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Complete transformation across mind, body, spirit

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From self-harming and eating baby custard to lose weight, to becoming an ambassador for self-love badassery…

Watch Kat’s inspiring story here.

- Katherine Boxall Graduate Case Study

I never imagined that my desire to have a better life for ME would end up being the missing ingredient in my business.

I use the skills I’ve learned multiple times a day on myself and I can honestly say I am a different person than I was 6 months ago in my personal life and belief in myself. I’ve always talked about how important mindset is…you can have all the strategy, all the marketing techniques, all the “how-tos” in the world – if you don’t believe it is possible to have what you want or there are some deeper issues or fears there, then none of that will work.

- Clare Stephens, Your Life Through A Lens, Photography Business Coach

If you’re thinking about this, just do it!

Kylie has a way of creating a container of safety and expansion. Just talking to her will activate your potential. She has a powerful permission field that allows you to drop into the potency of your full expression. She’s so full of wisdom, and such a gentle yet powerful guide to help you unlock your potential.

- Emma Priestly, Conscious Course Creator, Business Coach

Kylie is one of my secret weapons.

When a Boardroom client is stuck, or has some inner blocks to work through — I arrange a session with Kylie. She’s like Draino for the mind.

- Taki Moore, Blackbelt Business Coach, Author of Million Dollar Coach

It is so amazing! I finally understood why some clients were avoiding or sabotaging, it opened up a whole new world for me!

It gave me a depth of understanding of them and myself. Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it for your future clients, and your current clients.

- Paula Bailey, Sassy CEO, Business Coach

Magick happens every time.

This morning I had a kick-ass coaching session with Kylie Ryan. We’ve been working together for a couple of months, and she’s the perfect person to help me integrate the rapid transformations I go through regularly. Our coaching sessions usually roll with me saying, “Kylie, I want to be, do, and have EVERYTHING” and Kylie helping me find the archetypes and parts that aren’t integrated and bringing them together. MAGICK HAPPENS EVERY TIME!

- Dane Tomas, The Spiral Creator, Wizard

As a result of training with Kylie on mindset and other training I’ve lost 65kgs & am now a weight loss coach myself.

If you’re on the fence, or wondering if Kylie is the real deal… I’d say just do it!… Kylie has this amazing ability to meet you wherever you’re at and take you to the next level.

- Suzanne Culberg, Why W8, Weight Loss Coach

Mind-Blown! Before learning NLP with Kylie I was a typical, unaware old-school PT trying to muscle my way through to success.

Empathy became a new skill… For me now human behaviour and mindset is everything, You were the catalyst to me waking up!

- Blake Worrall-Thompson, MoMENtum, Mens Coach

Today I am living the life that I’ve always wanted… I have never been this happy or this powerful.

If you want to manifest the life of your dreams I would not hesitate to reach out for help from Kylie.

- Danni Vee, My Fit Tribe, Health Coach

I made $30K in new sales a month after graduating my training with Kylie.

Right after training with Kylie I created a new program and mde 30K in new sales. I now have a repeatable system to coach my clients and I can get them both immediate and long-lasting change.

- Bianca Aiono, Mind-Body Coach

What I have gotten out of the course can’t be measured. I glow from the inside out! For the first time in years; I am happy because I am happy!

I’ve passed the big 4-0. I’ve now ‘released’ 48kgs, since the birth of my son 2 years ago. To Kylie, Selina and all my GBQ sisters, you helped me  to get out of my own way, so I could coach my inner critic and encourage my cheerleader. I am getting my pre-babies mojo back and am in a better headspace than when I was fighting fit! I feel like GBQ really delivered on the greatest gift, self-love and clarity, and has given me the confidence and conviction to continue my journey! Thank you.

- Daniela Kay
See Daniela's Transformation

Since working with Kylie…  I have made some of the most amazing changes to my life that I never had previously believed possible…

The  excuses that I had so heavily relied on in the past became far more trivial and easy to overcome, which has motivated me further to set more goals and challenges for myself.

(Simone is a full time working mum with a 2 year old! It can be done!)

- Simone Brustolin
See Simone's Transformation

Everything has really changed, I finally let the girl inside out. I am 39 turning 40 this year & I feel like my life has really just started.  I’ve had a massive increase in personal power (from zero), sense of possibility, happiness, resilience, CONFIDENCE!

