Beat the Bunny- Top 5 tips to bring back your bounce!

Beat the Bunny- Top 5 tips to bring back your bounce!


How was your Easter?


Mmmmm right now, I know a few of you are wishing you hadn’t indulged quite so much…..

Mine was nice and quiet…..I indulged in some yummy raw cacao and orange chocolate….a hot chocolate and some popcorn at the movies, a hot cross bun – so bascially something little everyday. I enjoyed the long weekend with some exercise, reading, laying on the beach and enjoying 2 yummy brunches out and about!

 I wanted to share with you this week,  my TOP 5 tips to bring back your bounce post Easter.

  1. Been & Gone.…you can’t chase him down and give him back the chocolate… relax…..what is done is done… made the choice; as did I. I enjoyed the indulge because I know that 1 weekend won’t ruin a year of good nourishment in my eating & training.
  2. DRINK loads of water…..if you are not used to eating loads of sugar then give your body some extra support – some green tea and the age old warm lemon and water first thing in the morning – how about you make it part of your routine 🙂
  3. New Month – New goals for April – try something different in your routine….shake it up a bit…try a HOT pilates class or download HIIT MUM or C25k for some ease into jogging.

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  5. Get rid of the left overs! Yes – even if that means throwing it in the bin – do so…..or take it to work and share with colleagues….(Ps. pack it up and put it away for Halloween?? just a thought…)
  6. Indulge yourself in another way……how about a massage….facial….date night with your partner….with yourself….a new pair of shoes or give yourself permission to sleep in – indulge yourself!

It isn’t about the chocolate….the sugar…..or the hot cross buns you ate.

It is what you say to yourself about the indulgence….your self talk about what you eat does more harm than the food you ate a couple of times over the long weekend….

Enjoying yourself and your life is about loving yourself and accepting your choices; so allow yourself to indulge yourself; have fun; live a little differently; try something new! Put a plan in place so that you remove the guilt – give yourself a break & live this gorgeous juicy life with everything you have, it’s worth it & so are you.

Yours in inspiration & fabulousness

Selina x

PS – If you want some help to get your mind & body back in shape, talk to me today. 

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