Grow your coaching business from zero to six-figures+ while changing lives...

with the kick-ass confidence that comes from knowing you can get results every time!

Grow your coaching business from zero to six-figures+ while changing lives...

with the kick-ass confidence that comes from knowing you can get results every time!

Global Coach Training Academy

Letter from the desk of Master Coach & Trainer, Kylie Ryan: 

Hey New & Aspiring Coach, I see you.

You've made a decision to live a life of meaning & freedom.

You got really excited. You want to contribute to positive change in the world, and started your coaching/healing business.

You adore helping people. You’ve been figuring trying to figure out your niche, and what your signature offer is. You don't feel like a total beginner, but you’re not anywhere near where you want to be... yet. 

You look at others doing videos and making offers and posting about their sweet life and client success stories and you wonder...

“Why are they so confident?
Why are they getting all the clients?

I post inspiring things on facebook too... :-( 
What am I missing?”

I see you being run in circles when your clients go on and on with a never-ending story...
(and you’re afraid to interrupt them...)

I see you struggling to know what’s the perfect next question to ask.

I see your joy & elation at your clients’ successes.

I see you late at night, stressed and wondering if you’re cut out for this.

I see you struggling with tech to build funnels and create webinars that sell.

I see your sessions constantly running over time so you can “give more value”.

I feel your disappointment when you don’t close on the phone because you’re “too nice” and “don’t want to be pushy or salesy”.

I hear you talking to your partner about how this next thing you’re doing will be “the big breakthrough” for you, and how you’re “nearly there”...

I see you.

I’ve been there.

It’s time to level up.

I see you.

I’ve been there.

It’s time to level up.

Master your Mind
 & Lead your Business...


Learn how to coach with skill and precision and never feel like a fraud ever again.


Be a leader that makes a difference by first hacking your own brain & behaviour.


Make big gains by mastering tiny habits.


Stretch into the areas that you know you need to master in systems and structure.


Find your community of ambitious, caring, generous coaches all over the world.


Grow your business to 6-figures + and create a life of meaning, freedom and impact.

"Today I am living the life that I've always wanted… I have never been this happy or this powerful."

If you want to manifest the life of your dreams I would not hesitate to reach out for help from Kylie.

- Danni Vee, My Fit Tribe, Health Coach

“Within the first 3 or 4 months I was amazed at the person I found again...  I thought -  "Wow!  Why isn't everyone doing this?”

I thought I was going to be in therapy for 12 years... Don't ever think that you're too far down the rabbit hole to come back now because you're just not... And you're in the best possible space here to have that change for yourself.

- Kat Boxall, Self Harmony Project, Body Love Coach

I created the My Mind Coach Academy for Coaches and Change-Makers because I see so many coaches out there who just don't quite have the skills or support to really step into their leadership. 

Yes, of course you have your own intuitive gifts. Yes of course we can honour and express your unique way of helping people that is your own transmission...

And... Coaching is a SKILL. 

Transformation has a structure.

When you know these SKILLS, things get a lot easier, and your intuitive guidance can be held within a structures of skill-mastery.

It has always astounded me why anyone would not want to learn from those who have come before us?

Why re-invent the wheel?

We can see so much farther standing on the shoulders of the giants!

People that build successful coaching businesses, are kick-ass coaches! They know they can get tangible, real-world results for their clients, and it shows. 

From that place of certainty, it makes enrollment calls a breeze, because you stop trying to "sell" and instead are looking for the "right fit". You are not afraid to hold your potential clients' feet to the fire if they are a fit, if they want and need your help, but they are holding back on taking the leap.

How does one become a kick-ass coach?

Well you can try and figure it out all by yourself, through trial and error.... (Not recommended)

OR you can fast-track your expertise by learning the skills of all the amazing transformational experts, therapists, coaches and teachers who have come before us...

...and then integrating that with your own unique genius.  (Recommended!)

People like this...

