Becoming a Prosperous Healer

Becoming a Prosperous Healer


Do you consider yourself to be or resonate with the idea of a wounded healer?

Are you powerful in your transformational skills?

Do you have NLP training, reiki, spiral, crystal healing, intuitive skills, skilled in gene keys or human design, or any of the methods or modalities that work with the inner transformational world?

I found that there has been a really strong archetype around financial disempowerment for people that work in the inner world, the wounded healer, the starving artist. Creatives and people that work in their inner emotional world or that help others with their inner emotional world tend to be, except for a few exceptions, quite financially disempowered.

Now why is this?

Well, there’s a number of reasons why that happens, but mostly it’s because the skills that make one so great at creativity, that make one so empathetic at creating transformational change for others and inner world change for others, are the exact opposite set of skills that one needs to create business success, to create linear, process-driven, strategic, unemotional business success, which is what’s required.

Logical, strategic kinds of actions, unemotional actions consistently performed day in, day out, whether you feel like it or not, they’re the types of things that create predictable financial success.

And that is not the type of thing that people that are in their emotional sense, that are deeply intuitive, that are deeply feeling type of people. That’s not the type of natural aptitude for people that have that natural set of skills.

I’ve discovered in my supercoach code that we have these stretch skills and soul skills. The soul skills are the things that you’re naturally talented at, that you have natural aptitude for, that just come easily to you, that are so easy for you to do. You don’t even value them as much as you could because they come so easily.

And then there are the opposite skills, the stretch skills, the things that you need to learn or discover or follow the systems of others so that you can appreciate and round out your sense of self.

Without that, without moving into those stretch skills and having mastery of your stretch skills so that you can sell, market, deliver in a way that serves you as much as it serves your clients, you will easily fall into that trap of being a wounded healer, and you’ll end up trying to sell your modality because you don’t fully own and value the power of your inner work, of your inner transformational power.

You’ll end up broke and struggling, or underselling, or not selling at all, or giving your stuff away for free, or undercharging, getting weird around selling, getting weird around showing up online, and feel like a fraud. Because how can you offer transformation to someone else when you can’t even transform yourself?

I’ve discovered and integrated my own journey of healing this wounded healer archetype. I had it like more than anybody else. In my own journey of discovering and transforming and learning the stretch skills that were required for me to heal this archetype, I’ve discovered that there is an opportunity for the healer to heal thyself.

Like Jesus says in the Bible: “Healer heal thyself.”

And, at the same time, sometimes it’s challenging to heal yourself when you don’t know where to look, when your wound is in your blind spot. And you might know when you can see the results in the outside world that you don’t have enough money, that you don’t have enough clients, that the level of visibility that you have and the level of results and recognition that you have is not commensurate with the skills and the internal wealth that you have inside.

If you feel like, “Oh my god, why is someone else getting all of the attention? And why are they getting all of the clients when I could run rings around them? I’ve got more expertise than that,” and getting resentful and frustrated at your lack of business results, then my friend, I would love to share with you the supercoach code and the supercoach credo to unlock your own supercoach abilities.

This supercoach archetype is one that has been dropping in for me. Someone that can work and walk in the inner world and help people with their emotional self and their creative self, and healing trauma, and those types of things. And also, that knows and can support people with the practical, systemic, tactical things that can get them results in the real world.

And so, in order for you to be able to get tangible real word results with your clients, not just feeling better, but making more money, losing weight, improving their marriage, improving their relationship with their kids. Tangible results that they can see, feel, taste, touch, experience in their third dimensional world.

Yes, of course, feeling better is a result, but that’s not enough to create a powerful marketing message. It’s not enough to catch people’s attention and really draw them in to work with you.

You need to be able to take the next step to bring that good feeling, that healed trauma, that new insight or learning back into the real world, and support your clients to take the actions that they need to take to get the results in the real world, to bring that elixir home and to make the change that they need to make in the real world.

And when you can do that, when you can master that transition not just from the inner healing work but bringing that inner growth and transformation back into the real world, then my friend, you have a result that you can market, and you have then shifted and created a bridge for you to be able to make a claim, to get really clear on the tangible real world result that you offer someone so that you can call in new clients.

Because clients don’t just want to feel better, they want to get real world results. They want to make more money, they want to have more sex, they want to look hotter, they want to have a better marriage, they want to stop fighting their kids. Real world results.

That’s why business coaches and fitness coaches on average will rapidly and vastly outperform healers, intuitives, NLPers, spiral practitioners, because people that have these inner world skills but can’t translate that back into real world value will struggle to be able to offer a tangible result for someone that people can grasp onto and invest money in.

You need to have a tangible real world value that your clients can grasp onto, that they can touch, that they can feel, that they can taste.

If you would to learn how to do that for yourself so that you can take all of these creative inner world intuitive magical transformational skills that you have, your inner world wealth that you have, and translate that into that clients that you are working with, that you are getting real results for, cash in your bank, consistent clients, being able to connect with people and have chats with them and send them an offer document, or get them on the phone and have a conversation with them that helps them to come to the conclusion that you can help them. Obviously, only if you can. Let’s be ethical here.

But so many people that fall into this wounded healer archetype have so much to offer – and the world needs our help right now. The world needs our help. The world needs healers to stand up. The world needs healers to rise up and master this final journey of bringing their skills, their transformation, their demon fighting, their light grid work and intuitive magical change practices back into the real world.

Even with COVID, even with the pandemic, there are people that have money to spend, there are people that need help.

Hot on the heels of this pandemic is a mental health crisis. It’s happening already. There is an increase in domestic violence, there is an increase in depression, there is an increase in suicide. So there are problems in the world that need healing.

And in order to be the type of healer that can really sustainably create a change for others, we need to heal ourselves and learn those stretch skills so that we can stand powerfully in the value that we offer and ask for fair exchange so that you can deliver a real world result for someone and be served in return for your soul gift, for your soul work.

If you would like to learn how to do that and discover the new more powerful skills that you can use to help people go on that hero’s journey, that transformational journey that moves them from the problem state that they are in through their inner world transformation and back up in the real world again, if you’d like to learn how to do that and be inside my support and my fierce compassion and holding your feet to the fire to step up and rise up into the powerful healer that you know you can be, if you would like that support then come and join the SuperCoach Society.

It is a free Facebook group. I have a couple of really powerful training sessions around wounded healer, the death of the wounded healer, and the luminous leader code for coaches that you can dive into and start to learn from straight away. Amazing free trainings that’s of huge value. I’m dropping more as it comes through and I also have the supercoach initiation if you like.

Yes, I want more, I want this. Then jump in the SuperCoach Society and let’s have a conversation about how I can help you to bring your magical transformational gifts to the world in a way that serves you as much as it serves your clients.

Join me. Let’s do this. Let’s make a difference.

Kylie x

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