Reached my first weight loss goal of 55 kilos, from 63 which is far too big on a 5ft frame. I have gone from a size 12 to an 8-10 and can now wear just about all the clothes in my wardrobe.

I am far less depressed and I have all but given up wine. This is massive, given I was probably a high functioning alcoholic, drinking 2-3 glasses a day, just skulling it down, and not feeling like I could easily stop.  I am conscious of how I feel when I eat rubbish food and especially sugar and have cut it out, largely. And I can run!

I love myself and respect myself for the first time, I cannot express how much this has changed me. Thank you does not even cut it.

- Madeleine BG

I just thought I would share a few before and after shots of my journey! Thank you Kylie for your inspiration. When I find it hard I turn to your pages for a lift!! Xxx I owe a lot to you and your magic. You seem to have an article for everything I’m struggling with. Thank you so so so much. I’ve had so many ahhh-ha moments reading your stuff over the last year. It really has contributed to my success! My inner cheerleader is doing some kick-ass flips and splits right now! She is shaking them pom-poms!

- Haley De Martin
play video See Hayley's Transformation

Since working with Kylie I have come to realize that I am so much more than I’ve allowed myself to become. With Kylie’s help I moved past the hopelessness I felt, I released anger I was feeling towards other people and was using as an excuse for why I am the way I am and I’ve just stepped out of my shell with a vengeance!

I’m now clear on what I want to do with my life and I’m taking steps towards making it a reality, and in doing so my entire eating habits have changed. Through all the materials and sessions with Kylie I had finally come to realise that the feeling of being hungry that I had, was actually my internal self desperately trying to let me know that I was bored, and not aligned with what I really wanted to do. (In my work life, as my home and family are great).

As soon as I started to get back into my coach training the ‘hunger subsided’ & I’ve stuck to my better eating habits and gym workouts easily.

It’s been amazing!

- Cerise Uden

I worked with Kylie Ryan in her Goddess Body Quest program which has been life changing. Kylie helped me get back in touch with my own body, taught me how to nourish myself and get my glowing, gorgeous body. She helped me move from self-loathing to self-love. She taught me how to consciously turn down the critical voice and turn up my inner cheerleader. Without a doubt starting with your mindset is the first place to start on your weight loss journey. Lasting results for sure…PLUS life changing 🙂

- Danika Jane Downting

I can’t recommend this course highly enough. If you’re a yo-yo dieter… Or a lifetime dieter (you know who you are… you are always on a diet, or off a diet but are going to start one on Monday) then this really is a fabulous course. I have been losing 0.5kgs per week and am over the moon with that, Because from Kylie’s lessons I know I am making changes in a sustainable way.

- Alison Visser

My biggest transformation has been in my subconscious approach to food and portion control. With the help of the hypnosis/mediations, I eat half of what I used to, I eat slowly and enjoy the process of both creating and consuming lively food, I no longer go back for seconds, and I consistently make much better and more empowering choices in order to protect and preserve my good health.

I am still a long way from my goal weight, but a light has switched on at the end of the tunnel… a light that has never existed for me before.

- Frances

I wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom during the seminar you gave in July at Fitbodz Gym. We had to write down our deepest goal as I wrote it I was thinking “I wonder if I will ever get there?” Well I did!

I weighed in yesterday with a loss this year of 23 kilos!! Part of that motivation came from you when you said think before you eat something: “Will this help me reach my goal? If not choose something else.”  Those words stuck in my head like glue. Thanks so much!

- Jaqui B

Last week I found Kylie and “My Mind Coach” on the internet. Since then, Kylie’s programs have fueled the most amazing changes in mental strength for me. Kylie’s audio program, emailed publications and Kickstart workbook have allowed me to not only take full responsibility for my state of mental and physical health, but come to realise that if I do not start to make positive changes for me, then who else will? I have in the past felt selfish actioning steps towards my goals, making time for “me” the absolute last thing on my daily agenda. Now I realise, if I do not take the time to meditate with Kylie’s guidance, read her emails and work throughly through all necessary steps, then all I am doing is further holding myself back from REALLY deeply, being happy. As a result, I am also impacting the relationship of loved ones around me, because I know I can be happier, through reaching my goals.

