Announcement – MMC death and resurrection

Announcement – MMC death and resurrection

Are you feeling like it’s time to be reborn?

If you’re feeling an uncomfortable level of pressure, like something new is coming but you’re not sure what, or you’re just totally done with the way things are showing up for you, then chances are you’re going through this shift too… Regardless whether you consider yourself religious or not, there is an energy to Easter that you can connect into and grow through.

Here’s how it’s been showing up for me; I had a very real experience of ego-death a few days ago in a clearing session. This is the deep, painful, contraction of self that propels a new expansion. The bushfire that must sweep through to remove old wood and make space for new shoots to grow. More literally, seeing clearly the times where you have been blind, going through the discomfort of facing where you have “failed”, or could have chosen with more wisdom and making things right. Otherwise known as “growing up”!

What is ego?

Ego is the part of you that makes you, you.  Your ambition, your desires, your uniqueness,  hopes and dreams are all your ego. Your ego is also your fears, memories, worries, secret shames, anger and rage.

It is the part of you that says “I’m not enough, I don’t deserve it, I’ve made mistakes, who am I to do that?” And also the part that says “I’m so great! I’m better than them, why don’t I have what they have.”

Both ends are a distortion. Arrogant pride and downtrodden low self-esteem are both lies.

Both keep you from your Great Work.

This Easter My Mind Coach was reborn, in a special ceremony with my co-creation collaborators Bianca and Michela, (and always with the quiet support of my amazing husband), we re-created the seed energy of the company. From the seed all things grow, and when there is fear or ego-distortions in the seed (even when there is also great light), it will twist the potential of the tree that grows from it. I realized that along with my hopes and dreams, there were also small fears, and away-from motivations in me when I first started MMC, that have limited the potential of what we can achieve now.

One of the core teachings of my many weight loss motivation talks is that when you are only motivated to get away from something, you will never reach your potential, because as soon as that fear is far enough away, you’ll take your foot off the pedal, stop being disciplined and cruise, until you begin to slip back into its grip again.

“When you’re only motivated by fear, you will never reach your full potential.”

The only way to reach beyond your potential is to be motivated and inspired into a Brilliant future, this future beckons you ever onward, calls on you to continue to step up and step up and helps you to become more and more of your TRUE SELF in the process.

A few weeks ago, at a business mastermind event, inspired by the guidance and example set by Kiri-Maree and Taki Moore, Bianca and I tapped into our big WHY; a purpose for MMC that goes way beyond ourselves, our families, or even you, our wonderful clients and community. Finally we could see the link between the work we are doing and the healing of the world. Some of the horrific injustices that seem so big and so insurmountable, and Bianca and I have both felt deeply, empathically impacted by… we, yes we can contribute to overcoming them. Wow! It seems trite to attempt to put into words.

To see and feel your place and the part you play within the healing of the consciousness of humanity on Earth is no small thing.

It’s important to remember that every time any one of us raises our consciousness by releasing fears and healing past wounds, through the Collective Consciousness, this act alone has a positive impact on every other human on Earth. There will come a time when enough of us have done this deep healing work that it will shift the balance of the Collective, and we begin to dismantle the fear paradigms that are currently influencing us all so strongly. Bianca and I have committed to also have a more direct impact in leading change by creating more powerful feminine leaders.

Here is our renewed mission statement:

Our mission is to help high-achieving, driven, ambitious professional women
of all cultures and nationalities stop feeling like a prisoner of their bodies, minds and current life situation,

…And through NLP coaching, training and advanced spiritual growth strategies;
help them to unleash their magnetic feminine power, true freedom and mission-based leadership,

…so they can step up to their greatest leadership potential in business,
levelling gender equality and creating more holistic, conscious agendas at key decision tables,

…and through philanthropy and leadership together we can make difference to the women and children who truly are prisoners of their physical bodies, in human trafficking and sex-slavery, and make conscious business decisions that accounts for the wellbeing of all stakeholders; clients, team, community, and the ecology of the Earth.


Whenever I’m facing a challenge I always think of my favourite Einstein quote:

“You cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.”

In order to solve these massive Global issues, we need to shift into Galactic Consciousness. Seeing our planet as a planet, one of many in our Solar System and the magnificent, unfathomably large Universe.

Whenever I shift my thinking to a Global or Galactic level, my own problems seem so infinitesimally small as to be irrelevant.   

I see so much mismanagement of resources and wealth distribution, and as a mother I feel so keenly the pain of the women and children around the world that right now are living in fear.

The mission to change this seems so big and important, how can I not lend my power, strength and wisdom to become all that I can be to create a better world for our children and grandchildren?

How can I possibly allow my own fears and limitations prevent me from doing all that I can? When we have been blessed with so much privilege, it is our responsibility to make a difference for those who have not been so blessed. As I live my potential, I can help and inspire others to live their potential, and they can too, so on, and so on…

From this level of thinking, and with a rapidly growing team and the ideas of the Queens Collective bursting out of me, I realised that I needed to become a better leader, to truly embody the Queen archetype in my own organisation and within my family.

I realised that we needed better systems for serving our wonderful clients, leading our amazing team and coaches, delivering our message, tracking our numbers, tighter bookkeeping, better and more frugal management of our expenses, ensuring that this company is highly profitable, pays us well for working so tirelessly, and can continue to grow and serve and share our profit with those who don’t have the same opportunity and privilege we have.

We needed also to let go of the past, to truly say goodbye to who we were in order to become who we need to be.

So we have been going through a complete systems overhaul and upgrade in MMC, soon you’ll see a new website and lots of other cool resources for you.  The first of which is our free Facebook group –MMC Rising Queens – Join us here – where we can have deeper conversations around all this, and you can share your voice too and feel a part of the community.

We are also closing the door on all of our old weight loss programs (Yep, all of them!) to make space for the new energy of what we are creating. Very soon we will hold a Cyber Clean out sale, for a last chance for you to get all our old online (amazing and transformational!) weight loss mindset programs, at a super reduced rate, before we retire them.

If you’re interested in our WEIGHT LOSS CYBER CLEAN OUT SALE
Click here to register for all the details.

And we are completely committed to being reborn to serve just 3 core programs moving forward:

7 week Design Your Destiny Online program

The Design Your Destiny Program is for ambit ious women who are feeling compromised in their body, business or relationships, and want help to step into their feminine power, stop working so hard, and claim the body, bank balance and relationship they want.

12 month Queens Collective Mastermind

This is the personal growth Mastermind is for professional women who know that every time they up-level in their mind, great things start to happen in their business and life. These women are committed to their ongoing growth and want to really embody the principles of power, pleasure and presence and have a continuous community of support through online masterminding calls, video training and live events in Australia to become the Queen of your life and embody your greatest vitality, prosperity and have epic, loving relationships.

6 month Legacy Leaders NLP Certification

For both men and women who are ready to step into becoming true leaders of transformational change in their business and life by mastering their unconscious mind and becoming professionally certified NLP Coaches. This 6 month certification training includes 2 x 5 day live trainings in Sydney, at the end of this training you will be confident, NLP coach ready to begin a coaching business, or incorporate NLP Change Leadership into your business or organisation.

If you’re interested in one of these new transformational programs, please let us know. you’ll hear more about them soon, but if you’re feeling the call and are ready to be reborn with us into your best self, follow your intuition and take action now. Book in to speak with us and we can discover what you need and align you with the right support to be reborn into your next level of growth.


With love,

Kylie x

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