7 things to ask before investing in an NLP training programme…

7 things to ask before investing in an NLP training programme…

Deciding to learn NLP is a big decision. Learning NLP was a defining moment in my life 13 years ago, and I’d love to help you with some things you need to consider before deciding who you want to learn with… You can find a list of accredited trainers that are accredited by the Australian Board of NLP here. The Australian Board only accredits trainers that meet their high standards of quality. And here’s a few other things you will want to consider as well…

1. Does your potential NLP trainer walk their talk?

NLP is a powerful mindset tool which can be used for lots of different things and facillitates powerful change. If you want to coach people for their health, you need to work with an NLP trainer that also highly values their own health and really knows how to teach you about the mind-body connection in their work and teaching.

I walk my talk. NLP has literally transformed my life in every area. It was the catalyst for me to lose 30 kgs, pay off a crippling $20,000 student debt, get off drugs, find my soulmate, begin a profitable coaching business, create multiple online courses, and follow & succeed in my other passion; singing. I know it works!

I have lived and breathed NLP and personal development for over 13 years. I am a passionate student, coach and teacher, and am involved in leadership of the NLP community, and have been working in the weight ­loss niche with NLP coaching for 13 years.

2. Does your NLP trainer have experience in the weight loss & health niche?

I have been a leading weight loss mindset coach for the past 10 years. I have spoken at Filex on these topics and have extensive niche-specific information and training that I can share with you. I have developed unique scripts, processes and methods for this type of client. Because of my personal experience and success in this niche, and I can pass that experience onto you too.

3. Is the course designed for mastery of the skills you need to actually coach?

There are a multitude of NLP training organisations offering short courses that promise instant changes. But the sad truth is that less than 6% of students of NLP are actively using NLP 12 months after their training. And of that 6% only 30% of them will go on to create a career as an NLP coach and develop a successful business. You come to a training for a reason. To get a result! Knowing without implementing, is not really knowing at all.

I know that the vast majority of students never utilise their NLP training because it is taught too fast, with too many students, and there is little or no follow up included to integrate your learning. Students that do a course in this way find that they are often excited in the course, and learn really great stuff, but the minute they walk out the door they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to actually apply the ideas they learned.

This is the reason I break up my training program into 3 live intensives over 6 months and to give you the chance to learn the course deeply, and have time to practice, so you know it inside and out. Much of the material you can learn in your own time with the online lessons before we even get together in the room.

When we are together, we practice the skills with precision and focus, so I know that you know it and have it in your muscle, then you go out and practice what you have learned already before you learn the next steps. NLP has a vast amount of incredible knowledge over 50 processes, methods and questioning techniques you need to learn and master! You need time to integrate it and practice it. I am committed to ensuring that you know and implement your NLP training with regular follow up, an ongoing student alumni group, and regular encouragement and tips through the certification period and beyond. At the end of this 6 month training program you will be far more experienced and effective than another NLP Practitioner who has gone through a shorter course.

4. Does the training meet the Australian Board Standard?

There are many life-coaching courses and NLP trainings that are weekend, 5 day or online only that don’t meet the standard of the Australian Board of NLP. My training is recognised by the Australian Board of NLP and vastly exceeds the minimum training requirements. When you train with me your training is accredited and recognised by the professional body of our field, and you can immediately join as an accredited NLP Practitioner, and get insurance to practice as an NLP Parapsychology practitioner when you graduate.


5. Can your trainer offer business support to help you build a profitable leveraged business?

You will be supported with all of my coaching, business, marketing and personal development experience. As a successful 1:1, group and online course coach, I can share valuable insights into ways that you can make coaching work for you in a way that is leveraged and profitable. I have built a successful (multiple 6 figure) business and reputation within Weight Loss Mindset Coaching and can offer you priceless bonus resources, techniques and hypnosis scripts that I have developed specifically for this niche.

You will also have access to Bianca Aiono PT Business Mentor throughout the course for business and marketing questions. Bianca is a 3 year graduate of this course, and successfully made the transition herself from Personal Trainer to Mind­ Body Transformation coach selling online programs and coaching. She will also be available to answer questions along the way and teach a Coaching Business Module to help you make the transition from PT to Health Coach with the confidence and skills to sell high value transformation packages.


6. What kind of bonuses are being offered with the course?

I offer a special bonus for my NLP students is my comprehensive Goddess Body Quest online program worth $2000. This is for your own personal growth, and so you can see me coaching and teaching key concepts with a client focus in videos you can review over and over to help you inform and model how you will present these ideas to your own clients. You will also receive the 20 transformational recorded hypnosis sessions in this program for your own personal growth and to listen to how you could create audios of your own. If you have already purchased the GBQ program with me, then you will receive a bonus 1:1 session with me personally to the same value! 

7. Are there opportunities to work together as colleagues and joint venture partners after your graduation?

I want you to stand on my shoulders and take advantage of all the years I have put into my own business so that you can begin helping your clients as soon as possible. I want you to succeed so I have put together a bonus package of behind the scenes tools and strategies  (worth over $5000) to help you leverage your time and increase your profit margins immediately! Students that graduate my course are offered the exclusive opportunity to become a valued affiliate coach and begin to make a passive income immediately by offering the many online programs Bianca and I have already created, allowing you to begin offering huge support for your clients, and earning a generous commission. And also placing you as a featured affiliate coach on this website giving you prestigious access to my network and database of potential clients.


“I’ve noticed big improvements in my finances and client retention”

I signed up with Kylie because I knew that to have a bigger effect as a PT I needed to improve my understanding of how the mind works. Through NLP I now have great coaching techniques that break through all sorts of negative behaviour patterns. I’ve noticed big improvements in all areas of my life including my own personal finances and my client retention. This has allowed me new freedom to work on scaling my business and helping even more people with less one on one time from myself. NLP has given me the ability to fully unlock the power of your mindset and those that don’t have this skill are only tapping into a small amount of their potential. Mind blown!

­Blake Worrall­ Thompson, Six Weeks To Sexy, Current NLP Student


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  1. I wasn’t aware that there are potential bonuses to be considered. My sister-in-law is considering NLP training so I’ll pass this tip onto her. This was a really helpful post.

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