Become a Money Magnet Activator and shift into the state that will help you charge a premium for your unique genius

Become a Money Magnet Activator and shift into the state that will help you charge a premium for your unique genius

Welcome to the Money Magnet Activator

This is a beautiful little activity that you can do to help connect you into the state of magnetising, more wealth, more success, and more power in your life as a change maker. 

The Money Magnet Activator is designed to help shift you from a state of lack into a state of expansive abundance. 

It will help you do 3 things: 

  • How to identify the limiting beliefs of your past so you can stop spinning your wheels and feeling stuck.
  • How to activate your magnetic presence by releasing the emotional and energetic imprints stored in the body.
  • How to raise your wealth resonance so that you can avoid the entrepreneurial money roller coaster and build lasting, long-term success.

When people want to make more money, or they desire something but they’re living and expanding a state of lack and emanating this state of lack, they will stay in this state of lack.

What we want to do is actually shift the way that you are emanating the radiance of your energetic field, so that you can amplify your sense of abundance. 

You can amplify your sense of all the things that you have and be so grateful for that and then from that place of abundance and expansion, start to envision and imagine where your life can expand to from this place where nothing is missing. 

There is nothing lacking in that moment and from this state of fullness ask yourself..

How can I overflow? 

How can I expand?

How can I grow?

The first three pillars, power, presence, and pleasure are the three keys that really amplify your magnetism. 

The first piece is really dropping into a deep presence, if we are building and designing our future, when we’re not fully present to what we have now to all of the abundance that we have now, then we are just amplifying and spinning our wheels from a state of lack. So the first step is presence really becoming present to who you are, what you are, where you are when you are. 

It’s so incredible!

Being present is POWERFUL.

Firstly, we want to think about releasing the past, we want to let go of those fears and stories. If there is anything in your life that you’re experiencing right now that you wouldn’t consciously choose like chaos or debt or an unexpected tax bill, or a lack of clients.

If you wouldn’t consciously choose that, then there is some part of your unconscious being that has either bought into that or chosen that, or co-created that with the universe.

Now that’s not to say that you’re responsible and you’re at fault for all of the things that are going on in your life, but there is some part of you that you can take responsibility for. 

It is being created out of unconsciousness. So the first thing is from this state of presence, we want to draw and spotlight our consciousness on where we have been creating out of unconsciousness. 

Anything that you’re not aware of is going to be emanating out into the world that has been imprinted from your childhood. So getting really clear about it, just becoming conscious of it, like what were the money stories that you learned as a child?

What are some of the beliefs that you have about money and starting to get clear on that and taking the time to journal on it will really be helpful here. 

And here’s the other piece, where are you not honouring the wealth that already exists inside you?

There is so much wealth that already exists inside you and all around you.

A wealth of cells, a wealth of energy, a wealth of limbs and a liveliness that is inside you right now! 

When we tune into the abundance that is within us, the life force that is within us, then we can start to feel abundant and really radiate that frequency. 

Even if there might be no money in the bank account. 

Even if there’s debts and there’s a limited amount in the bank account. 

That’s when we  really tune into where the wealth is, maybe your money’s not where you want it to be? 

When you look at where your life is, identify what’s high and what’s low and working through this yourself just gives you a snapshot of where you’re at right now and where you want to work towards. 

Instead of focusing on all that you’re lacking focus on all that you HAVE. 

Focus on all of the expansion of what you already have within you and as you focus on what you already have and appreciate that, then you can start to amplify it. 

We want to continue grounding into the present moment, and we can do this by going through a visualisation practice.

Tuning into the abundance that exists all around us allows us to start to shift our frequency.

It allows us to start to emanate gratitude and appreciation and that becomes a money magnet that allows us to then be abundant. As we are feeling that expansion and enoughness and overflow, we become an attractor. 

Whereas when we’re radiating lack, we attract more lack and we attract more experiences that reinforce that lack and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. 

So instead we want to start to shift into getting clear on our goal and from this place of abundance and expansion, we want to vision a brilliant future, and that way it’s not coming from lack, it’s coming from abundance and overflow. 

Starting to get really clear about this creates a GPS destination for your unconscious mind. If you think about when you get in your car and you’re going to someplace new, you don’t just say somewhere over there, you don’t just give the general region of the suburb. You give an exact address.

The exact coordinates of where you want to go are put into your map. So that’s what we need to do. We then need to vision a brilliant future that has the exact coordinates of where we want to go. 

It’s okay for your vision to change and expand and shift as you get closer to it. But it’s okay also to just know where you want to go from here and take that next step. So being honest with yourself about where you want to go and what you really want.

What does your soul desire to expand into?

Because if you can think it, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. It is possible.

If you take action, you wouldn’t have that dream, your soul, your higher self, your soul. Wouldn’t drop that little dream into your head. If you didn’t have the capacity to lean into that, to grow into that. So being honest with yourself about where you want to go. When you choose into what would need to shift in all of those areas of your life, what would it look like? 

What would a 10 out of 10 in your spirituality look like? 

What would a 10 out of 10 in your health and fitness look like? 

What would a 10 out of 10 in your wealth look like in your career, in your friends, in your family, your relationships, your own personal growth and your hobbies? 

What would that look like? Like let’s get specific. What does it look like? 

Start to vision it out. You might find that when you do, you’re closer than you think.

You might find it highlights the places where you’re missing. 

These are the places where you need to take some action or you need to make some changes in your  behaviour to take that next step, to move towards that thing that you really want.

So what are the resources that you already have that can support you in achieving this? 

What’s the one thing that you can choose to do to move the needle forward in that area?

It might be wealth, or you might actually need to work on your health first. And as you expand your health you know that it’s going to be good for your business as well. 

We want to expand and open up these new possibilities for you! 

The more you can vision and really lean into where you’re headed, visioning and architecting this brilliant future for yourself, the more you create and fine tune that template and come from that state of loving abundance and trust, the more you will align yourself to the frequency of that reality. 

So when we create that presence, power and pleasure,  we want to create pleasure in our bodies to amplify that magnetism, that confidence, that joy, that passion and from that place, we start to change into our mission. 

From that place of enoughness, we start to realise we DO have the worth and the wealth to help someone else.

As you expand your magnetism, your mission, your mastery, continually mastering your coaching skills and your business skills. As you continue to expand all of those together, you will become a magnet for more and more wealth and more and more abundance. 

Give yourself the time to really expand into this. I’ve just given you a little taster, but I want you to take the time to really drop in to this. You deserve this time to envision your brilliant future.

Remember that if you’re not creating it consciously, it’s going to be created out of your unconsciousness. It’s going to be created out of your past and that will just perpetuate that unconsciousness. 

So bring the light of your mind, your awareness, your heart, into your visions, into where you envision yourself heading to. This is going to help you lead the life that you desire the very best life as your soul moves through you.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with me today.

Kylie x

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