SuperCoach Academy Agreement 2021

Welcome to the SuperCoach Academy! We’re thrilled to welcome you into our community and team. In this agreement we will get clear and aligned on our expectations and commitments as we embark on working together.

Trust and transparency is really important to us and we hope you feel the same. If there is something that you’re unsure about, please don’t hesitate to ask so we can answer any questions.

Our Commitment To You

Why you are working with us…
Our Supercoaches want support and training to amplify their skill conviction in both coaching and business so they can build authority positioning in the marketplace and consistent, predictable calm cashflow. If you want this too, we’re a good fit to work together.

What we do with you…
In order to do this we work more with your Being state more than the Strategic advice that most Masterminds are known for. We work with the the 3 foundational pillars of Mission, Mastery and Magnetism.
1. We we will encourage and support you to tune into your Soul Mission so you can align with the Higher Wisdom that is inside you.
2. As you begin to show up with more congruence and authenticity you will increase your Magnetism to attract your ideal clients in a way that works with your natural energy profile.
3. We have ongoing support across both Coaching Skill and Business Mastery, so you know the models, structures, and strategies of excellence as both a Coach and Entrepreneur.

How we deliver on our promise…
We work across 3 core deliverables; Our Live and Recorded Training Content, Group Mentoring and Coaching Calls and Community Support. In our time together our aim is to support you through the journey all the way along the journey from Start-up to Success.

We know that success looks different to each of us. So whether success looks like running a 6 figure 1:1 coaching business a few hours each day while you raise your children, or building a global million dollar coaching empire with a course and Mastermind of your own, or anywhere in between, we are here to help you align to your truth, and create from excellence, service and fair exchange.

  • 3 Year Curriculum  Whilst we are embarking upon a 12 month mentorship journey today as our minimum commitment, our journey together can span over the next 3 years and beyond, as long as you are receiving value from the Supercoach Mastermind.

    It is our intention to help you master each phase before moving onto the next and ensure you create the foundational pieces that will allow you to sustainably grow into new levels of success without burning out or sacrificing what is important to you.

  • Phase 1 – Supercoach Foundations
    – Discover the confidence and skills to authentically speak your truth in a compelling and charismatic way so you attract your ideal clients.

    – Develop your Signature Offer, and visually represent your offering in a simple and potent form – so you can express and communicate rock solid certainty in the results you deliver.

    – Create the marketing, sales & delivery positioning pieces that give you the conviction you need to charge $200 – $1000/hour, create rock-solid 6 figure certainty and deliver 10x the value to clients who absolutely love you for it.

  • Phase 2  – SuperCoach NLP Certification
    – Learn the NLP coaching Skills to have absolute conviction that you can create repeatable insights and transformations for your clients either 1:1 or in a group coaching format.  Gain an internationally recognized practitioner certificate when you complete the 6 month skill training.

    – Wield the power of Emotional Alchemy to deepen your relationship with your core mission, and use empathy to infuse your marketing with deep care.
  • Phase 3 – Magnetic Mastermind
    – Set up your Reverse Selling System so that you can raise your rates, convert more sales and expand your reach. 

    – Business Accelerator – It’s time to activate your Sovereign Sales Funnel and launch your Lead Flow Floodgates with paid traffic.

    – Refine and Master your Coaching skills in coaching practice sessions and supervision mentoring calls, and discover how to advance to the next level of SuperCoach Conviction.

    – Wealth Alchemy – heal your blocks around receiving and accumulating wealth so you can make, receive, keep and grow your cashflow and wealth.


Q: How Much Time Weekly Will It Take to Complete This Program? 

If you dedicate 2 – 4 hours per week to learning, refining and implementing your material you will always be making positive steps to build momentum.

Q: How Do I Access the Material? 

We will give you access to the Digital Curriculum via our My Mind Coach Academy membership site which will provide you with videos, worksheets and content to enhance your process. You also have access to a wealth of pre-recorded masterclasses to up level your expertise and insight from a range of different experts.

Q: How Do I Receive Help?

Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions There are multiple opportunities each week to access a coach to guide you through your current IP creation, clear your energetic blocks and help you navigate through any stuck points.

Monthly Guest Masterclasses – at various times over each month you will have an exclusive invite to our MMC Faculty experts on a variety of topics such as Human Design, Wealth Calibration, Conscious Course Creation, Marketing Strategy, Business Development and much more. You are not required to attend all of these classes, the recordings will be available for you for any that you are interested in and are unable to make.

SuperCoach Concierge – You will have a dedicated concierge coach to ensure you are being guided through a successful journey and so you are always able to get what you need that is individually tailored to your stage in business. 

Facebook Group – Each phase has it’s own facebook group and this is your soul-tribe community to reach out for support and ask for guidance from your peers and the faculty.

Q: What if I Can’t Make a Call?

All calls are recorded and uploaded into the Supercoach Academy site. If you have a question you need answered, or worksheets you would like some feedback on please send through to our coaching team ahead of time. We will answer the questions on the call and give you a time stamp to watch the recording to receive your specific 1 on 1 feedback. 

Q: What Guarantee Do You Offer? 

We have a 30 day “Love it or Leave It” policy where if for any reason the program is not meeting your needs, please give us 14 days notice and we will cancel your membership and happily part ways with our best wishes.

Your Commitment To Us

In return we ask that you  …

  • Pay for your investment in a timely manner according to your payment plan.
  • After the 30 day trial period beginning on your first payment, you promise to keep your commitment by participating fully and paying your program fees as agreed on time and in full. 
  • Be quick to implement, quick to ask for help when you need it, share your wins and lessons.
  • If we ask (we don’t ask everyone), we’d like you to try and refer at least three people of your calibre. This means we can spend less time looking for awesome people like you and more time supporting you to rise. 
  • Agree and understand that all our models are covered by copyright, trademarks and are our IP – that means you are not allowed to teach our content to other individuals or groups without first checking for consent.
  • Take action and make your offerings without delay to being receiving the ROI of your learning within our container.
  • After the 12 month minimum please give us 14 days notice if you want to leave the membership.


The investment for the program is 12 monthly instalments of $1100 ($13,200) charged to your credit card, first instalment on commitment.

Academy Terms

  • By signing below you agree to the above and full terms and conditions of SuperCoach Academy which can be accessed at any time here:
  • New Members: Enter the same email address you used to purchase. Existing Members: Enter the same email address you’re using for the membership portal.
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