Selina Mc Garrigle: Life Stylist & Self Love Expert

Kylie-SelinaSelina is your Life Stylist, she is passionate about helping you to enrich and enliven your perspective and passion for life, so you can find your health, happiness, love and laughter.

As a qualified Life Coach, Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner, Social Worker who has walked the path of her own journey of growth and transformation, Selina will help you to stop and listen to your heart so that you can move forward with clarity and trust in who you really are. She knows firsthand that there is no time like the present to stop hiding in the shadows of the past and step up into a present that shines with vitality and love – she is after all, Little Miss Fabulousness! !

Selina is on a Self Love Mission to stand up for women to create their most incredible lives starting from the inside. She can’t wait to celebrate the moment when you look in that mirror and know that you have everything you need to show the world how incredible you really are!

She has learnt to shine with radiance and flare; and continues to share her insights; thoughts and tips through her personal blog Fabulousness Unleashed and here on the My Mind Coach blog.

Through her diversity of 10 years experience from around the world (Australia; UK; France & New York) including her Coaching ; Counselling; Social Welfare and Maternity Child Care experience and blog (with soon to be released meditations ) to help Inspire; Shine and Soar your soul; and your life to a new level of Existence.

Focus; clarity; power; and determination are some of the key practices that will help you to unlock what is really holding you back in your life – are you ready to shed your fears; unleash your passion and soar into the new ?


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Selina is your My Mind Coach Client Service Manager, coaching protege of Kylie’s and will help lead you step by step through the transformational lessons of Goddess Body Quest program with her personal coaching, in addition to Kylie’s Group Coaching inside the VIP GBQ program. To apply for a place in this life-changing program, apply for your discovery call here.


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Testimonials for Selina’s Coaching Calls

Selina is more than amazing! When speaking with Selina I opened up about things that I never have, aspects of my life that subconsciously I knew was holding me back but it came so easily speaking with her… And I have made massive changes in my life since speaking with her. The one thing that resonated with me the most about Selina is that she instantly made me feel comfortable and was incredibly encouraging in helping me shift my limiting beliefs. Selina this is your calling, you are a natural and any woman that comes into your path is truly blessed and will be so much stronger because of it. YOU are an inspiration to me to be a better coach myself xxx

– Danni, Goddess Body Quest, MMC Coaching Academy


Ahh the lovely Selina McGarrigle! I completely value and love my calls with her. She holds me accountable and calls me on my bs! So reassuring to know that help and a sounding board is only a phone call away. Love your work Selina! Thank you xxx

– Sonia, Goddess Body Quest


Coaching with Selina? She’s a gem!  I had an amazing call with Selina a few months back. Life changing, amazing woman!

– Simone, Goddess Body Quest


I am very lucky to know this beautiful lady on a personal and professional level. Selina is the reason I discovered Kylie’s amazing program, as I was watching her transformation unfold at work. I was so inspired by all of her changes. I thought, what is she doing that I am not? She was transforming her body, mind & lifestyle, but most importantly I was intrigued by how her thinking was changing her actions. I had never really made that connection with weight loss & it was only through Sel talking openly and honestly, that I decided that I needed this program. Everything she does is done with absolute integrity and love. She truly aligns her values with her actions. Thank you Sel & I am so blessed to join you on this journey x

– Name withheld, Goddess Body Quest


I have had the honour and privilege of Selina’s friendship, insight, guidance and enthusiasm since I completed my first course with Kylie. I feel really lucky to have been on the same course with Sel and Sonia, really lucky. Since then, Selina has talked the talk and walked the walk. She’s done it – what we’re all striving to do! And it wasn’t without low moments, hard moments, drama queen moments, throw in the towel moments……but Selina has done what we all must do when that happens; she’s gotten up, dried her tears, dusted herself off and grown as a person, as a woman, as a beautiful and compassionate and smart human being.  Selina has educated herself steadily for many years; she knows the theory, she has the knowledge and she has experienced the practice. She’s taken those crucial, scary steps into real, transformative change. So knows what it is to break down and rebuild, to make that decision to honour yourself and live your best life. She’s that person who is there for you when you don’t think you can do it, when something had derailed you.  She will stand beside you and hold your hand while you take that tentative first step into the exciting and terrifying unknown… and like any good friend and coach, she’ll gently let go when it’s time for you to do it yourself. And you won’t even know she’s let go… you’ll be so exhilarated you won’t even notice.

– Madeleine, Goddess Body Quest


In all my interactions with Selina I have been uplifted and inspired by her sense of self, passion, commitment and transformation. She is a true gift, can’t wait for another big squeeze in October xx

– Fiona, Goddess Body Quest


My phone call with Selina provided me with the clarity I needed to take things to the next level. Through her compassionate listening to my issues she provided me with insight into her own struggles that she has overcome that allowed me to better understand mine. We finalised our chat with some goals and I have accomplished each one with amazing results. Thank You!!