Dr Milton Erickson, Father of Modern Hypnotherapy can teach us how to artfully access our clients' unconscious mind through specific words and phrases.

Virginia Satir, Family therapist, can teach us about how different people really do think differently and how we can translate our ideas into language that others can understand.

Fritz Perls, Psychotherapist, can teach us about how emotional events are strung together and can form a snowball of over-reaction... And how to skilfully track it back to the beginning and unwind it with gentleness and care.

Dr Carl Jung & Caroline Myss, can teach us so much about the structure and expressions of power through Archetypes.

Dr Abraham Maslow, Psychologist, can teach us about the Heirarchy of Needs, and how easily we can fall into survival-based thinking that contracts the mind and creates poor decisions and short-term coping behaviours.

Robert Dilts, can teach us about the Neurological levels of Change and how we can move a client up and down through the different levels to facilitate a systemic and holistic change that lasts.

Dr L. Michael Hall, can teach us about the Axes of Change and the delicate dance that we have the privilege of playing as a coach with a client. So many coaches & healers fall in to the trap of being too far on one side of the Axes (eg: too caring - not enough challenge).

When you get stuck in a session as a coach and don't know what to ask your client to help them break through. This simple model can guide you to the most powerful next move.

These are just a few of the giants that we get to learn from and grow beyond in our own work.

And you get to stand on MY shoulders too!

I have assimilated and learned from all of these teachers, and many more, and added my own developments and experience, and can personally mentor you and guide you to help bring out your unique transformational essence and skilled confidence to stand as the leader and guide for your clients.

Confidence comes from competence.
You gotta' KNOW you can help your clients.
"I never imagined that my desire to have a better life for ME would end up being the missing ingredient in my business."

I use the skills I've learned multiple times a day on myself and I can honestly say I am a different person than I was 6 months ago in my personal life and belief in myself.  I've always talked about how important mindset can have all the strategy, all the marketing techniques, all the "how-tos" in the world - if you don't believe it is possible to have what you want or there are some deeper issues or fears there, then none of that will work.

- Clare Stephens, Your Life Through A Lens, Photography Business Coach

"If you’re thinking about this, just do it!"

Kylie has a way of creating a container of safety and expansion. Just talking to her will activate your potential. She has a powerful permission field that allows you to drop into the potency of your full expression. She’s so full of wisdom, and such a gentle yet powerful guide to help you unlock your potential.

- Emma Priestly, Conscious Course Creator, Business Coach

Many marketing coaches will tell you to get cracking on your leveraged offer and to create your signature solution the minute you finish your training, or even before.

I completely disagree.

There is absolutely a place for leveraged offers and signature systems. For sure.

It’s THE key to separating time & money, and having the ability to scale beyond time for money in your business.

But the truth is, if you care about transformation (not just teaching a strategy) if you try and create your leveraged offer or course before you’ve done your time in deep-dive 1:1’s getting results for your clients and discovering the patterns and similarities in your ideal clients’ core issue...

Your signature offer is going to end up just being a Frankenstein version of stuff you learned from other people. It won't be unique and you will struggle to sell it.

Your clients buy your certainty.

And your certainty comes from unwavering confidence...

...which comes from proven competence.

“It is so amazing! I finally understood why some clients were avoiding or sabotaging, it opened up a whole new world for me!”

It gave me a depth of understanding of them and myself. Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it for your future clients, and your current clients.

- Paula Bailey, Sassy CEO, Business Coach

"Magick happens every time.”

This morning I had a kick-ass coaching session with Kylie Ryan. We've been working together for a couple of months, and she's the perfect person to help me integrate the rapid transformations I go through regularly.

Our coaching sessions usually roll with me saying, "Kylie, I want to be, do, and have EVERYTHING" and Kylie helping me find the archetypes and parts that aren’t integrated and bringing them together. MAGICK HAPPENS EVERY TIME!

- Dane Tomas, The Spiral Creator, Wizard

I don’t believe in “fake it till you make it”, I believe in “learn it till you earn it”

Learning the structures and systems from experts who have come before - "stretch skills", and learning from the application of your unique wisdom with clients - "soul skills".

