5 Benefits of Lifting Weight For Women

5 Benefits of Lifting Weight For Women

Weight lifting is considered to be a man’s game. However, today, when women are showing their strength in every field, they have also shown their ability to lift weight. A lot of women have taken to weightlifting in recent years and have excelled in sports such as crossfit and powerlifting.

For women struggling with belly fat and weight related issues, weightlifting is one of the best methods to build strength and cut fat simultaneously.

Here are some amazing benefits of weightlifting for women.

1. Burn a Ton of Calories

Women think that weightlifting will give them big bulky muscles and arms? However, this need not necessarily be true. It all depends on the kinds of exercises you perform and the reps to set ratios that you incorporate in your training. Using light weights on exercises such as the bench press, squat, overhead press and deadlift can help you build overall strength in the body while toning your arms and enhancing your assets.
Weight lifting also helps to burn a ton of calories both during as well as after exercise. Studies have found that strength training and weightlifting exercises burn calories for longer periods post exercise as compared with light aerobic activity, since as aerobic energy is used by the body to repair and replenish muscle tissue [2].


2. Build Muscle Strength

When it comes to physical strength, women often depend on others for daily assistance in a certain task such as redecorating furniture in the house, doing the laundry and groceries etc [3]. Weight lifting helps to build strength in the body and the mind which in turn improves confidence in oneself. It can make all the difference towards helping young women become independent and confident to go into the world and succeed in whatever they want.


3. Sexy Curves

Which woman doesn’t want a sexy figure. Weightlifting along with the right exercises and a good workout routine can and add definition to all the right places in a short amount of time. Weight consists of muscle tissue and fat, which is why losing fat and muscles can translate to a loss in the curviness of your figure. With weight lifting, you can create and sustain the lovely curves of your body [1].


4. Quality Sleep

Another great benefit of weightlifting is enhanced sleep quality. Weight lifting creates micro tears in the muscle which when supplemented with proper nutrition and rest helps the muscle grow in size and density. A large part of the rehabilitative process takes place during sleep which is essential.

After an intense training session and proper food, the body naturally feels fatigued and the result is greater, restorative sleep. Because of the high level of stress placed on the body during the workout and depleted energy levels, you’re less likely to wake up intermittently at night and more likely to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. A good night’s rest not only helps with muscle recovery, it also enhances mental functioning and improves overall energy levels. So, you can perform better and achieve more the next day.


5. Keeps the Heart Healthy

Weightlifting keeps heart diseases at bay by keeping contributing factors such as a large waist circumference, high body fat and glucose levels, as well as high triglycerides and high blood pressure in check.

While lifting weights, the flow of blood is directed toward working muscles and thus increases the volume and flow of blood returning to the heart. This makes the heart expel more blood per minute. With time this training helps improve heart rate while literally making the heart stronger and larger. [6] Also, just 45 minutes of weightlifting is enough to lower blood pressure by 20 percent [7].



In a nutshell ladies weight lifting has a lot to offer and is quickly becoming the workout of choice for a large number of female athletes. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t develop massive arms or a bulky look, but instead you’ll develop greater full-body strength and the confidence to defend yourself in several otherwise intimidating situations.

Focus on creating a routine that involves functional lifts such as the deadlift, squat, bent over row and shoulder press, and perform multiple sets of high reps with medium weights. Switch in a few days of weight training under a certified instructor and ditch the elliptical; not only will your body thank you for it, but so will the opposite sex!

Here is an article that gives some specific recommendations of weight bearing exercises for women. Please note that you need to see your doctor and ensure you have medical clearance before starting any new exercise program.


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