Back to my roots! – What Women Want Expo

Back to my roots! – What Women Want Expo

Hello team! Today I’m honouring my roots. I will be exhibiting at a Women’s Expo in Penrith, Western Sydney 29th -30th March.

This will be a very interesting experience for me. Recently I have been getting signs and signals from the Universe that it’s time that I integrate all of my old identities and social circles back into my current self. My nerdy old schoolgirl self, and my nightclub performing diva self have taken a back seat as I’ve moved forward into being a coach, author, & speaker.  It’s been great to move forward, but the drawback is that when I re-invent myself then I tend to leave behind the parts of me that don’t fit with what I’m moving into. However the signs have been there, and my dear mentor Alice has helped me to realise with the coming of Autumn, it’s time for a full integration of all of myself, into one powerhouse, my true identity with my past and present together, united.

So this EXPO will be very special. I will be speaking (and SINGING!) each day for a 30 minute spot at lunchtime. Crazy! The expo will be in Penrith Panthers in Western Sydney, close to where I grew up in Richmond and Windsor. Yes, I am a “Westie!”

This event will be so special to me because it is going to give me the chance to see some old school friends who I have not seen in a very long time, and it will be the first time ever that I sing and give an inspirational seminar in the same performance. I’m not sure how it will go down, but I’m going to give it a shot! I will be showcasing all of my talents and expressing my true voice for the first time ever on this stage.

Unleash all of your power!

It has become clear to me that unveiling your Goddess Body and creating the best health ever is only first step towards unleashing your true voice and creativity, whatever that may be for you. So this is my new pathway, to be an inspiration that you can be multi-passionate and give service with your whole self and bringing all of your talents, skills and creativity to bear.

I would love if you could come down and support me by visiting the expo and being there around 12-1.30pm, either day when I will be on stage.

I have 50 free tickets to give away!!

Use the code BF19 at the checkout to grab free tickets for yourself and a friend. Get in quick because the code will automatically expire after 50 tickets.

Win a VIP Ticket

Also if you live in the area, please share this post by commenting below and tag me in it the first 3 to post will get a VIP ticket with special VIP treatment for your visit.

Volunteers Needed too!

And… if you’d like to volunteer to help us connect with all the visitors, we need 2 volunteers for 4 hours over lunchtime each day 11am-3pm. You will be helping ladies to enter a competition to win $2500 worth of coaching. To say thank you for your time and help, you will get a $250 credit towards private coaching with me or to join the Goddess Body Quest, if you’re keen to volunteer, please email me immediately at

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    • Wonderful Carolann! I look forward to meeting you! 🙂

  1. Hi Kylie

    I tried tagging you in my facebook sharing post, but I’m unsure whether you can see it. I live in Penrith and would love to attend this expo. I am really looking forward to attending to get lots of advice with self help and ways to make my life better 🙂

  2. Yes please. I live nearby and would love 2 x VIP passes to take mt best friend too. Will share post now 🙂

  3. Hi Kylie, I am unsure as to what post I need to share to win a VIP ticket to the WHAT WOMAN WANT EXPO…please let me know. Am I able to get 2 x VIP for me and my best friend please?? Samira

  4. And coinsodence or not ?? Just came back from Doctors. I have high cholesterol, need to lose 10 kg's and he has told me i basically need to starve myself for 12 months so I do not end up on tablets. I need to make changes to my lifestyle, and maybe finding this is what I need

  5. Hi, I live in Glenmore Park and would love to attend the expo.Sounds fun :-).I have 2 kids so it would be great to have a "Me time" for myself.

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