Speaking & Training

I specialise in presenting mindset and motivation seminars & workshops for your business, studio, club or gym.

If you’re running a weight loss or health challenge, and need someone to help motivate your participants and give them real, proven psychological coaching tools that will help them shift their mindsets and actually do all the awesome things you’re telling them to, I’m your girl.


Mindset & Motivation for Health / Weight Loss Challenge

Kylie Ryan

45min seminar to 2 hour workshop.

  • Setting a goal that inspires you.
  • Discovering your values
  • What is your core driver?
  • Why willpower never works long term.
  • You don’t need more motivation, but you do need something else.
  • Overcoming cravings & emotional eating.
  • Manage your emotional state.
  • Why you must nourish yourself slim.


Custom NLP Training

I can also design a workshop or full NLP training to suit your needs. I would consult with your business to discover how a custom NLP training can add incredible value, solving your communication obstacles, and up-skill, motivate and inspire your team. I can train them on motivation, mindset & advanced NLP skills for sales, communication & consulting.

  • Mindset & Motivation
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Advanced Communication
  • Positive Psychology & Team Building
  • Sales & Unconscious Influence.

Email me to discuss your needs and arrange a quote.

Speaker Testimonials

Thank you Kylie for your amazing efforts at our Expo. Not only were you an amazing singer that had our entire expo at a stand still, but you are extremely professional, and engaging to such a large audience.  Your collateral was perfectly suited to our audience of women, and I could not have been happier with your speaking manner – inviting and articulate. You ensured that you kept a high standard for your presentation which fit perfectly with our expo. Thank you for being such an amazing presenter on stage who is a professional at education and delivery of what your talking about.

I would highly recommend that if any one is to find an amazing speaker for their next event, then choose Kylie Ryan – she really is a mind coach!

Stephanie Gittany, Director, What Women Want Expo

‘Kylie’s work with empowering people to take control of their behaviour is amazing. I have been in the industry since 1999, and I have never met a lady that has such impact upon her clients when it comes to dealing with behaviour around eating. I love Kylie’s approach. It is practical and adaptable to each and every person.  I know that the Fitness Professionals of Australia will be in a much better position after having listened to Kylie speak.  You have to get her in front of the Fitness Professionals at FILEX.’
– Mark Capelin, Tribe Social Fitness Owner & Director

“What a breath of fresh air!!  Kylie’s message is so positive and so logical and one that I believe is of incredible value to so many people who find themselves caught up on the negative cycle of negative thought processes and body image.  Kylie clearly has a brilliant insight into what has become such a massive health problem of the 21st century and has a fabulous concept to share that gives people, women in particular, an opportunity to empower themselves to step into their power and save themselves. ”
– Kim Murray, Director, Resonance Healing

“When you spoke it created a transformational impact in the audience. I could feel it. That the impact an inspirational speaker can have on someone’s life can be unfathomable.  You inspired the audience to put all of their energy into accomplishing their dreams and goals. You were amazing!”
– Michelle Ellery, Queen of Hearts CEO & Not For Profit Fundraiser.

Email me to discuss your needs and arrange a quote