I have also felt for sometime just how much my own actions have sabotaged my weight loss goals and progress, with Kylie’s insightful kindness, I have, for the first time in my entire life, realised that I am entitled to fulfill my goals. Divine happiness is not just for other people – but I am entitled to reach my goals as well – because, after all, if I don’t work towards them, who else will?

Kylie is the first person I have found to finally understand me and where I am coming from. I don’t feel like I have orders barked at me, I dont feel like I am being treated like a child for not always being able to maintain my perfect diet. I feel like Kylie’s guidance is perhaps, the perfect tool I have needed for a really long time, to finally allow myself to become alive!

My battles have been lingering for years and years. I wish I had been able to find Kylie sooner, though I am SO deeply blessed and grateful to have found Kylie now, not a moment later in time.

- Alanna

Kylie’s Kickstart Health Program finally helped me to “get it”. After years of healthy eating and exercise regime attempts with little or no results – Kylie’s program helped me see where I was going wrong and how I could achieve the goals I wanted without the process seeming a punishment or some sort of denial of fun.

I learnt about commitment to long term goals; daily actions to reinforce these goals and achieve results; how short-term pleasure (from unhealthy choices) leads to disappointment whereas “staying with the program” results in feelings of self respect and pride in ones results.

I also learnt how to let go of old habits and patterns that were not supporting my higher purpose and that it was safe to do so. Through online hypnosis sessions,  accompanying workshop support manuals, email and newsletter support and daily affirmations I effortlessly shed old cravings and compulsions and instinctively made healthy choices with eating that in themselves became second nature and effortless.  I also craved daily exercise and felt fantastic as my body built muscle, burnt fat and changed shape. Thanks Kylie for all you taught me, I’m committed for life now and it feels great!

- Heather B

Since starting your program again and re-motivating myself for my new yrs resolution Kylie…to date, I have lost 9.6kg *dances* since the 1st of Jan…and still counting. I will get that goal by new yrs eve!  Soooo happy…just had to share!!!

- Amanda Flood

It seems that since the NLP sessions, I’ve encountered several of these moments where I’ve overcome my fears easily and taken action. I can’t believe how clear all this is: I truly believe I can do this with my life. I’m a good musician. I retained what I learnt when it would have been easier to run away and hide. Damn, I feel good! Mind you, now I also know that I have never been fully prepared for my performances before. I have had a phrase sitting on my piano for years but have not fully absorbed it: “An amateur practises until they get it right; a professional practises until they can’t get it wrong.” I’ve been skating by because I can get away with it, but I’ve also been hiding my light – so now that I’m aware and ‘out there’ I canNOT get away with it.  Sorry, I sound all gushy, don’t I?

Since the NLP I’ve encountered things I have never encountered before. Weirdly, I have been confronted by situations that I had previously been worried about but had not actually experienced. And I dealt with them all. It was fine. I thought it was interesting that in many situations in the weeks since I was given the opportunity to demonstrate to myself how I could cope.

So thank you again, It’s a new world!

- Carli Walker

Well, the session was amazing… Truly transformative. I have hardly recognised myself in the days passing. In the days since, not only have I not had a cigarette, but I am not even oriented to their existence. And when I see someone standing around smoking my only thought is “That’s not me anymore”!!!! HOW?!?!?!?!?

Amazingly, I have not needed to call upon some of the strategies we talked about. BUT I regularly call upon this feeling of joy and abundance I have anchored, when I am driving or when I get a passing urge, and I just feel excited about what else I am going to do instead. So yes, feeling very good, and very different to the last time I tried to stop.  And I feel like I am being an ally to myself at the moment too, which makes a nice change  Truly – incredible!

- Amelia Frid

Due to my depression and addictions over the years, I stopped dreaming… I was punishing myself… Since I wrote my SMART goal today, I actually feel a shift in my perception… that this change is happening RIGHT NOW… it seems more tangible because I’ve set a date and I have a picture in my mind of what I look like and how I feel… I’m having lots of breakthroughs listening to the program.

I’ve already started to notice huge changes in all areas…I love love LOVE the work book for Week 1. I used to think that I would get slim and then I would meet someone and not have to worry about it anymore that they should love me no matter WHAT size I am: well – that’s NOT the point.

I should love me… and loving ME, means taking care of myself… no matter what. It’s only taken me a month or so of continual exercise but now I really look fwd to it – my head space is fantastic and I relish that time I spend with and on myself…I’ve lost 1.6 kilos so far. It’s amazing because I know that this time it’s for good!

