4 Sustainable Life Skills Susie Kim Discovered Within The SuperCoach Academy Community

4 Sustainable Life Skills Susie Kim Discovered Within The SuperCoach Academy Community


Kylie:  Hi, Susie Kim! What a pleasure to be having this conversation with you. Our conversation today is to just have a chat about your experience working with us in SuperCoach, in Art of Transformational Coaching, learning NLP, and working with us through the mastermind over the last year.

I know you’ve had some pretty cool experiences, so I’d just love to kind of check in with you. Where were you at before we started working together? Just to get a bit of a pulse of what happened where you were at before. 

I didn’t feel fully confident in my ability to guide certain situations.

Susie: I was about two years into coaching and I think I was noticing that even though I had a lot of other innate skills and lots of intuitive skills and certain facilitation skills that I’ve done some training in, I still didn’t feel fully confident in my ability to guide certain situations.

I knew that there were more processes or skills that I could further embody.

Even in business, I’d say I was in a place where it was going okay but I kind of wanted extra support around what to do, how to grow it, how to proceed.

Kylie: Yeah. Amazing. What’s your experience been of being in our world and being a part of the Academy Mastermind and the certification with Mei and myself?

Susie: My experience in the mastermind has been really, really life-changing and core to my enjoyment of being in business.

It has felt really supportive, not only with skills around business and skills around coaching, but also having a really supportive community.

And it’s always great seeing lots of other coaches in other industries and just seeing how they do things and being surrounded by people doing this work from a really heart centred space.

There’s a lot of calls that go on in the mastermind. I don’t make all of them, but I know that anyone that I go to is going to instantly bring me something.

I would even say the most valuable thing for me personally, because I’m such a feely kind of person, is actually like the lift in my consciousness, my vibration, my state of being, just that encouragement to keep going and that encouragement to face the challenges that all of us face at some stage.

So it’s always been like, I know that I’m going to get straightened out and sort of be led back on purpose. Or back to a state of being really well-resourced to keep going. 

Kylie: Amazing. That makes me so happy hearing that. I know a big part of what we do and what we stand for is skill mastery.

What have been some of the things that you’ve picked up or been able to utilise with your clients? Just in terms of like the practical skills or processes or models? How has it affected your work and your efficacy as a coach, to be able to help clients get results?

Susie: Yeah, absolutely. There’s actually been quite a lot. It’s impacted my sense of efficacy but really in a practical way.

Some really useful processes or models I’ve used are…
  • Neorological levels
  • Values elicitation
  • Submodalities

I’ve used these models in my sessions with clients. And then they’ve also got the skills to practice it themselves at home and with their kids, which is amazing.

I’ve actually been able to teach my clients how to manage their state, whether it’s anxiety or whether it’s anger, just by using these skills for themselves.

Kylie: Oh, it makes me so happy. The ripple effects that happen when one person learns a skill and then it just kind of ripples out through their life. That’s so exciting. So good. And so, you know, obviously there’s so many different models and so many different kinds of insight lenses or particular processes and scripts that we teach around in the coaching skills section of SuperCoach.

What have been some of the shifts in terms of the more business focused side?

You said you were honing in on a new offer and your messaging

What have been some of the insights or results that you’ve noticed around your messaging or your business or some of those pieces that have supported you to connect with more clients?

Susie: I’m birthing a new offer and I’ve released it and it’s been really helpful for me to get different perspectives.

It’s almost like getting out of my bubble to know:
  • What is happening here?
  • Why is it so difficult?
  • How do I need to adjust my mindset, hone into my vision, as well as meet the audience where they’re at?

It’s been very practical feedback and practical advice.

You’ve helped me with the mindset shift, so I can embody what’s going on and also connect to it on a higher level.

Also, Bianca and others in the group have supported me with their feedback to hone in on the language to use and help me see how important it is to actually get that right.

It’s helped me meet my audience a lot more at their level.

Kylie: Amazing. I mean, that’s really the the key, having the skills and then being able to communicate it to your ideal audience and grow the business. Would you say that your business has grown as a result of being a part of our work and what we’ve been doing? 

Susie:  Yeah, for sure. I would say that from where I was to where I am now. 

I’m at a stage where I don’t really worry about getting clients.

That’s the shift that happened while I was in the mastermind. So that’s not really a concern anymore, which is really amazing. 

Kylie: What’s the impact that it’s had on your business and your life being a part of this? 

Susie: Not only do I not worry about getting more clients now because there is a steady stream and I’m pretty confident in my ability to generate that. 

It’s helped me stay connected to the vision and the evolving vision of where I want to go.

Because there’s a really kind of high level, even spiritual focus and where we’re all plugged into the bigger purpose and the bigger vision in whatever way that we are showing up to serve. And so it’s helped me just stay connected to that because I think that’s actually a big challenge for people in their business to stay connected to what they’re doing and in spite of whatever challenges arise. 

And so just to be supported to continuously stay with what each of us are creating and watch what I’m creating in the world, that’s been pretty big. 

I think it’s helped me with having a sustainable business, which is a big part of your focus as well. 

Kylie:  Yes, a hundred percent amazing. And so what would you say to someone who might be considering joining us for the Art of Transformational Coaching or coming to join the whole experience and be a part of the mastermind? 

What would you say to someone who might be considering those things?

If you haven’t had a really in-depth kind of coaching training and you’re doing coaching in the world, this is a really world-class training.

Susie: I would say if you haven’t had a really in-depth kind of coaching training and you’re doing coaching in the world, this is a really world-class training! Being guided by Mei and Kylie who are two of the most incredible and heart-focused, caring coaches who are also incredibly skilled. 

It’s like, you’ll know how to deal with all sorts of situations and all sorts of bikes that your clients get onto and want help from you. You’ll learn in a way that’s still really connected and that’s really going to serve the whole human.

In terms of the way that you teach business models and things like that, I would say I’m still in a way at the beginning of my journey. Because there are people who’ve been in this game for decades. And I think sometimes there’s a lot of noise out there on the internet around marketing and scaling, and there’s a lot of different options on the table and a lot of pressure that comes with a lot of those options.

What I really love about the approach and SuperCoach Academy is that these business options are explained and they’re taught, yet there’s no pressure to do anything.

It’s almost like the options are given to you and the guidance is given, but it’s really up to you to do what’s right for you and your business at that moment. 

It’s a pretty feminine mastermind, and I think that there is something about that that makes it different and more potent.

SuperCoach Academy is very heart centred and connected.

It’s not just  about making a lot of money, it is really about creating sustainable impact in a way that serves you and your life. And if you have children, your children’s lives and your family’s lives.

Kylie:  Yay! Oh, that makes me so happy. I was so honoured and thrilled to hear these words from you, Susie. It really makes my day. So thank you so much. I really appreciate you being a part of our community and such an important voice in this world. So thank you so much for sharing that with us.

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