About Bianca Aiono


My name is Bianca Aiono, I’m a Weight Loss Motivation Coach and I specialise in working with highly driven successful career women who are frustrated that the very same work ethic that makes them so wildly successful in life hasn’t given them any permanent results when it comes to losing weight.

If that sounds like you, I know how you feel, I’ve been in your shoes.

And I know what it feels like to work hard, to apply yourself to your health and fitness, and yet still feel betrayed by the way you look on the outside.

Like many women, my disordered relationship with food and my body started in my teens.

When I retired from my competitive swimming career at 14, I suddenly had 4 hours a day free to sit on the couch and eat all the yummy foods I wasn’t allowed when I was swimming.

So within a matter of months I had put on over 10 kilos and that’s where the roller coaster started. I struggled with my weight for the next 15 years; I put it on, I took it off, I tried everything – starving, Jenny Craig, Drugs, Bingeing & Purging and I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure it out – all whilst being an overweight elite athlete and award winning yet frumpy Personal Trainer.

What the hell was going wrong ?

Looking back, I realised I didn’t have the right knowledge but even if I did – I didn’t have the right mindset to apply it.

You can’t punish yourself to health through unhealthy means !

Eventually I discovered natural Bodysculpting which has a very specific, science based approach to transforming your figure. My body completely morphed into a lean sculpted machine – with a rippling six pack and next to zero levels of body fat.

But it came at a great cost to my freedom around food and exercise.


Bodysculpting took my quest for health to an unhealthy extreme and even though I won championships – half the year I would be fat and frumpy, binge eating all the foods that I would starve myself the other half of the year.

The only consistent thing was that I felt like a fraud – all year round.

And yet I would see those women who just seemed to eat what they want, exercise only when they wanted and have no real emotional attachment around the food they ate…

And they were beautiful, confident, strong, sexy women.

It was then I had to figure out there must be more to this whole story. I knew the science of calories, food, punishment and exercise – inside out. I had heaps of experience applying this science in the real world – I had helped all my clients over the years lose something like 8 and a half thousand kilos. But when it came to my super driven mind – I couldn’t understand it …

Why was it that I knew what to do, but I just wasn’t prepared to do it ?

  • I wasn’t prepared to miss out on social events any more,
  • I wasn’t prepared to feel hungry all the time,
  • I wasn’t prepared to deprive myself of foods that I loved,
    or spend 3 hours exercising every day always thinking that my body was never good enough


So I delved into a completely new avenue of transformation and embarked on a mind-body approach to weight loss. I decided I would stop postponing my happiness for this one abstract day in the future that I could finally be happy with my body and at the same time enjoy complete freedom around food and exercise. I resolved to find a way to be happy right now.

When I started researching the hormonal chain reaction that occurs when you’re stressed in any way, shape or form in your life – I discovered it’s like an internal fat switch in your mind and it makes your body just want to be fat.

My body was intent on returning to a set weight, regardless of how hard I tried to rip it off my body. So I set about discovering what I was really starving for , and pin point what was setting off this fat hoarding hibernation mode in my body.

I worked on addressing the problem not just from a food and exercise perspective, but also from a spiritual and primal perspective from our hunter gatherer ancestors. And when I really discovered the factors in my life that was keeping my fat hoarding switch on– they turned out to be was the very same things that were holding me back from having an innately powerful and fulfilled life.

It dawned upon me – that there must be so many driven women just like me out there, who felt embarrassed about the extra weight they were carrying and who felt like a fraud too. Women who felt the way they looked on the outside, was a very public betrayal of an intensely private struggle that was going on inside them.

When you have a powerful message you are trying to convey, but your appearance is showing everyone else you’re not being completely congruent with your values…

It affects you profoundly on many different levels..

It affects how you present yourself publicly, the satisfaction you glean out of your job, your work life balance, your relationships, your level of intimacy – and the list goes on. Even the most disciplined woman is not performing to her potential if she’s treating her body like it’s just this irritating detail she’s constantly having to battle.

But not only that, there is so much serious confusion out there about what really works, so many biased agendas and greedy corporations pushing their crap on us. So when I made that connection that there were women out there just like me, who not from a lack of trying, hadn’t been able to get off the weight loss rollercoaster once and for all – I decided I needed to get my message out there in a seriously big way.

Living in a body confidence prison costs you way more than you realise – missed opportunities, neglected relationships and unfulfilled potential.

But most of all – I’ve come to realise that life is far too short to not be living life as the grandest version of yourself.

Consider this : One million dollars a day on weight loss fads that are either unsafe or ineffective – whilst people starve, animals are tortured, and first world women punish themselves – all in the name of beauty.

And yet as little as 2 cents can clothe a street child in Nepal, $8 can restore somebody’s eyesight in India, and for $40 a month a girl can be rescued from commercial sexual slavery. The world is crying out for rescue from as many empowered women as possible – to make a positive impact on those who need it most.

That’s how my philosophy Shed Your Weight and Spread Your Wings was born. My mission  is to show you that gaining life is the secret to losing weight, and that when you are willing to surrender to that process you’ll achieve an incredible inside out transformation that no diet, pill, or shake can ever deliver you.

You’ll discover that you are breathtakingly awesome in an infinite amount of ways and as a result of this mind body weight loss approach you’ll learn what it really takes to lose weight and keep it off – and then you’ll actually do it.

The truth is, when you wash all the BS away, the answer is right there ready and waiting for you, and it’s a whole lot easier that you ever thought it could be. All you need is a proven system, that you can actually fit into you lifestyle and a leader who has trodden the path before you to show you the way.

It’s time to show you how to escape your body confidence prison and unleash the most powerful version of yourself out there into the world. The world desperately needs the ripples of change that only you can make!