5 Awesome Fat Loss Tips

5 Awesome Fat Loss Tips

I have been following Ryan Faehnle’s work for a while, I really love his straightforward health tips, so I nailed him down for an interview…

Coach Ryan is a seriously experienced Strength Coach and educator, though like any good expert still calls himself a student, (I love that!) He’s worked with College athletes and helped to train thousands of the armed forces in the US, he now consults and trains other fitness professionals, and has a great little e-book called the Fat Loss Solution.

He’s got some awesome tips for specific trouble zones, by regulating the hormones that relate to certain body areas, but in this interview I wanted to get his top tips for ladies who are starting out, for overall health and fat loss, and lo and behold, a lot of his tips are pretty similar to my own! It was awesome to speak with coach Ryan, and I highly recommend checking out his video blog posts.


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Here’s more of Coach Ryan’s tips:

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sel …. awesome tips there. Amazing how you can get the same information time and time again but depending on where your mind is it can alter what you actually take in!! Xx

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