– Name withheld, Goddess Body Quest


Oh my gosh…Selina, you’re amazing! My first chat with Selina had me in tears ( in a very positive way :)) Within minutes her prompting questions made me realise I didn’t value my self-worth. I’ve been doing this program and worked halfway up to Module 3. I was getting so frustrated not having any ‘aha’ moments, and then I did after a simple chat. It was my first ‘aha’ moment and therefore I was an emotional wreck! Thanks so much Selina for getting me to confront something I didn’t recognise  xx

– Suzy, Goddess Body Quest


“I can’t thank you enough fabulous Selina!  Our coaching call was SO helpful for me – a real turning point.  Gently and with such love and support, you helped me realise that my ‘all or nothing’ thinking was not serving me at all.  That I COULD apply moderation in my life (something that I’ve had trouble with persistently in the past).  You also showed me so clearly what joy I can create in my life through the little things.  By appreciating the beauty of the morning, my children and the joy of waking them up and spending stress free morning time just appreciating them. I’ve taken this insight and am aiming to apply it more and more consistently throughout my life. The impact of your advice and support is beyond measure.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

– Jo, Goddess Body Quest


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 Selina’s Story. How I transformed myself from a Body Loather to Body Lover!

I woke up one morning – looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise myself…

The conversation went a little bit like this…

Who the hell are you – and where is the zipper… to get the hell out of this life… this body… that isn’t me… But I don’t know who me is anymore…

These were the other questions I kept asking myself… everyday…

  • What is it going to take for you to stop beating yourself up over that muffin/chocolate/ice cream you just ate?
  • What is it going to take for you to stop looking in the mirror and hating the body you see?
  • What is it going to take for you to stop destroying every piece of self esteem you have based on that photo in the magazine?
  • What is it going to take for you to stop valuing your worth to this world by the number on the scales?
  • What is it going to take to for you to finally love the woman inside of you???

Hi my name is Selina.

I am 34 years old………..

I am a reformed – NO – I am a transformed Body Loather to Body Lover!

How did I get here? How did I end up in my dream job; surrounded by love and inspiring the world every day??!!

I met Kylie Ryan, and she showed me that I was the KEY to unleashing my most Fabulous Self.  But to understand why our paths crossed; I need to tell you the how of the journey I warn you – it’s not pretty.


My Body Loathe Story

You know when you are little the world seems so amazing, so magical, so fun!

And then it only takes a few things to change that perception. I grew up with a loving mum who raised me on her own – she did the best she could with what she had at the time. I was very blessed; and when she got married to my step father; and had my little sister – the world became even more exciting to me!

However behind closed doors; for most of my life I was the “FAT” girl in my family – the girl with the ‘puppy fat’ – the ‘big bones’ – I was told as a teenager that ‘men were afraid of beautiful women’ and that is why I never had a boyfriend.

All my memories of primary school are filled with teasing and bulling about being “FAT” – “Selina the Slug” is what I used to get called. I had a few friends; but it was rare that a day didn’t go by where I wasn’t called an awful name. At home my mum was so loving and kind and told me everyday that I was beautiful, however with other trauma occurring in my life – I begun to comfort eat at the age of 8.  I used to hide food – because food was the only thing that didn’t judge me – and when other traumas occurred in our home; my step father was an abusive alcoholic – the food and the TV were my only safety zone.

In year 7; I went to my first private school and was bullied from the day I started; I was ‘bigger’ than the other girls and no matter what I did; I didn’t fit in – the boys teased me called me names and the girls were polite. I was the ‘nice girl’; the girl that everyone could turn to for help; I would always be there no matter what. For me – If I could ‘fix’ you; you would like me. My mum had a car accident that year; so in between looking after her and my baby sister and going to school; there were days were the teasing would push me over the edge – even one day I remember the boys in my class following me home on their bikes (I used to ride to school- I was fit and healthy but still fat to them); they kept riding in front of me, yelling at me, directing me into the on coming traffic – saying that I would be better off dead – this day the man in the car stopped and he did report them to the school and it was all addressed the next day; the alienation was done – I was the “FAT” girl who was better off dead.

When I went to high school; mum decided to send me to an all girls catholic school; the bullying stopped; I was still fat compared to everyone else; the isolation was very present and honestly; the damage was done.

I did everything I could think of to NOT do a P.E. classes or play sport – because of the shame; fear and upset around my body and what it did to make others uncomfortable. You see; I sweat when I work out and go red in the face – this seemed to ‘gross people out’  – so I felt it best if I stayed out of everyone way and contributed to the school community in volunteer work instead. (The comfort eating was still there – but then so was the extreme 10km walks 2-3 times a week I did to punish myself for eating or simply for just being in the way).

When I was 16yrs old I was gang bashed – and spent a few weeks recovering from the injuries. Suddenly I was in the spot light and the weight that I had on put on to ‘protect myself from the previous hurt’ – didn’t keep me safe.

This incident changed my  life, and upon return to school – the School Counsellor helped me to transition back into full time school and navigate the nightmares and fears, with tools instead of food, I decided to become a Counsellor/Social worker.

