Becoming Present to be Weightless

Becoming Present to be Weightless


Look at that amazing view. How awesome is that?
Kylie Ryan here, revealing the truths of becoming a weightless woman.
Today, I want to talk to you about time. Because a weighted woman is weighted down by her memories of the past and her worries or visions about the future. She worries about things not turning out the way that she wants them to.

A weightless woman lives in the present moment and understands that time is, at once, simultaneous and an illusion.

It’s hard to wrap your head around. When I look at all the amazing things behind me in this room. I look at the beautiful painting behind me, the lounge, the fan, the walls, the whole amazing villa. These were all created by many many many hands, many many many people over a long long time. All that exists is this moment now, where I can appreciate them. It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to look at that painting and know that it’s taken that artist many hours creating it. But those hours are gone and this moment is the only moment that this painting exists in.
Similarly, this moment that you’re watching this video is the only moment that you exist in now. And everything else is either a memory, a fantasy, or a worry.
So where are you placing your attention in relation to time? Is the majority of your attention in the past, in the future, or in the present moment?
A lot of us might even be in the present moment but not in our present space inside our body. So that’s something for another video. But the key for now is to remember that your power is in your present moment and a weighted woman carries the weight of the past or the worries of the future. Whereas a weightless woman lives in the present moment and is fully present to the moment now that she is in. All that you really have is your present moment. That’s where your body is.
Your body is in the present moment. You don’t have a body in the past. It’s only a figment of your imagination, of your memory. And you don’t have a body in the future to be able to do anything that’s a vision, a worry, or a fantasy.

The only moment that you can affect change and create something new is in this moment now.

I encourage you to turn off your computer, look away from your phone, and be present. Look around to this moment now. Look at the amazing things that are around you. The house that you’re in, the computer that you’re on, the chair that you’re sitting on. All of these things have had thousands and thousands of people that have worked on them over time. And this is the moment that you are now living those creations and enjoying those creations.
So bring your attention to the present moment and ask yourself: “What am I creating in this present moment now?”
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