- Kristen P

Thank you so, so much, That was an amazing, liberating experience. I feel quite a shift happening. I have spent the last few years exploring, learning and experiencing inner growth, and whilst the underlying principle of listening to our inner wisdom remains the same, I believe it is so beneficial to have support along the way, to maneuver the many blocks and obstacles we allow to get in the way. You were wonderful. I at all times felt supported and safe. The process was gentle yet profound. I loved the experience and feel deeply grateful. I will continue to process this and look forward to further shifts and continued release of old baggage. Much love and gratitude.

- Kathy R

Thank you so much Kylie for your gift of your time, energy and spirit.  I would not have thought that in such a short time such long held feelings of anger could dissolve.  I have noticed the differences.  I am not taking myself so seriously for a start!  I feel lighter and happier which in turn means my relationships are reflecting that as well. People really do respond in a more positive way when you are positive yourself.

You are professional in your approach however you are also genuinely compassionate and caring.  I have come away from my time with you with feelings of both lightness and enlightenment and greater self confidence.  I am looking at my whole life – both past and present – with a quite altered mindset.  Friends and work colleagues have even commented that I seem really happy. I was concerned beforehand that I would find the time with you to be too confrontational but you put me at ease and I felt so comfortable talking with you.  I had a feeling of being with someone I would greatly value as a friend. My heartfelt thanks to you Kylie for instigating such a turning point in my life. Many, many thanks!

- Kerry Mc Coombe

I have had a huge shift in my thinking since our session, which is amazing! I am practicing meditation and calmness everyday… I’m accepting more responsibility and taking it day by day just focusing on my visions. This is the most relaxed I have ever been in my whole life, I’m sure of it. Even my house mate said I’m a whole new person! It’s been nearly 2 weeks since our session and its just occurred to me why I actually want to be thin. It’s to be elegant, calm and graceful not stuffing my face binge eating, being anxious and running around, trying a million different diets and always talking about myself. I wanted to find peace, learn new things instead of focusing me attention on my weight. So I have started acting how I would when I have reached my goal weight. Thanks again, you are doing an amazing thing for women everywhere!

- Lucy G

I’m just writing to let you know I’ve ‘released’ 15kgs!!!! Oh my god!! I can’t stop smiling, my friends are all asking for your number. I can’t believe the difference you’ve made!! I feel motivated, happy and alive. I’ve got energy in the morning now to go for a walk or a swim. My husband wanted to say thank you too… he’s very happy, he can’t stop touching me! Haha! If I’d known this would happen I might have done this years ago. I think you have just saved my marriage too. Thank you soo much.

- Mel C

I have had Personal Training for 2 years. Training every week with my trainer, I love the PT sessions but I just couldn’t ever really follow the eating program when I was at home. Since the 2 sessions I have done with you over the past 2 weeks, I have lost more weight in 2 weeks after your sessions than I had in the previous 2 years with my trainer! I am so excited about the future because I know I am changing on the inside and it’s actually easier than I thought! Thanks so much!

- Joe B

I am very happy to endorse your service, I really think your approach to weight loss is fantastic, as I believe everything in our life is about what goes on between our ears, and as you say the issue is not just about weight gain it is how you feel about yourself, the weight is a by product.. It is about looking after and valuing yourself, your brain is just another part of your body which you should look after.

- Jen Bailey

I really enjoy all of the meditations. Love the imagery and the “feel”, particularly the re-programming one – that’s GREAT! Gives me a real sense of power, that I CAN achieve my goals. Thanks so much for the program!

- Briony R

I was at point in life when I felt confined by my world, unsure of my true path, and wanted to embrace my potential. Working with Kylie and using NLP has opened my mind to whole new thought process and of course the unlimited opportunity that lies within. In each session Kylie has enabled me to let go of old beliefs and habits that hold me back, I already feel more relaxed and open to what truly makes me happy without fearing it. Kylie has a way of making you feel safe, as well as empowering you to be all you can be, she is truly an amazing healer, and I sing her praises!

