4 things you must know for lasting weight loss

4 things you must know for lasting weight loss

Did you know there are 4 basic levels of all life?

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic or Spirit.

Kind of like…

Ice, water, condensation and steam…

Most people know about the physical level, and we feel the effects of the emotional level through our day.

But most of us only ever try to change things from the PHYSICAL level, and true change doesn’t work from that level.

If you want to change your physical reality…

You need to change your energy, your mind, your emotions first.

When you’re creating something new, transforming or wanting to create a lasting change….

You need to start from the energetic level… the spirit of the new creation.

So if you want to lose weight, you actually need to CREATE a new, slimmer, healthy body.

Without knowing how the 4 levels work, you will always struggle to create change and make it last.

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Have you been struggling with weight loss for as long as you remember?

Does it seem like getting your body to a happy state is a struggle that you will never overcome?

Well, I can help.

I’m Kylie Ryan and I’m your weight loss mindset specialist. I know that I can help you because 11 years ago I lost 30 kilos (or 66 pounds) and have kept it off ever since.

In order to make a change to your physical body, you first need to understand how you make a change, how you manifest something differently.

And in order to know that, you need to understand about the 4 planes of manifestation – that is your spiritual or energetic plane, the mental plane, the emotional plane, which then feeds down to the physical plane.

So if you’ve been doing diets and exercise, you’ve only been trying to change on the physical plane, but you’re still carrying that weight – all of the energetic and emotional and mental baggage that has caused that physical weight to appear in the first place.

In order to make a change to your physical body, you need to release the spiritual or energetic weight that you’re carrying around.

Now this isn’t woo-woo, it’s real physics.

If you’re carrying mental and emotional and spiritual weight or energetic weight, that will create that physical weight and cause you to make those poor choices that lead to having those extra kilos.

So you need to disengage that frequency of weight that you’re carrying on the energetic level. You also need to shift that thinking of “I can’t do it”, “I’m not good enough”, self-judgment, and all-or-nothing type of living.

Emotionally, you need to let go of the guilt, the shame, the self-judgment, the unworthiness, the embarrassment, anger, frustration, and all of those emotions from the past that you are carrying around and beating yourself up with.

Let go of the emotions from the past that you are carrying around and beating yourself up with.

Not only does it lead to emotional eating binges – but it also is a weight, an emotional weight that you are carrying around that ends up manifesting in physical weight.

Then of course, you also need to make positive changes in the physical realm, in the 3D – eating well and exercising, moving your body daily.

But when you shift on the first 3 planes – spiritually, emotionally and mentally – then making those physical changes become so much easier, because you’re not carrying around all that emotional, mental and energetic baggage with you.

If you want to shed the weight and make it last then you need to shed the weight on all 4 planes.

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