All coaches “should” be trained

All coaches “should” be trained

It’s funny how things change over time.

I used to be quite self-righteous in my belief that “all coaches should be trained”. My personal bias was for NLP.

Learning NLP absolutely changed my life over 18 years ago and lead me on the adventure of purpose I’ve been on ever since. It has helped me to lose weight, get out of debt, find love, start a new business, get gigs and recording deals as a professional singer, and live a life of purpose helping others. I mean… tick, tick, tick.. #goals

So when I became a more experienced coach and eventually an NLP trainer, I absorbed more authority and ego (if that’s possible!), and I believed everyone “should” learn NLP, or if not that, “at least some kind of training to gather some best-practice skills before asking your clients to pay while you make it up as you go along.” 

Now since discovering the Spiral, and going on more journeys with embodiment, polarity, levels of consciousness, and shadow work – I consciously killed off the part of me that was so attached to “being professional”. From the inside it felt so justified, but on the outside now it is so clearly playing the Right / Wrong, Superior / Inferior game, and it feels icky and a little bit embarrassing.

It stands out so clearly to me when those in our industry who are now at that stage I was at before, so very busy judging and policing what everyone else is doing.

And I’m aware of the paradox of even naming this now, but, now I see it as just a stage of evolution. In spiral terms it’s the level 4 / Blue Meme of rules, hierarchies and order. It is driven by a totally loving intention, it just comes out pretty judgemental in the moment. To each to their own.

So I completely let go of my desire for everyone to learn, train, certify, (It was not easy) and I simply accepted that people are going to do what they are going to do and this is an unregulated industry. That is when SuperCoach Academy was born. For those who care about ongoing skill growth and mastery, because it’s who we are.


Now my desire and invitation for people to learn is much softer. More with the filled with the essence of love, care and wanting the best for others – whether they do it the way I know, or some other way.

It does break my heart when I see so many coaches and healers struggle with issues that could be completely alleviated if they got some skill training under their belt.

Learning The Art of Transformational Coaching with NLP is a game-changer personally and professionally.

You learn skills, tools, processes and ways of thinking that can create so much personal liberation, and give you the know-how to liberate others also. And if I do say so myself, the mature, nuanced and vastly experienced way that Mei Ouw and I teach is pretty rad. 

So if you want to learn these skills, not because you “have to” or you “should”… 
…but because you feel the calling and want to…

We have our next training program beginning in a month from now. 

This AOTC Certification training is in 3 x 3 day immersions, so you have 9 full days of training over a few months with breaks to integrate the learning.

And if you’re already trained and certified in NLP and you want a place to play, practice, and go into deeper nuances, and grow as a transformational leader, Academy might be for you.

We have weekly Skills Sessions where we coach each other, and I supervise, support and teach in the moment based on exactly what you need to help you coach your clients better. 

Today we practiced the New Behaviour Generator Process and there were truly magical moments where our SuperCoaches broke down deep cultural conditioning and stepped into more ownership of their power, assertiveness and confidence to just say the thing… The skill session this morning is what prompted this post. Coaches who have and continuously practice and refine these skills, unlock a level of assurance, conviction and grace that is potent and magnetic. 

If you’re keen to have that too, DM me SKILLS and we can have a chat to see what’s the right next step for you. Now we train certifications of NLP, and The Spiral, and have the Supercoach Academy for ongoing skill supervision, and leadership development.

No pressure. No judgement. No shaming. Just love, care, and if it’s a fit, an invitation into your next level of growth and support.

with love,


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