- Anita H

I knew there must be an easier way to achieve what I wanted. There were things blocking me and I was ready to make some changes. Kylie really impressed me with her knowledge and skills, and most importantly, I felt I could completely trust her. She has shown tremendous caring in her work with me and I am delighted to say that we have made the changes that I was seeking. The results are tangible. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

- David Solomon

I was really stressed about my relationship, finances and generally my future. I was so worked up about everything that nothing was in my control. NLP has allowed me to let go of those concerns and issues and relax and enjoy the people and environment around me. Now I am in control, I have set goals for the future and my relationship has never been better. I highly recommend this therapy to everyone.

- Helen C

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been carrying unnecessary guilt over my brothers death for more than 15 years. It has affected my whole life. In just a few sessions you have set me free! I have seen many other counselors and psychologists, they told me what was wrong but never told me how to fix it. I can’t believe it, it’s like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m actually happy!

- Tim D

Wow what a transformation! I have had lots of comments. A couple of people have said that I am just glowing. I have now lost 4.4kg. I am drinking loads of water and doing really well with my activity. It finally clicked the morning I spoke to you. It has helped me move in the correct direction and allowed me to ditch a lot of stuff that was bogging me down. Thanks so much!

- Dina M

I have had a lot of different types of therapy over the last 10 years, mainly cognitive. Although this helped me through some difficult times in my life I still struggled and felt like I would always be on an emotional roller coaster. I heard of NLP but never really investigated it any further until I was referred to Kylie through a friend. From the first session I had with Kylie my life has changed dramatically, after every session I have with her there is a big shift within me and an immediate feeling of relief and awareness, and that my life and I are changing for the better. It’s an amazing experience. The instant changes I feel after my sessions and the following changes in my life are quite mind-blowing! I have referred a lot of people in my life to Kylie and they too have experienced the amazing benefits of her sessions.

- Anne B

I had everything in life that anyone would have dreamt of but somehow found myself sad, depressed and unfulfilled. Kylie not only made me feel comfortable and relaxed by her beautiful and loving aura, she managed to track down blockages built up through my entire life through NLP and free me from them. Amazingly only after one session I was left in a euphoric and in control state that I was ready to take on my new and exciting life. Such a truly amazing experience that I had to share it with all my friends as everybody deserves to live their lives the way I do.

- Penelope P

Words alone could never express the impact Kylie has had on my life, for the best part of 6 years I had slowly built a strong addiction to poker machines, by 2007 I was out of control, I wasn’t getting ahead in life and was constantly depressed about my gambling and the problems it was entering into my life. I took the leap and called Kylie, and within 2 sessions I was cured, I honestly thought I would never be free from this problem and amazingly I am. I can’t thank her enough, I have since recommended others to her and they have also reported successful results.

- Arron R

I just had my best sales week ever. Our whole teams’ attitude is a lot more positive. I really liked the “every no is just one step closer to a yes” theory. Thanks for everything. You did an amazing job!

- Pravinda S

I personally feel Kylie is an absolute angel. You don’t meet too many in life, so when you do it’s everything you could possibly imagine and angel would do for you…Trust, support, love, guidance and the light of life! Either on a personal or professional level, I feel Kylie provides a one on one caring approach which will stay in your heart for life!

- Michael S

While I never felt I had hit my lowest point I felt I was going in that direction and very fast. I knew I had to do something about my stress and anxiety so I turned to NLP. I found that it got me going in the right direction again and has improved my social life, productivity in work and my life in general. I found Kylie very supportive and found I could relate to her. I would highly recommend her.

- Kevin R

I had to write in regards to last nights talk by Kylie. l just wanted to say that l got so much out of last night’s talk which l found inspirational, motivational and l gained a deeper understanding and awareness of what this 10 week challenge is about, as a whole and for my own specific journey.

- Julie Ramsay

The number one thing that really grabbed my attention was  that 7 years ago you were in the exact same position as me! This has inspired me and made me believe that achieving my goal is possible, I also enjoyed all the little secrets you shared with us. It was a great workshop and really engaging. I just wish it was longer!!

- Shirine Mufti

I really liked the meditation at the end, it has given me a goal I can now visualise!

- Michelle Franey

Great sessions, brought some big home truths for me, and helped me realise that other people have similar struggles. It was really positive, thanks for sharing your story and giving us such great tools! I feel much better already.

- Maree L

Loved the SMART goals section, imagining the end result and the meditation, you fit so much into the workshop.

- Louise F

I really enjoyed learning to focus on things in a way I never have before, I love the goal setting technique of thinking about how I’ll look and feel at my goal. It made me feel really good and keen to get into it.

