Does accepting yourself stall change?

Does accepting yourself stall change?

Yesterday in a coaching call a client and I discussed acceptance.

He thought acceptance was mutually exclusive to having goals and wanting to improve. Someone somewhere had given the impression that acceptance was about – Just accept what is and if it’s not what you want just put up with it.

You know that saying – you’ve made your bed… now you’ve got to lie in it. ??

I clarified that’s not what it’s about at all…

Acceptance is about being fully honest with yourself about where you are in the present moment.

Accepting what IS and where you actually are now is the most solid foundation from which to take your next step, and create your goals.

It doesn’t mean be complacent.

It doesn’t mean not wanting to improve or change.

It just means be honest about what is. Be honest about where you are.

Be honest about your feelings.

If you’re frustrated with where you are… Accept that too!

From that point you can get clear on where you want to go and what’s next…

And then you can take the first step to making real change.

Kylie x

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