Here’s the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

The truth is that most diets feel like horrible restriction and punishment to a person that has built a lifetime of unhealthy habits. 
We all know that most people who lose weight with diets will put it back on. 95% in fact!

People say they’ve failed their diets, but we see it very differently…. 
95% of diets fail their people.

A lot of people can get success early on with a diet.  But then throw in the towel when they’ve had a bad day or lost their job. Their willpower just doesn’t hold up under the pressure of a bad day.

You can’t look at your health or weight in isolation, it must be a holistic approach that starts from within.

In order to sustain health forever, you must build foundations of healthy habits of thinking, feeling and choosing, that will serve you when life is good, and when life is hard.

Life doesn’t stop because you’re on a diet! What happens when the going gets tough? How do you cope?

Our Body Confidence Project coaching is a mind-body-spirit approach. A gym program does the body. We look at it from every angle. It’s about the whole person.  

Willpower-ing your way through a diet will not work. because … your willpower will run out, but chocolate never does.

NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s a bit of a mouthful, In short it’s about communication excellence and it comes from the Positive Psychology movement. Most people have the problems they have; excess weight, debt, unlucky in love, etc. because they’re not effectively communicating with themselves and others.

So NLP in coaching helps you to become your best self, and is a profound personal development method.

NLP helps you to become your best self.

NLP is about communication excellence.

NLP is a profound personal development change method.

Your weight loss goal is a gateway into your personal development journey. If you’re going to change your body and make the transformation stick, you must change from the inside-out.

The process is quite simple. At My Mind Coach we have distilled all of the best practices and methods to transform your mind and body into one system. This system leverages the power of hypnosis to transform your mind and habits from your unconscious mind so you can create change more effortlessly.  You can get powerful audio hypnosis mp3’s that you can download to your device and have on hand at any time of the day when you need it.

The process of hypnosis is as simple as relaxing, like you do when you go to sleep at night. So you just sit back and relax and listen to the sound of my voice, and allow your mind to reprogram to support you.

Hypnosis creates change through shifting the negative beliefs that are sabotaging you at the unconscious level. Thoughts like “I can’t do it” or “I’ll never lose weight” or “I’ve got not motivation” are just thought patterns that you’re repeating to yourself like a groove in a record.

Hypnosis helps you to jump out of that groove and into one that is more empowering. It helps you sort out and eliminate the irrational fears that are holding you back so that you stop sabotaging yourself with negative choices.

When you’re self-sabotaging you’re fighting with yourself, going in opposite directions, and that’s why you get nowhere.

When you get your whole mind working in the same direction you can achieve dramatic results fast.

You will experience mindset changing and emotional results almost instantly when you begin this program. Depending on your starting point, it may take as little as a few weeks up to a month to see a shift in your body. However you will be able to see a change in your habits and behaviours++All of the Goddess Body Quest ladies get results of some kind immediately. You only need to listen to a single hypnosis session to calm your body, release stress and put your body in the right state to lose weight. Everyone is different and how quickly they show noticeable changes in their body depends on the person. It’s kind of like popcorn, you don’t know when it will pop but when it does it can never go back

Self sabotage is when you take an action that is moving you away from what you want. Self-sabotage doesn’t make much sense unless you understand unconscious drivers. Your unconscious mind controls most of your habits and choices, so if there is something in your unconscious mind that says I don’t want to lose weight, then you will find yourself sabotaging as soon as you begin to see weight loss results.

Even Michelle Bridges says “getting weight off is science, keeping it off is psychology.” Coaching is results-driven positive psychology, that’s why it works.   It deals with the underlying reasons why you are self-sabotaging so that you never have to willpower your way through again.

You unconscious mind drives all of your habits and choices. Psychologists estimate that the unconscious makes up over 90% of our brain power. At My Mind Coach, we work with this area to create profound and lasting habit change. Your unconscious mind is kind of like an elephant, and your conscious mind is like the rider. Imagine how hard the rider has to work to get the elephant to go where it doesn’t want to go. BUT when the elephant and rider are in sync, they have a lovely ride and go easily where they both want to go.

If you’re struggling with weight loss, I can guarantee your elephant does not want you to lose weight for some reason.

It does seem that everyone wants to lose weight these days, even many people who clearly don’t need to.  Unconsciously though, your mind is concerned with survival and protection, it doesn’t care about looking good in a bikini.

There might be many different reasons why someone would unconsciously want to hold onto fat it has to do with your beliefs and past experiences. Body dissatisfation, self-judgement, low self-esteem, past trauma are all reasons why your body might want to hold onto weight.

Here are some common ones…

Many of my GBQ ladies are in happy relationships, and they often discover that they unconsciously are holding weight because are then less attractive to other men and less likely to damage their relationship with an affair.

Some of them have really massive career or life goals and they are holding weight as a protection to stop them reaching that success.

Many have had past experiences with trauma, abuse or bullying, and the unconscious mind holds extra weight in these cases as a form of protection.

I know none of these seem totally logical, but they are unconscious reasons, and the unconscious has its own internal logic that relates to the individual persons experiences an memories.

That’s why it’s so important to uncover the beliefs and emotions that are causing your body to want to hold weight, and work with that first. Otherwise you can drink all the green smoothies you like, but you’re not going to create lasting change to your body shape & size.

All of those programs are focussed on weight. They are educational and supportive to teach you what to do.  I’m coming at the problem from the other end, I help people change their thinking and how they feel about themselves.

In my opinion though, people don’t need more information on how to eat healthy, or do a push up… they need to deal with the underlying reasons why they’re overweight in the first place. I help women to uncover and overcome these blocks in their thinking that stop them achieving their best body and life.