When you blend these you get your unique mastery. And you earn the right to claim mastery in your space.

When you do the work and earn your Mastery, nobody can ever take it away from you. Mastery cannot be hacked. It comes from dedication to your craft. To the discipline of ongoing commitment to learning, growth, and expansion.

But it does not mean you need to be a student forever...
But, it does not mean you need to be a student forever...

And the best teachers know they are students of LIFE, first and foremost.

As a qualified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Clinical Member of the NLP Association of Australia, I honour the place of training, mentoring, coaching supervision and ongoing professional development.

And as an Intuitive and Spiritual Being, I honour the place of Intuitive Knowing, magick, intention, energy healing, & soul-transmissions.

The challenge with magical healing is that unless it is grounded within a clear, practical context, the clients who need our magic the most don't understand what on earth we're saying, so we can't get them to commit to working with us!

What is missing from most practitioner / healer trainings are the foundational coaching skills that supports the grounding of your magic. And the ongoing supervision support to ensure that you don’t get into icky client dynamics.

You might have noticed that the coaching industry has been in rapid growth.

I see so many practitioners, coaches and healers who do not fall into a traditional coach training model who are not getting the Mentoring support and ongoing professional training to ensure they are bringing their best to each and every client, every day.

Without this support and encouragement the  “Fraud Factor”, “Imposter Syndrome” sets in, and your business can be over before it begins...

We need you.

Just like Marie Forleo says: "The world needs that special thing that only you have." It's true.

Our planet is changing rapidly. Our Mother Earth is calling for change-makers of all kinds to rise, unite and support each other; to work together for the good of all.

I believe that the work we do as coaches to support people to heal emotional and mental blocks and take action to live their best lives, is some of the most critically important work to be done on the planet at this time.

As within, so without.

I truly believe that when we heal the frequency of trauma, emotional pain and neglect from individuals, that we are supporting the planet to heal her trauma and neglect also.

I believe that when people clear their stuff, they make more conscious choices and live more empowered, thoughtful lives.

Coaches are on the front-line of this Awakening that IS occurring.

The time for scarcity and competition is over.

The time for collaboration and sharing has come...

I would like to pass on my expertise to other coaches to ensure that every coach has what they need to BE at their best, and also call on my amazing friends and colleagues to pass on their expertise as well.

“As a result of training with Kylie on mindset and other training I've lost 65kgs & am now a weight loss coach myself.”

If you're on the fence, or wondering if Kylie is the real deal... I'd say just do it!... Kylie has this amazing ability to meet you wherever you're at and take you to the next level.

- Suzanne Culberg, Why W8, Weight Loss Coach

“Mind-Blown! Before learning NLP with Kylie I was a typical, unaware old-school PT trying to muscle my way through to success.”

Empathy became a new skill… For me now human behaviour and mindset is everything, You were the catalyst to me waking up!

- Blake Worrall-Thompson, MoMENtum, Mens Coach

Is your soul yearning to RISE?
It's time to step into your leadership!

The MMC Academy for Coaches & Change-Makers is a safe and respectful collaborative coaching community, that honours any person who is working to help others and their innate access to Divine Wisdom.

Inside a private community group you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and receive guidance on improving your coaching SKILLS and mastery, and also grow your own intuitive confidence as you clear your own inner blocks to standing in your power and claiming your place in this shift of consciousness.

The time has come for change makers to rise up. Make no mistake, change  is happening all around us. The kind of change that only happens once in many thousands of years. So that nagging feeling that you’re here to do something important is your Soul reminding you to "get on with it"...

Many of us are Spiritual Warriors. The mission calling to our hearts that brings us the most joy is to serve at the front line of this awakening…

We get to help other souls to remember the truth of who WE ARE.

We all have a job and a place.

Yes, it feels a bit vulnerable to stand tall with such conviction.

