What is calling you to be born in 2020?

What is calling you to be born in 2020?

A couple of weeks ago I had a beautiful Birth Healing session with Lesha Nelson. I was anticipating this session ever since Lesha asked me one question while we were away together on Wealth Spiral retreat in Bali.

We had been talking about my own personal journey to unlocking the next level of my leadership and voice, and she was talking about how birth trauma can imprint the journey of how we “birth” things into the world.

When I was being born, my dear Mama laboured for about 36 hours, with a tight pelvis, and super strong abdominals. Which meant that each contraction was banging my little head against a “brick wall”… In addition, I had also entangled my own umbilical cord around my neck and was being strangled by it. Eventually the doctors realised that a natural birth would kill me, and my mum was rushed in for an Emergency C-Section. The surgery was done hastily, Mum was sewn back up clumsily and has suffered with discomfort around her belly ever since.

So cut back to now, and my reflection that I had been feeling for a while that my efforts to birth myself into the next level of my leadership felt like banging my head against a wall. And I had this irrational fear that to succeed would mean death.

She asked me to self-test, “How much of this block is related to your birth trauma?”

The answer was 100%.

So I was pretty keen to unpack and heal this imprinting.

Our session was beautiful, gentle and magical. Lesha held me perfectly through the journey of rebirthing, to create a new imprint around how I chose to enter into this world.
✨ I needed to let go of the way I thought things “should” be done.
✨ I needed to be ok with being helped to come out. Asking for, or receiving help is something I’ve always struggled with, and brings tears to my eyes even now.
✨ I needed to forgive myself for the pain and ongoing difficulty that my birth caused my mother.
✨ I needed to be ok with going backwards and against everything my mind was telling me to do.
✨ I needed to drop deeply into the quiet of my body, and allow myself to return to the void before emerging again supported.

Lesha also shared some wisdom around then that was deeply profound – We need to allow the “baby” to be what IT wants to be. To grow the way it wants to grow, and come out when it wants to come out.
Often times we receive these amazing creative ideas, and our mind gets a hold of it an runs away with it. Deciding how we want it to look. What it will be like and how it will work for us.

…But anyone who has had children will tell you… Babies come in their own sweet time. On their own schedule. They are often quite different to how you anticipated. The whole process is an incredibly challenging initiation for everyone involved; requiring you to surrender, over and over… and the resulting being is so unbelievably Divine and Magical you would go through it all in a heartbeat just to look into their perfect eyes and see their smile.
Being born into Motherhood was an initiation that I will never forget, and has gifted me strength and power that nothing can take away.

Pregnancy & birth is a magical portal from Spirit into Form.

So why are our business and creative babies any different?

For those of us who work as Creative Artists, Healers and Transformational Agents of any kind, I believe this is so true… Our work is Divinely Guided.
It takes time to gestate and become fully formed. Often it travels along paths that we would not anticipate. You can’t rush it. Attempting to force it to go in the direction our mind wants, rarely yields the desired results. But softening and surrendering to the Flow that is moving through us, allows the creation to come through with peace, and in a way that we could never have imagined before it is revealed to us.

I am still integrating this healing, and had a deeper realisation around this work as I birth my next project – The Evolutionary Coach Alliance. It is calling on me to go through each one of these steps to bring this new creation into the world. Today I was called to surrender more of my mental ideas, and let go of how I thought it should be to allow what it wants to be to emerge…

The Ignite Your Evolution Workshop for Coaches & Healers is the first step in this new birthing! It’s going to be an incredibly transformational immersion day for those who will join me…

If you are called to be there with me next Saturday 21st at VIBE Rushcutters bay, hit reply right now and let me know. This will be a very intimate group, where I will teach the core model, and together we will dive deeply into your plans what you are being called to birth in 2020! You will get rare 1:1 access to me in a small group for personal coaching and healing. The investment for our day together is just $197. If you are being called to be with us, trust your inner yes…



Together we rise!

with love,


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