand what it is they really like and how they’re going to get there. And then using the future pacing and visualisation to show them what it would be like if they showed up like that and then giving them the tools and asking them, what do you need to know?

They come up with the answers, right? So they’ve got it. So just those little frameworks have helped me become more super aware at work. And I think also more impactful because people around me just feel easier to work with me now.

Kylie: That’s amazing, Ken. I’m so, so proud of you. So thrilled that we’ve had this journey together and you’re able to now take these skills into your workplace and you’re the chief of staff now. It’s so exciting

Kenneth: Well, who knows what opportunities get to open up from here? I’m not the least bit bothered about that. I’m just really enjoying this whole thing.

Kylie: That’s so wonderful. What would you say to someone who’s interested in learning NLP for their own self-development or how they can go from being a manager to a coach like you have?

Kenneth: Don’t Google it for sure. A hundred percent. When you Google NLP, it’s so misleading and so technical and scientific that it can scare you away.

But on a more serious note, I think my message to anybody who wants to do this is this is life-changing for anybody who puts in the work and the work isn’t really that much.

It’s a few hour sessions every week and then when you can, you read the manual, you watch the videos, and that’s really it. The way the course is taught, it’s explicit and implicit learning.

So you’re kind of absorbing stuff and it’s so practical.

My message to anyone who wants to do this, is do it because it can change your life! It can change the way you talk to yourself, the way you communicate with yourself internally and externally and decides how you show up besides how you see yourself and decides how others see you.

So if you can learn the skills that will help you find you in that, to what you want, then you’ll be flying.

Kylie: Well, the world is your oyster. So wonderful. Thanks, Ken. I really appreciate having this conversation. I’m so glad that you’ve been able to share this course with us and can bring the magic of NLP into your workplace and into your life.

Kenneth: Thank you, Kylie, and again thank you to Mei and you for putting this whole thing together and the team, the team is so cool.

Kylie: Thank you so much, Kenneth. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. I appreciate it so much. Have an awesome day, my friend. Go be an amazing coach manager, and have an awesome day!

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