Are you Gen Y too?

Are you Gen Y too?

I had a funny realisation the other day. I only just realised that I am a part of Generation Y.

I was reading another article about the special traits that Gen Y has and I mentally ticked them off as applying to me.

  • Born after 1979. Tick.
  • Strong sense of who they are and what they want. Tick
  • Strong sense of moral and community responsibility. Tick
  • Lesser sense of traditional company loyalty and likely to have had several different jobs. Tick.
  • Early adopter to new technology. Tick
  • Easyness with living life online and connecting through Facebook, Twitter etc. Tick


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This went on and on and I realised that I was right on the oldest edge of Gen Y. I had previously thought myself to be sort of on the cusp of generations, not quite X not quite Y. So this was an interesting realisation for me.

As I am an NLP coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming – an alternative psychology) so began my need to research as much as I could about the social and psychological tendencies of my generation so that I can utilise all of my psychological knowledge to help my age group.

Obviously, any statements about a generation are not going to apply to everyone within it. However, I think there is a lot of value to be gained from noticing trends and tendencies that have arisen from the social context. So I am going to be talking about life as it relates to me personally and to my generation in this blog and publishing any research I come across as well as a fair bit of direct coaching for you other Gen Y’s out there.

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