5 tips to take control and lose weight

5 tips to take control and lose weight

1. Set a positive goal & imagine it daily.

Get clear about the goal you are working TOWARDS, that is, who you want to become, and how you want to feel instead of what you want to lose. Imagine a moment of future success, so instead of saying “I want to lose 10 kgs”, which just makes you feel fat and like a failure, imagine the moment when you can look in the mirror and be totally happy, and love what you see, your body feels healthy, and energetic.  This positive goal is one that is much more achievable and less focussed on the scales and more on health and feeling good.

2. Know the positive payoff.

Often when you’re dieting all you can think about is the restriction and deprivation. So you need to build up positive links with becoming slimmer so your mind wants to achieve it. Write a list of as many ways that becoming slimmer will help you in all the other areas of your life. How will it make you a better, happier mum? How will it make you more energetic and productive in your work? How will it stoke the fire of your romance?


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3. Know the consequences of not taking action.

Sometimes you also need a kick up the butt to face the consequences and pain of staying the same or getting worse. Get real with yourself about what it’s costing you to be unhappy in your body. Write down all the ways that it is stopping you from living your potential for happiness and fulfilment? And then what are the likely consequences if you don’t make a change NOW.

4. Stop Dieting and get on the One Habit Challenge instead.

Dieting does not work. You know it. I know it. So stop doing it. It will not ever create lasting weight loss. Dieting only makes you feel bad and messes up your metabolism, leaving you fatter in the long run. Instead of dieting, focus on ONE habit that will move you towards your slim self. Focus completely on just one habit that will make you healthier. Maybe it could be getting up at 6am, which means that you can go to the gym before work, or it could be as simple as including a green vegetable with every main meal, or drinking a glass of water before you drink any sodas. Latest research shows that habit swapping one by one, is the secret to creating lasting change. It’s easy and feels good. Join my free One Habit Challenge Facebook group  to get the lowdown on how to do it!

5. Love your body today.

You might think that being mean to your body will make you more motivated to lose weight, but the truth is it just makes your feel bad and reach for the cookies. Focus on all the wonderful things your body does for you, and start to treat it like a friend. When you stop bullying and criticising yourself it becomes easy to make healthy eating choices, and choose to go for a walk instead of sitting on the couch.  Your body is the most wonderful miracle of life, even if you have cellulite, or a few extra kgs, it deserves  to be treated with respect and love.

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