The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make…

The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make…

How much time & money do you invest in yourself?

How much energy and effort do you invest in your own growth and development? How much do you invest in your happiness and fulfilling your needs?

If you don’t make the time and effort to meet your own needs and to grow as a person, how can you ever expect to have more in your life?

To have more you must be more and do more. ( This doesn’t necessarily mean working harder, but rather learning how to work more effectively and efficiently)

How you spend your time and money, energy and effort is determined by your values. If you are not prioritising yourself now then it’s time to start.  Affirm your belief in your worth as a human being by investing in yourself. (even if you don’t fully believe you are totally worthy and deserving yet, start to act as if, and the belief will come.)

Any investment you sow in yourself now, you will reap 10 fold over your lifetime. Begin to prioritise your time and money to develop your health and happiness, starting today!

Simple tips to invest in yourself, starting now:

  • Give yourself a genuine compliment every morning when you finish getting dressed.
  • Repeat affirmations in your head all day long, as often as you can. On the bus, waiting in line, in the shower is the perfect time for affirmations. (and pelvic floor exercises)
  • Smile. Breathe deeply. Sit up straight. Stretch as often as possible.
  • Eat the most nutritionally nourishing food you possibly can at every meal.
  • Turn off the TV and read an inspiring or educational book. My two favourites at the moment are: Born to Run, and Sweet Poison

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  • Diarise your exercise sessions and keep them as if they were appointments with your Doctor or your boss.
  • Treat yourself to a yoga class or a massage at least once a week.
  • Learn something new each year, whether professional development, a sport, a language, or a musical instrument; learning new things keeps your brain healthy and will help you think better in all areas of your life.
  • Invest in expert help when you want to overcome challenges or grow fast. A Business coach, a Personal trainer, a Nutritionist, a Mind Coach, a Financial Planner, or any other specialist are an excellent investment that will improve your quality of life, your relationships, your energy levels, and your earning potential. I have a weight loss motivation audio program you can get here, to start getting expert mind coaching today.
  • Save at least 10% of your income, every time you get paid, before you pay any bills. Paying yourself first is a big mindset shift that will pay off massively in the long term.  Take control of your own financial security and growth, save and learn how to manage your hard-earned money wisely.

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How do you invest in yourself? What are your top tips?
Do you find it challenging to invest in yourself and put yourself first?
Where are you currently spending your time and money that is not giving you a good ROI (Return on investment)?
What things do you commit now to spend less time, money and energy on, so you can save it to invest in yourself?

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