Yes, it is scary to take your place in this movement as a leader of conscious change.

That’s why we need each other. To stand shoulder to shoulder and be courageous warriors to live a life of joy and be examples of what is possible when you remember your Sovereign Power!

The  MMC Academy for Coaches & Change-Makers is a key part of my purpose in supporting the next wave of emerging leaders.

My mission is to help bring us together so we can all find the courage & clarity to do what we are here for. My role is support you to have the conviction, precision and mastery that is required for our job. The ripples will go far and wide in time and space as we collectively shift our frequency and stand in our truth.

We are here to thrive.

We are here to serve in the Awakening.

We are here to live in abundance and joy.

As above so below.

As within so without.

It’s time!

The Academy is a forge to fire your conviction, precision and mastery of serving Transformational Change.
“My experience has been mind-blowing personally and professionally...”

She makes space for us to practice the new tools and techniques, while getting the knowledge base underneath... When I get new clients on the phone I can have much more powerful conversation with them...

- Emma O'Sullivan, Executive Coach & Journalist

“I was very lost. I've known my whole life that I was here to help people, but I just didn't know exactly how...”

I loved having a mentor that was spiritual and holistic, and had that grounded science-based knowledge as well. That really helped me conjure that for myself. I started my business before I even finished the course and just 2 years later have a multi 6-figure business.

- Ari Kala, Rich Psychic Goddess, Psychic Awakening Coach


Who is it for?

Intuitive Coaches, Practitioners, Healers who want to develop their Mind Coaching & Transformational skills and grow their business by becoming an embodiment of excellence.

Lifelong learners, change-makers, emerging leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who are committed to their own inner work and personal growth.


What is it?

This Academy is a coaching mentorship to help you to master coaching skills, and become the bold, authentic leader that can run a successful coaching business.

You get access to my complete NLP Coaching Foundation training online - Video training & Manuals for skill development (Not certification)

You also get live group mentorship and access to all my personal growth online courses for your own development and to see how you can create your own course easily. 


What do I get?

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Coaching Supervision Call run by Master Coach & NLP Trainer Kylie.

  • Extensive video training course on Foundational NLP Coaching Skills to help ground your other modalities into practical coaching sessions. Learn the skills of NLP from a master teacher anytime, anywhere in the world.

  • NLP Practitioner Manual with coaching questions, word-for-word scripts, and processes you can use immediately to become a more skillful coach.

  • Safe, moderated space to ask coach-client related questions inside a private facebook group answered by Kylie twice weekly.

  • BONUS: Guest Expert Interviews with other teachers and Master Coaches / Healers ($3000 Value)

  • BONUS: Emotional Eating Mastery Course ($300 value.)

  • BONUS:  Goddess Body Quest - Health Mindset Coaching Program modules & behind the scenes insights into the course creation. ($2000 Value)

What's the investment?
$197  monthly
Most popular
$1970 annually
Best value
Here's just some of what you'll learn...

NLP Coach Training

You guys, this is the Netflix of Mind-Body-Behaviour Transformation. 20 video training lessons on essential NLP Practitioner Skills to learn and study with me. This is the next best thing to getting in the training room with me directly, and you can access it anytime, anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home to improve your coaching skills!  Here’s just some of the things that you will learn in these lessons…

*Please note* This is not a certification training, but an online skill development mentorship. If you want a full certification, talk to me about joining us at the annual Certification Live Immersion Retreat in Bali.

  • Your Amazing Brain & Mind, how we learn, discovering your unconscious mind and the NLP Communication Model to know exactly how to track a client issue from the outside to the inner world.

  • The NLP Formula to know the exact structure of creating lasting transformation in a client session and coaching program. And the Prime Directives of the unconscious mind, so you can deeply understand the unconscious drivers and how they work.

  • Presuppositions of NLP, These are 16 life-changing belief lenses that will support you to be a more empowered human in all areas, and a kick-ass coach that inspires your clients through your belief in them.

