Are you pot-bound by your mindset?

Are you pot-bound by your mindset?

Did you know that a tree grows up and out only as much as it has the root system to support it?  It always maintains equal mass above and below its midpoint.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.


Imagine that living only from your limited mindset is like living inside a pot. The size and shape of that pot are created by your programming and upbringing; all the beliefs and values you have unconsciously inherited and chosen.


Round and round in circles…


When you’re a tree inside a pot, there’s only so much room to grow, eventually your roots grow around and around in circles, seeking fresh nourishment but finding none…

When a strong wind blows you could fall over and break.


You can change and upgrade your beliefs and re-pot yourself up to a bigger, roomier pot, and this is a critical first (and second, third and fourth) step.

What if there was no pot?

Eventually (and I don’t mind if I get a bit woo-woo here) we will all awaken to live from our expanded soul consciousness, this is like being a tree in the forest… Deeply and knowingly interconnected in a living, loving, ecosystem, impossible to blow over, always reaching up and growing as a part of the ever-lifting expanding canopy.

Quantum physics tells us that we are inextricably intertwined with every other living thing and that the coincidences that we sometimes brush off as weird, are actually examples of “non-local entanglement”  Check the awesome book E-Squared, by Pam Grout to find experiments you can test for yourself to discover how this awesome universe is manifesting your thoughts and beliefs in your everyday life, whether you’re aware of it or not…


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Find Your Flow…

This expanded soul consciousness the kind of awareness and being-ness that you can feel in your moments of Flow, Bliss and Pure Joy. You can access this amazing state through meditation, or practicing simple and profound mindfulness in your daily life.

Some steps that will help.

  • Start with gratitude.
  • Focus on love. Being loved, loving, being love.
  • Be inside your body in this present moment
  • Feel your heart expand.
  • Allow yourself to really notice how wonderful your life is. (Even when it’s not)
  • Ask for guidance to find your flow, bliss and soul awareness.
  • Listen for the answers within yourself.
  • Trust that you are loved in such a profound and infinite way that it is barely comprehensible…
  • Feel that love inside your whole body.
  • Let that love grow outside of your body and into the whole room.
  • Imagine it filling the whole world.
  • …and the whole universe.
  • Stay there.

Let me know how you go!

Kylie xx

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  1. Awesome article and great insight as always – Kylie Ryan 🙂

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