However fast forward to University; I didn’t get the marks I needed to get into the course I wanted so I had failed, and the eating started again. I still got into Uni but I felt so worthless that I had worked so hard at high school; was a good girl; the nice girl; the caring girl; but I was still not ‘good enough’ and ‘being fat’ just concreted for me that ‘FAT girls’ never get anywhere. So to compensate, I did the only thing I knew that made me feel better – I ate.

After an ending a ‘not healthy’ relationship; I did get in to my Uni course and while there I met a girl who introduced me to Weight Watchers – where I learnt about portion control; I also met another amazing woman who introduced me to the gym and exercising (7 days a week) and dropped 20kgs in 9 months! During this time; I also due to my volunteer work; landed a job as a Counsellor straight away and then not long after was chosen in a mass recruitment out of 300 in the top 30 to work for the Department of Child Protection – I finally was doing was I loved – helping others; as I had been helped – YAY!

But underneath it all I was depressed and hated my body – but I had also become an expert at hiding the pain.

For me it was a realisation that no matter what I did; no matter what diet (crazy or sane) or training program or pill I popped; I would never reach my full potential while I was hiding behind the FAT and EXCUSES – the FEARS – and that no one wanted to love a FAT GIRL.

My 3 year relationship had failed, so I punished my body again with even more exercise. I went on a cruise with my friends, wore a swim suit in public for the first time ever, met a great guy who I thought was the ‘one’; until he chose his ex-girlfriend over me… So I packed up and moved overseas to live in the UK for 2 years.

I went from a healthy and happy 75kgs to 85kgs in 6 months. I even tried medication diet pills from the GP – nothing shifted it – I was tired all the time – no energy – would sleep for hours and still nothing would change. I watched what I ate,  exercised and run around after 2 little boys as a nanny.

I moved to Paris and started dating a Frenchman (wow – a love story in the making) and the fatigue wouldn’t disappear, I was back jogging, going to the gym, but, nothing was shifting.


Thyroid Issues.

A friend recommended I go and see her Canadian GP – who order bloods and got me an emergency appointment the next night at 8.30pm with the number 1 Endocrinologist in Paris – my partner at the time came with me and I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid. Within months my energy was back- I lost the 10 kgs and my sex drive improved and everything started to work, but every time I looked in the mirror – all I saw was the 97 kg girl looking back at me.

I don’t know about you; but don’t you get tired of trying to be perfect? Even though my partner loved my curves – I secretly loathed them.

Fast forward 5 years, I was living back in Australia, the weight had come back on, I was trying diets and exercise  however I was secretly binge eating, and hating myself – I wanted surgery to ‘fix’ me as I thought – what other choice do I have?

During this I had a health scare and a relationship that wasn’t working; I was in a job I loved but I wanted more and didn’t feel like I deserved it. Even in the relationship; I was doing everything to make him happy; but had lost myself in the process. I had done some self development work and still didn’t feel liked I belonged here nor had my heart healed from my relationship with the Frenchman…


My turning point.

I didn’t feeling worthy of having anything and one day I realised that I didn’t care if I walked out in front of the nearest bus…

That same morning; I stumbled across a post of Kylie’s on a friend’s wall on Facebook and within a week everything changed, I was attending her 1 day workshop, and then I was in Sydney 2 weeks later doing her 3 day intensive small group Goddess Body Quest course.

As I write this now I am overwhelmed with tears of all emotions; of how far I have come; of what I have learnt about myself; about life; about emotions; food; hormones; self worth; self love; of how much time and energy I wasted not LOVING or ACCEPTING me for me.

I am not saying that this is the answer for everyone, as I have tried so many things over the years, but THIS AIN’T NO DRESS REHEARSAL!

In this work; Kylie’s techniques – her knowledge – her experience – her journey – her drive and passion to continue to evolve and share it with us – means that I now have an edge to my life that I never knew existed.

  • Weight watchers taught me about portion sizes – but also confused me about low fat and good fats and OH MY GOD how much sugar was I eating!!
  • Traditional exercise taught me about movement – but not enjoyment.
  • Fad diets taught me about dieting to get that person’s body – not nourishing or appreciating or loving the one I had.
  • Shakes – taught me that – don’t do something you can’t see yourself doing everyday for the rest of your life – I couldn’t see myself living on shakes.
  • Diet Pills are only a band-aid for what is really going in your head… and the pill is not unique to you!

I have learnt a new way of being – being happy – being responsible – loving me and this body is mine till the day I die. I spent most of my life trying to get rid of it – because I didn’t feel lovable or worthy of having it – as it wasn’t perfect.

Well… it is perfect – my own unique perfect and I am never going to be a size 10 – because it is not about a number that defines me or a machine that weighs me – it is about health and living and being happy!

I want it to keep living a healthy and happy life until I am well over 100 years old… The only way to do that is to love it; nourish it; replenish it and acknowledge it – through lifestyle choices; actions; thoughts and growth.

I want to inspire women to love the woman looking back at them in the mirror – I want to be in every woman’s bedroom when they see the beauty of who they really are to themselves and to the world!

Thank you for letting me walk with you – I’ve got your back!

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