  • Sensory Acuity, Calibration and Rapport. These are essential tools for a masterful coach, to be able to read the hidden messages in your client’s unconscious behaviour and adapt so you can help them. And Representation Systems to be able to translate your way of speaking to match the sensory language of your client, and meet them exactly where they are. When you can do this, it creates a natural easy flow between you with zero friction.

  • Values, Beliefs & Meta-Programs. When you can skilfully read, unpack and shift these filters in your clients mind you have the skills to help them change the whole system of their neurology and behaviour.

  • State Mastery & Perceptual Positions. In this lesson we go deeply into what makes up a state, and what are the essential levers to change a state or feeling in yourself or your client. You also learn a powerful process for putting yourself in another’s shoes, and healing inner conflict.

  • Eye Patterns and Strategies.  Here we learn about how our eyes are not just the windows to our soul, but also the giveaway powerful information about how our bran processes, makes decisions and runs unconscious behaviour patterns.

  • Meta-Model & Hierarchy of Ideas, this lesson is essential viewing for all spiritual coaches. Learning how to get specific and detailed with yourself and your clients and move through ideas from abstract to specific is an area that many intuitive coaches slip-up and struggle.

  • Neurological Levels of Change to be able to know where a client is getting stuck in their change, and how to help them break-through with a higher level of thinking.

  • Well Formed Outcome. The essential question set that helps you to get clear on exactly what your client wants to create.

  • Reframing. the Art of taking an idea and putting it in a different context so that your client thinks about it in an entirely new way.

  • Parts Integration. Discover the most powerful linguistic method to integrating internal conflict, helping your client to become more whole aligned and powerful.

  • Communicating with Symptoms. Learn this powerful process to find the hidden insights and lessons behind a hurt, emotional or physical pain.

  • Timeline Therapy. This process has been one of my most used and loved processes for changing beliefs and clearing trapped emotional pain. Get my word for word scripts and support to help people create radical change with timeline work.

  • Clearing Anxiety. This simple NLP process for clearing anxiety is as powerful as it is fast.

  • Future Goal Session. Learn how to program a goal into your clients unconscious mind so that it goes after it in every moment like a heat-seeking missile opening up opportunities and possibilities that would be completely missed otherwise.
  • and so much more...


Coach Business

Get my insights and mentoring on your coaching business and the psychology behind marketing strategies in these video lessons and in our live mentoring calls.

  • Simple strategies to start your coaching business from scratch, and start to build a successful 6-figure coaching business.

  • Video training on how to discover your niche and begin your coaching business.

  • How to record your own audio meditations to offer as products or as support for your clients.

  • Learn from my expert business coach friends on the latest strategies for client-getting and money-making in guest interviews.

Coach Mentoring

There are 3 key areas that we focus the mentorship for your best results.

  • Your Coaching Skills, to help you when you are coaching your clients, to know what to do when and how to help the clients you get stuck with.

  • Your Coaching Business & Magnetism to deeply understand the psychology behind the strategy, so you can implement it confidently, get clients and make money!

  • Your Personal Growth and Inner Mastery, so you can stand confidently as a leader with integrity and congruence.
Are you committed to being the
best coach & leader you can be?
You're invited to join us...
$197 per month
Most popular
$1970 annually
Best value
(You guys, lock in this rate while it's still in Aussie Dollars...)
Take a peek...
Frequently Asked Questions?
Q: Do I have to be working as a coach now to join?
This Academy is designed and focussed towards coaches who are currently working with clients or aspire to be very soon. That said, if you are just passionately interested in becoming the best you can be and learning coaching skills to apply to your current job or business, you will get massive value also. 
Q: Why is this so affordable?

Look, I know I could charge a LOT more for this membership. It could easily be 5 times the investment and still be amazing value. The value in courses alone is over 10K, let alone my live mentorship, group coaching calls, and guest expert interviews and new content. But the truth is, I really care about the quality of coaching in our industry. And I care about equitable access, so I want to make this Academy the best value membership in the coaching space, for those just starting out, as well as more seasoned coaches.

