Are you a leader?

Are you a leader?

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Do you consider yourself a leader?

I’ve been thinking about the common traits of a leader.


Leaders go first.

First of all, leaders go first. It makes sense. If they’re leading, they’re the ones that go first, which means that leaders often operate outside their comfort zone and in unknown territory. So they’re forging a path into the unknown, which can be scary at times.


Leaders have followers.

If you’re a leader then you have someone that is following you. You have people that look up to you, people that sometimes might put you on a pedestal, or people that project their own aspirations and sometimes their own fears onto you.

If you’re up on a pedestal then you can fall into a pit. We’ve seen before leaders in society be crucified – Jesus actually been crucified – with witch burnings, massive trials, and most recently, we have some leaders being put in jail for various crimes that they have committed while abusing their leadership and power.


Leaders operate at the edge of their comfort zone.

A leader really needs to know how to regulate their inner world, their inner sense of peace, security, safety and stability, so that they can be comfortable and operate at their peak when they’re in a world that feels uncomfortable. When they’re in foreign territory. When they’re breaking new ground.

They need to learn how to cultivate that peace inside so that even when there’s chaos outside, they’re able to maintain their calm and peace and clarity.


Leaders often feel lonely and unsupported

Leaders, I have found, often feel lonely and unsupported; like they have to be strong all the time. With lots of people are leaning on them, depending on them and they have to be responsible for.

So often leaders feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. They have this huge stress and burden of carrying their people and they can’t show weakness.

This is probably what leads to the downfall of many leaders – because then they put on a brave face and they fake being strong when they’re not. And so, this leads to an inauthentic type of leadership which can lead to them falling down and not being a leader anymore.


Leaders create more leaders.

True leaders create more leaders. They don’t just make followers that are dependent on them. True leaders inspire, motivate, and cultivate other leaders so that those leaders can come into their place and do those things that they’re doing, so that they can move on to do other things.

True leaders are constantly innovating because they’re putting themselves out of a job by teaching and leading others to step into their own leadership.

This is what’s happening for me right now.

As I step into greater and greater leadership, people that have been my followers, students, and clients that have now become graduates and stepping into their own leadership, are moving into a space of leadership themselves. And so it’s creating space for me to move on to a next step of my own leadership, which is super exciting!


Leaders must lead THEMSELVES FIRST.

The final point that I wanted to make about leaders is leaders must lead themselves first. Leaders operate best when they’re in their heart power.

Now I’ve got so much more to say about this. Moving from drama, victim and victimizer, aggressor and rescuer, into heart-power where you are totally responsible for yourself, you are caring and benevolent and kind, and operating from this place of beautiful leadership that is heart-centered but also strong and powerful.

Leaders operate best when they’re in their heart power.

Fully present, fully aligned, completely in their soul power – and able to lead with integrity, authenticity and grace.

So they’re able to stay calm, peaceful, rational and benevolent.

But being in your heart power is very difficult unless you have trained yourself on how to deal with your own human triggers, your own emotions, and have the support to turn to when you can’t manage it yourself.


I’ve just recently come from a 7-day retreat where I learned a wonderful technique called “The Spiral” that was created by my friend and colleague Dane Tomas – and I’m really excited about it. It’s absolutely unleashed the next level of leadership in myself and led to this shift in direction for me.

So I’m really committed moving forward to support people that are in leadership, to bring all of my 15 years of mindset coaching experience and healing experience into supporting leaders, people that are genuinely at the coal face of leading an organization, leading a business in corporate, having a huge team to manage, and are feeling stressed, under-supported, that their health is suffering, their well-being is suffering – and their leadership and their results for themselves and their team are suffering because they don’t have the internal, emotional and mental support to really operate at their best.

I’m 100 percent committed to supporting these leaders, to really make some changes, leaders that are in transition, leaders that know they’re stretched to breaking point, leaders that are really stressed out, that are really suffering in their health and their home life because they don’t have the time to actually really be present, so they’re constantly running from one thing to the other.

I’m opening up a few private coaching and mentorship spaces to take a couple of people on a private one-on-one executive leadership coaching journey, which is not just about business and strategy, but really about you stepping into being a leader of yourself and how to manage your state and stay in that heart-centered power so that you can be a leader of authenticity, integrity, grace and get on with doing the work that you’re here to do.

So if this speaks to you, if you’re excited by this, then reach out and message me. I do have a few places available for private coaching.  I’m also very interested in bringing this work into organizations. I have a really powerful workshop to deliver around leadership – and if you have an organisation and would like to know more then get in touch, I’d love to have a chat with you.

Speak soon.


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