An Anonymous Journey Through the Quest!

An Anonymous Journey Through the Quest!

Good evening everyone!

Welcome to the first of my blog series, where I’ll share my experiences as I make my through the wonderful (and sometimes confronting) world of the Goddess Body Quest, conducted by the gorgeous Kylie Ryan.

This is where I would normally introduce myself, except I’m going to be blogging anonymously because I’m mysterious like that. At this point you should totally imagine me in a black trench to go with the mysterious persona.

Apart from keeping my name private, I’m a 28 year (!!) old woman living in Melbourne with my husband; I work full time, love good books, movies, dessert and food (probably in that order), and have a slightly quirky sense of humour. Weight has been an ongoing issue despite joining gyms, diets, pretty much the whole routine that goes with it. I think I’ve always known to an extent that its not just about the weight, and when I came across this program I knew I needed to give this a go, and uncover what exactly has been holding me back all these years.

For someone reading this blog, and not yet a member of this program, I can’t recommend it highly enough! It’s a beautiful blend of mind coaching and support group with hypnosis sessions and accountability thrown in for good measure; and did I mention the support? For all the readers who ARE already members, HI THERE! Great to see you here!

My experience with the GBQ started when I read about it somewhere in my online travels and registered for a complimentary phone call with Selina, the Director of Fabulousness at My Mind Coach. You just gotta love that job title! Speaking to her I realized quickly that this doesn’t seem like one of those ‘one size fits all’ gimmicky weight loss thingies. As a connoisseur of infomercials (yes they are my guilty pleasure, and no, I’ve never bought anything from them…yet) I can tell a gimmick from the real thing, and oh man, this is as real as it gets!


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I was quite eager and logged on to the modules and made my way through the first one as soon as I had access, and this is where the fun starts! Week 1 being the Awareness Module was designed to give me a snapshot of where I am at the moment. I personally found the life wheel assessment very interesting as its great to see a visual of where your priorities lie. I found that I had been putting career and family over health and the effects were clearly seen elsewhere as well, with the wheel moving towards imploding due to the one weak link being the self care. Pretty confronting stuff!

What I found though funnily enough, even though I loved doing module 1, I never got around to sitting myself down long enough to do module 2 and make my way through the program. The way I see it, and based on attending the webinars, it seems like self-sabotaging behavior. Somewhere, I know that working my way through the program will actually make me rethink my current way of life, and is something that’s actually going to work, and for some reason, I’ve been unconsciously sabotaging my own success! How crazy is that?

It’s slightly different from when I’ve joined a gym and ended up not going; at that point I was simply thinking that I’m not going because it’s too difficult I’m too tired, etc. BUT, doing the GBQ module 1 was a bit like a rollercoaster; exciting, exhilarating and with some turns and dips I didn’t predict…. and fun! The random “I’m too busy” reasons are not going to cut it anymore, and being the curious person that I am, I want to get to the bottom of this self-sabotaging behavior and want to know why exactly has my subconscious been refusing to let me move forward. I think somewhere it is fear based, and I intend to find out what’s and why’s of this.

I’m restarting the quest as of today and will be blogging my way through it. My aim is to post at least a couple of times per week and let you all know how I am going with this incredible journey and be accountable to you lovely group of ladies. Please do chime in with a comment if you don’t see me around, and hopefully some of my insights can strike a chord with you as well. If there are any ‘aha’ moments reached, I’d love to know about it.

So I’ll leave you tonight with the wise words of Frodo Baggins,

“I’m going on an adventure!”

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