Paula’s Journey wk 2 – A whole heap of procrastination

Paula’s Journey wk 2 – A whole heap of procrastination

“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.”

― Oscar Wilde

If procrastination and finding distractions from the job at hand were a sport I would have won gold many times and be heading the Olympic Committee for it.

Week 2 of the Goddess Body Quest has really pushed me out of my comfort zone – there have been tears, there have been dark days and there have been child-like stomping of feet but there have also been breakthroughs which I am so thankful for.

procrastinationSo what has been so hard for me this week? Well this week was about identifying goals and I don’t mean goals such as ‘I want to eat 10 frosted cupcakes in the next 10 minutes’ or  ‘I want to be on first name terms with every employee at Krispy Kreme’ – although the first one does apply specific, time based and achievable principals : )
The kind of goals I am talking about are big things, really big things that we can attach emotion to as well as applying some specificity.

I always thought I was a goal driven person and I have a million and one things I would like to achieve but when I started to think about this a little deeper I had nothing that was really drawing me in. By drawing me in I mean something that, when thinking about causes me to feel something pulling at my soul and my heart and that I feel compelled to do. This, my friends, is what I found really really difficult.

So after a mid week breakdown and a few quick messages to Kylie I had to smack my own bum and really spend some time on working out exactly what I want.


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This issue became a whole lot easier for me when it was pointed out that this wasn’t something that necessarily needed to be set in stone and was something that I should allow to develop – and is something that I will cover in the coming weeks when im a little clearer on exactly what I want. Hmmmm….hope that has given you some food for thought! What is it that drives you to keep moving towards the best you you can be?

Another area that I am really working hard on now is building some routine back into my life, or more specifically, a routine that works better for me that my current one. The first step of this for me has been to get my training back on track and as a personal trainer you might be surprised at how hard this can sometimes be – just because we know how to do it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is any easier to actually do.


The reason I became a trainer is because of what personal training did for me and so this is the place I turned first – I need a good kick up the ass just like the rest of us and this is what I have put in place for step one of my transformation – surrounding myself with people that can really push me. As proof, the photo on the left is the aftermath of one such session – sled pushes alternating with the dreaded burpees (70 of them!) and bring on the happy hormones. Have a great week and bring on week 3.

Love, Paula x

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