About Kylie Ryan

Hi there, I’m Kylie.
I want to help you discover your “weightless”

I’m on a mission to help YOU escape the diet /self-loathing / yo-yo weight cycle and begin to romance and nourish your body to slimness and glowing health.Kylie-Before-After

This was me 10 years ago. I know the pain & shame of carrying excess weight and not being able to shift it no matter how hard you try. I have struggled with this, and found a way out. It has become my mission to help you to escape too. You see when you know the right way to do it, changing your body is not nearly as hard as you think. It’s just that you have been systematically indoctrinated by an industry that depends on your failure! You are inside a no-win game. the only way to break free and lose the weight easily is to change the way you THINK about weight loss.

7 reasons why I can really help you
with my coaching programs.

1. I have been 30 kgs overweight and stuck myself.

I was been stuck, frustrated and struggling myself, until I found NLP Coaching. After over 8 years of struggling, I lost 30 kgs, after discovering the secret to lasting weight loss. (20 kgs within just 3 months) I know first hand the struggle and emotional pain that comes with being stuck. I can help you to discover and break through your emotional blocks that keep the weight coming back.


2. I’ve got Jedi Mind skills.

I’ve dedicated the past 10 years of my life to learning and perfecting the most cutting- edge mind coaching techniques: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time-Line Therapy, Matrix Therapies, & Meta-Coaching. There is no challenge that I don’t have the expert mind skills to help you overcome.


3. I’m an expert at helping you find and break your hidden barriers.

If you’ve struggled for years, you have probably been just scratching at the surface of your problem. I will help you to discover and release the problem that is behind your problem. Once you let go of the core or root problem, you can change easily and effortlessly, and keep the change!


4. I am very experienced & professionally qualified

In an internet full of self-proclaimed overnight “expert” coaches, I actually am one.  I am a Registered Clinical NLP Coach and have 10 years of dedicated ongoing professional development. I have advised on the boards of the first International Weight Management Congress, and for the first government recognised  Weight Loss Consulting Qualification. I am regularly invited to be a speaker at key fitness & coaching events like FILEX and as an expert commentator in the media.

After coaching over 1000 clients in 10 years to amazing results in the areas of health, weight loss, relationships, career and business I’m very experienced, and can facilitate the best and fastest change for you.


5. I’m just a real, normal mum with two kids.

I’m not some expert up on a pedestal. Even though I’ve spent 11 years studying this, I’m just a real mum of two kids, who lives in Sydney and is passionate about helping women stop struggling. I’m well-known for my caring, friendly and compassionate manner. You can feel confident and safe knowing you’re in good hands.


6. I guarantee you’ll love your experience with us.

I’m so sure I can create lasting change for you that I guarantee you will get results.  I back all my programs with a satisfaction guarantee


7. I’m on a mission.

Since I had my daughter 5 years ago, a fire has been lit in my belly to help women to escape the self-punishment they put themselves through. I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a world where a woman’s worth is measured by her dress size or her weight, or how pretty she is. I want my daughter and son to be inspired and want to live a healthy life as an expression of joy. I am dedicated to transforming 1 million womens lives within the next five years through my upcoming book and Goddess Body Quest Program. I am on a mission to help women to learn how to nourish & love themselves to their best body and life. Let me help you.

 Read More of My Transformation Story….

13 years ago I lost 20 kgs in 3 months, (30 kgs in total) and met the love of my life!

Kylie-Ryan-NLP-CoachI have struggled with my weight in the past and I know how painful and frustrating it is. Here is my personal weight loss journey so you know why I’m so passionate about helping you!

The photo up the top on the left is what I was like at 21. On the right is what I have looked like for the past 13 years, even post-baby. I struggled with my weight for 5 long years from high school until I found out the secret I’d like to share with you.


My weight started to creep on in High school, and then ballooned out at 18, when I went on my first overseas holiday, to Europe in the winter, I guess you could say I went a bit crazy! I was drinking a full glass of Baileys Irish Cream, and more alcohol most nights and eating pies, pastries and pastas with very little exercise and you have a recipe for disaster! By the time I got home I was a squeezing into a size 16 and too scared to weigh myself, I know I was getting very close to hitting triple figures. At 22, after returning from my holiday I was worked in cafes while studying for my Bachelor of Arts in Communication. I was desperately trying to lose weight, dieting and getting nowhere, despite working out at the gym pretty intensely. ( I was still eating like crap most of the time, and way too much food!)

So I thought I should go and work at a gym, thinking being around all those fit people would help… It didn’t. I learnt some amazing exercise and nutrition skills but still the weight stayed on, that picture on the left was at the Randwick Fitness First gym Christmas party in 2001.

It wasn’t until I changed my mind that my body changed too. Just 3 years later I went back to work at Fitness First as an NLP therapist and coach. I had been a size 8 and under 60 kgs for over a year. A loss of 30 kgs in total over my journey. If I can do it, you can too!

Looking back at my old photos now I know I was in a pretty bad state, but I have an optimistic personality, and even then I didn’t really think that there was that much wrong with my life. Luckily, a friend of mine had just completed her coaching & NLP studies and called me up so she could practice on me.