- Susan

Learning about the pain/ pleasure drivers in motivation was an “aha” moment for me. Wow! What a great session!

- Natalie G

I loved the energy and positivity of the coaching sessions, I loved the goal setting I feel very motivated to continue with the gym and nutrition for life. I have never felt this way before. Thanks!

- Meg P

What a great practical session with plenty of tips you continue to work on at home.

- Alex R

Kylie, you are very positive and inspiring, the analogies were very effective. I like the idea of the positive goal instead of where you don’t want to be. It was great timing to refocus and keep on track.

- Renee B

Kylie has really made me think about why I have been setting myself up to fail in the past.

- Sue S

New interesting information, I’m feeling much more motivated and renewed. Feeling positive. Thanks.

- Cassandra F

It was easy to understand, common sense, relaxed and friendly format.

- Clare Cody

I am feeling more motivated and inspired than ever before, I finally get it! I am beginning to think like a slim person.

- Renee B

This workshop gave me more inspiration, because Kylie worked inside our body and soul. I was emotional and happy at the same time, knowing “I can do this” Thank you Kylie in the future I hope to attend another of your workshops!  I just wish it went longer!

- Rosanna Bakopolous

I found the workshop very enjoyable especially when you set goals in your life you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it. Anything is possible when you just have positive mind. I know, I have burnt 35 kgs so far in 10 months! I am now very happy, healthy and fit and I don’t ever want to go back, this is the new me.

- Christine

Very motivating and inspirational! Fantastic, really enjoyed it.

- Angela Truste

I really enjoyed the guided meditation & goal setting particularly. Very pleasant and joyful. I want to maintain the positivity I feel right now!

- Caroline Bolten

I really enjoyed seeing the past and present & looking to the goal and seeing how positive it will be. Also to see the Cause and Effect and to recognize it.

- Jennifer Cate

I really enjoyed the visualisation and the explanation of obstacles.

- Christina Atkins

I really enjoyed the activities and being able to relate to how I am feeling is normal right now.

- Rita Pavone

You clearly explained the process and theory and created an environment to outline well defined goals.

- Rebecca Bushly

I loved that we were focusing on the goal and where I’m headed rather than where I’ve come from.

- Lindy O’Brien

I loved having a more emotional / mental approach, rather than just physical to the challenge & beyond. Learning how to control the physical tendencies and eating. It was all good! 
L Lavero, Petersham

I really enjoyed setting a specific goal to work towards. It was very enjoyable. Nice to focus on the mind instead of the body for a change. Very friendly, engaging presentation.

- Alison E

Nice to know it’s not just me that thinks this way and to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks!

- Sandy F

I liked your workshop so much. It all made sense, was helpful, and I could see myself using the practical tools you taught us. Thank you. As a mum with a strong family focus, it helped having those concepts explained and the examples that were given. Thanks again!

- Vanessa Franks

I liked the visuals regarding motivation. I really liked the discussion about what the purpose of the behaviour was. All very interesting. You are extremely engaging and lovely!  I would love to say that the Anchor technique you did with us was awesome, and it really worked!

- Frannie H

Inspired and pumped to keep going & use these useful tools and reach my ultimate goal of being healthy, happy and fulfilled! Thanks so much!

- Eileen S

I really liked the tools you taught to deal with real issues we all go through, the motivation dips and mood swings, reminding me, of something I already know, thatI am in control of my own emotions. And I really liked the two minds session. Thanks!

- Nicole S

Thanks for the workshop, I loved you teaching me the tools to use as an anchor, Helping me to realign the two battling sides within and find balance I am so looking forward to doing the life wheel and comparing it again in a few weeks. I have battled cancer and after your session I really feel I am putting it all in the past.

- Ruth W

Really liked the working through of the both sides, going towards the one thing, realising the angel and devil on my shoulder have the one higher goal. And thanks for the last bit, you made me realise that sadness and grief can be overcome. I would have loved it to be longer!

- Jo H

I really enjoyed the motivational exercises making me think more positively about my healthy and not so healthy habits. Thanks.

- Debby P

Loved the visualisation, using the positive focus rather than the negative reaction.

- Beth S

Thanks for helping me unite my inner voices to a common goal I will try this on my procrastination and perfectionism when I get home.  Loved the idea of expanding my life repertoire!  🙂

- Gabriella Couto

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