9 Pillars of Health

9 Pillars of Health


In my experience working with women to create health from the inside out, I have discovered there are 9 pillars of health. Yep. 9.

Most diets and health programs focus on just 3… But there’s another 6 key pillars of health that you’re missing. If you do everything”right” with these 3 pillars you know about, you still might not lose weight or create health because the other 6 are out of balance.

Here’s the 3 that you’ve heard of.

1. Movement.

This pillar of health is about moving your body. Your body is designed to move. Move in every way you can imagine: fast, slow, stretch, push, pull, up, down, sideways, diagonally. Movement is more than just going to the gym and exercising with the old F.I.T.T: Frequency, Intensity, Timing, Type split into cardio or weights sessions, but moving in your life. Moving incidentally, walking to the bus, skipping with your child, walking along the beach. Appreciating and utilising the incredible bio-machine you have been gifted with.


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2. Nutrition.

This pillar of health has been the key focus of the last 20 years of diet revolution. Rules. Eat this, not that. Rules. Rules. Rules. Nutrition as a pillar of health, is about choosing food that nourish your body. That fill you up with energy and vitality. Usually that means food that was only just recently alive itself. The more recently it was a living, growing thing, the more aliveness it has to share with you. This can be measured through the electromagnetic energy that the food radiates. Boxed, tinned, packaged foods, were not recently alive. The components that were once alive that make them up died inside the factory that they were processed in…

3. Hydration.

We are 60-80% water. Your brain, organs, blood and muscles all require water H20 to function. Not processed juices, colas, tea, milk or coffee. Water. Ideally filtered water. But just start with tap water if you’ve been drinking lots of sodas. When you begin to feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

I’ll be teaching the next 6 pillars in a live training webinar this Thursday evening.

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