We only did a couple of sessions then, and in that time we resolved and and transformed my thinking about relationships and career, which were my major problems. I found that my emotional state and self-esteem improved instantly, and got better and better as the weeks went on. Suddenly I was seeing things I had never seen before, opportunities came up and I was able to make the best of them.

Over that year my life steadily improved, and I was blown away by the changes that happened in my life, it was almost like magic. I was hooked. I decided I would like to help others as my friend had helped me and I have completed many NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching trainings and certifications since. My thoughts changed as I released more of my own “stuff” from my past and was able to begin to create the life that I really wanted.

I found my love…

I started really following my passions, one of which was music and singing, and while doing that, I met a man who was very different from everyone I used to date. We became good friends and after a year we began a relationship. He fell in love with me while I was overweight, and when he went away overseas travelling for 3 months, I decided that I was going to become a goddess for him by the time he came back. I discovered the determination and reasons I had been lacking in the past. I was intensely focussed and motivated and I ate really healthily, though I did not diet! I ran 5 times per week doing HIIT ( high intensity interval training) for 20 mins and did strength training at the gym 2- 3 times per week. My total exercise time would have been no more than 5 hours per week.

I easily burnt fat, and added muscle and slimmed down over 20 kgs by the time he returned. Needless to say he was quite surprised and pleased with my new fitness and size. I only wish I had taken more measurements and photos along the journey to show more of my transformation, I was so embarrassed of my body then and I didn’t know that this would become my path and passion!


Ruby & Ollie
My partner and I have been together now for 14 years, we have an incredible relationship, we have been married for 7 years and have a little girl, Ruby, who is now 5 and a half and a little boy Oliver, who is 2. I have maintained my easy 59-60 kgs because I live a healthy lifestyle. I even bounced back to my usual weight post pregnancy in an unbelievable 1 week, because I kept up my training and healthy eating through my pregnancy all the way up until my birth. You can see the photos here.




Kyla-Sexton-01I have also been blessed to be able to build a successful singing career and hobby, writing original EDM songs featuring in Ministry of Sounds and Hed Kandi and performing all over the world. My professional music career has been on hold while I’ve been a mum of little babies, but I am dreaming up ways to integrate my healing, coaching and musical talents into something the world has never seen before.


I am on a mission to help other women unleash their inner Goddess and find their voice and passion so that they can create their healthy, slim bodies and find the confidence to deliver their creativity and service to the world.

Ruby 2 16Now is the perfect storm for the empowerment of women; with the internet enabling so many women to create businesses on their own terms and still be the mother who can pick up their kids from school. There is no reason for a woman to struggle with self-loathing, doubt and excess weight. There is no reason to struggle with cravings and emotional eating. I have a systematic and proven solution. My system is backed up by cutting edge sciences of neuro-biology, self actualisation psychology, epi-genetics and neuro-semantics.


Let go of the “fat-girl”

I know the reason that I was able to finally release that extra weight was because I had let go of my inner ‘fat girl’, It was time for me to change, and because I had let go of my mental barriers and the painful emotional weight with NLP coaching, it was easy for me to do what had been impossible before.

I know that my personal blend of NLP Coaching Meta-Coaching & Hypnosis works! It works where other things fail because it gets to the heart of the problem and enables you to let go of the invisible blocks and barriers. I specialize in working with women who have struggled through all the gimmicks and diet fads and have had enough of the failure, excuses and emotional pain.

I have dedicated myself to becoming an expert in the skills that will help you to break through your inner mental and emotional barriers so that you too can become slim and stay slim easily! The funny thing is, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, it might sound a little cliched, but when you change your mind and shift from the inside out, doing the exercise and healthy eating really does become easy!

You can read more of my personal journey in these blog posts…

Qualifications & Professional Development

  • Bachelor of Arts  (Communications & Writing), 2003
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, 2004
  • Time-Line Therapy Master Practitioner, 2005
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner, 2005
  • Theta Healing Practitioner, 2007
  • Matrix Therapies Master Practitioner, 2008
  • Coaching Genius Meta-Coach Course, 2009
  • Self Actualization Meta-Coach Course, 2009
  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach, 2009.
  • Advanced Theta Healing, 2011.
  • Breakthrough with John Demartini, 2011.
  • Revive & Relaunch Business Program 2012
  • Event Empress Program 2013.
  • Product Launch Formula, 2013.
  • Instant Insight Productivity & Quantum Reading, 2014.
  • NLP Trainers Training, April 2014.
  • ABNLP Clinical Membership current, 2015.
  • AON Insured Parapsychology practitioner worldwide, 2015.
  • Advanced Auric Clearing Certification, Toby Alexander, 2015.
  • Advanced Karmic Healing Certification, Toby Alexander, 2016.
  • Futuring Training with Ivonne Delaflor, 2017.
  • Quantum Healing with Michela D’Addario 2017.
  • Spiral Healing Practitioner Training, 2018.

Contact me to find out how I can help you.ABNLP_ClinicalMember