Be Your Own Hero.

Be Your Own Hero.

Little girls read stories of being rescued by a dashing prince..

But, what if you could be your own HERO?

Instead of waiting for someone else’s permission, or rescuing, you took action and rescued yourself.

What if you could rescue your drowning dreams and body, and go on a quest to find your own inner Goddess…

Tomorrow night I’m going to interview leading Archetype and Hero’s Journey expert, Pip Mc Kay to find out just that.

What on earth does your weight loss journey have to do with Star Wars, Matrix, & Harry Potter?



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Pip is going to teach us how the journey to unleashing your sexy confidence and glowing health is a Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey is an archetypal story pattern that can inform and transform your own personal journey with struggle & transformation. Understanding this journey could be the critical difference in your success or failure with your own weight loss journey.

Pip will be interviewed by me! Yippee.

Join us for this groundbreaking free training teaching you how to navigate your own hero’s journey with ease, grace and courage so you can finally achieve the breathtaking body and life that you dream of.


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