Q: Can I cancel the monthly membership anytime?

No. The monthly membership has a minimum term of 12 months before rolling into a monthly access membership. I have chosen this option to make the monthly commitment as affordable as possible, while delivering maximum value. You have access to everything, immediately. I have not chosen to drip-feed content, to give you maximum opportunity to get exactly what you need straight away. After the 12 month term, you can cancel at any time with 3 days notice before billing.

Q: Does this give me a Coaching or NLP certification?

No. This is an online skill development and mentorship space. Even though I am giving you access to all of my NLP Practitioner training materials, this course does not qualify you to call yourself a certified NLP Practitioner. If you want to get that certification, I have a live training course that we can discuss further. We train for minimum 8 days together live and you need to pass a Knowledge Review to meet certification standards in Australia. 

Q: What guarantee do you offer?

I have a 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, so you have time to log-in and ensure the course is what I say it is. I can guarantee that there is massive, proven value in this Academy. I do not offer refunds after this period, because I can guarantee that you are responsible for your own results, the results and value you get from this course are 100% dependant on your participation. I hold a high standard for my Academy members to be self-responsible, to model that for you to do that for your clients too. Login, participate, join the live calls, and chat on the support group and you will get 10X the value of your investment if not much more.

Q: You said you care about equitable access? What does that mean?

I realise that part of my success has been due to things that I have not worked for. Where I was born, my race, the socio-economic level of my family, the level of education and support I was afforded, being able-bodied, and how I tend to fit within the dominant norms of society has made life smoother for me than many others. I know that not everyone has as smooth a journey.

I am also aware that coaching is not very diverse, and I would like to do whatever I can to help address the balance.

I'd like to make it crystal clear that I welcome people of all race, culture, gender identity, and sexual orientation. You are welcome in my mentorship space and I care about your needs and that you feel welcomed and heard.  I'm as white as a girl can be, and I may get it wrong sometimes, and if (when) I do I'm totally open to hearing feedback and learning how to be more inclusive in how I show up, please let me know.

SCHOLARSHIPS - Also, if you are seriously financially compromised, but driven to make a change and help others, and you have come from significant disadvantage in your life circumstances, through trauma, abuse, violence, or systemic disadvantage or oppression, and you can apply for a partial scholarship by messaging me directly. Please know that you need to have internet access and a device access to be able to consume the content. Scholarships will be awarded as I see fit, one per month, in the cases of those who show the most drive and determination to change their circumstances and help others. No discussion will be entered into about the award of scholarships. If you would like to apply please email scholarship@mymindcoach DOT com DOT au.

Q: Do you need to be certified to get started as a coach?

The coaching industry is in rapid growth internationally, and is currently unregulated. There are  associations you can join like ICF, or NLPAA but it is not mandatory to join them or, in fact, to do anything at all before becoming a coach. You decide when you are ready to stand up and help others as a coach. Ideally, you would have proven results and skills under your belt. If want to have success and longevity in the coaching industry it is best practice to adhere to a Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour, and ongoing learning and development. That, in my mind, is simply about having integrity.

It really depends on what kind of coach you want to be: a Strategic Coach helps someone learn a strategy they are an expert in; like business, marketing, or sports. A Mindset Coach helps with your inner game; thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and these skills can be applied to any niche. This is what I can teach you in this course.

I highly recommend that this online mentorship is a part of your ongoing training in addition to joining a live coach training, or certification where you can learn and practice in the room with myself or another Qualified Coach Trainer to hone your skills in person. If you'd like to speak about upgrading to our next live event, you can do so after joining this online training.

Got More Questions?

I can’t wait to see you inside the Academy and share the best journey in the world with you!

with love, gratitude and blessings,

Kylie Ryan

Coach, Healer, Trainer, Wife, Mother, Human.

Now is the time to master your mind, skill-up and become the leader you were born to be!
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