A balanced life?

A balanced life?

life wheel

Want a quick and easy way to test how balanced your life is?

Check this out. Download and print out the Life Wheel and then go around the wheel and rate each area of your life out of 10. Mark it on the wheel and then join up the dots.

Imagine these shapes are the wheels on your car… If your wheel looks more like some kind of deformed octagon then you’re in for a bumpy ride, with a lot of ups and downs.

The thing about having balance in your life is that you have so many things going on that if one area is not so hot, the other areas can keep you positive until you can get that area back up to where you like it. If you only have your career and your family or partner and don’t spend any time or effort looking after your health, your friends, your finances, your personal /spiritual development, then if you lose your job or your partner, you might feel like your world is caving in. If, on the other hand you have hobbies and spend time with friends, have some savings and other goals for your life then you’ll be much better able to cope.

It is good to have a goal for each area of your life that you are working towards, so that you are continually making small improvements in every area. As you look at your wheel you might see a leverage point. A leverage point is one area which, if it improved, would have a flow on improvement to lots of other areas. Health is often a great leverage point.


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As you go around the wheel and notice the things on the wheel that are a 5 or below, take some time to reflect on why it is that way. Ask yourself:

What would happening if this area was at a 10 for me?
How would that feel?
How important is this to me? ( out of 10)
Why have I not made this a priority in my life before?
What action can I take today to improve this area of my life?

You are a multifaceted being with many different talents, skills, needs and gifts. If you are limiting yourself by not taking the time to focus on different areas of life then you are selling yourself short.

This wheel is by no means the definitive list, feel free to change the areas if you feel they do not apply, however it is important to have at least 6-8 different things going on in your life.

I suggest that you re-evaluate your life wheel every couple of months so you can take a snapshot of your progress and keep focussed on improving all areas of your life equally.

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