Beyond Modality to Being Change

Beyond Modality to Being Change


Hey guys! This is for coaches, healers and practitioners of various modalities.

Tonight I want to talk to you about beyond modalities into transformational transmissions.

Some of you might have seen that recently I had my own kind of awakening around integrating my sense of my priestess archetype and integrating that back in with my teacher.

My teacher is very attached to different modalities, and skills, and techniques, and processes, and step by step structures, and strategies, and patterns.

And my priestess kind of drops into the all-knowing void of transformation.

So, I was really thinking about this kind of beyond modalities into a transformational transmission and what does it take to actually get there, what does it take to become a field o knowingness and a field of permission that is so great that the minute that people join your thing, they start to get immediate results without you having taught anything.

The minute they step into your container, the minute they start working with you, they start to create to change.

There are people, friends and colleagues, that I know that have this kind of effect on people. And so it’s very interesting to me.

I was thinking about my daughter Ruby who’s learning to read and write.

When we’re learning to read and write, as you may remember, you learn each individual letter.

There’s A, B, C, D… There’s all the individual letters and you learn each individual letter. You learn how to draw A with precision. You learn how to do each letter with precision.

And then once you have each letter, you can start stringing them together to make sentences.

She’s at a level of conscious competence where she’s still needing to ask me for “How do I spell this and what’s this word here?” and spelling phonetically and that type of thing.

As you’re working through from unconsciously unskilled into consciously skilled, that takes effort, and it takes teaching, and it takes skills, and it takes practice.

After the practice, after the skills, and after the training from people who already have the skills, you get to a point of having embodied and unconsciously integrated those skills to the point where they just become a part of you.

And when you have that then, like with writing, you can start to string the words, the letters together easily into sentences, into poetry, into music, into reading fabulous books that take you to different places.

But if you didn’t go back to learning those letters all the way back as a child then you would never have the opportunity to move into the ability to write poetry, or read books, or read stop signs, that type of thing.

A family member of mine has struggled with illiteracy and he’s an elderly man now and has spent his whole life never being able to read.

It always astonished me that you wouldn’t just take the time to learn to read – but there can be so much stigma around learning.

And when we’re adults sometimes there can be this sense of shame around going back to the practice stage and being a student and committing to becoming a disciple of a particular field that you want to learn.

And so I was thinking about this as it relates to coaching.

There’s various modalities and each of them has their own sense of letters, processes, systems, or structures that they use.

As a practitioner, I know about six different modalities now and integrate them and see how they interrelate.

When you start to see how those different modalities interrelate, you could start to see beyond the modality to the structure of transformation that lives underneath that.

And when you know the structure of transformation that lives beyond the modality, you can bring that field of transformation into any modality, into any practice, or any conversation to create transformation.

The Growth Collective

I’m opening up the Growth Collective tonight on the Lion’s Gate. Just a little gentle soft opening.

And in the Growth Collective, I’m going to be teaching the modalities of NLP and coaching.

Beyond that though, I’m going to be bringing you guys into a field of transformation that is about synthesizing all sorts of different modalities that is about synthesizing and honoring and paying respect to lots of different modalities, whether it’s Spiral, or Reiki, or Theta Healing, or Auric Clearing, or DNA activation, or cognitive behavioral therapy, meta-coaching.

Whatever it is, each facet, each part has a part to play.

I think that the time has come for us to stand together, and share our knowledge, and share our wisdom with each other, and move beyond the better than/worse than and shift into a field of collaboration.

A part of my journey is to support that and to stand for that.

And so, yes, in the Growth Collective there will be a place for me to teach you NLP. I will be able to teach you NLP in my online training course that will module by module take you through the lessons to learn NLP. That’s a modality.

And when you have that modality, there is a lot of structure and system in there that allows you to ground a lot of other modalities and allows you to communicate with precision that allows you to really create transformation and bring your any other modality and make it even more powerful.

That’s what I wanted to say tonight. It’s really about integrating these modalities.

But in order to move beyond them, you have to know them and you have to embody them first.

I absolutely 100 percent wholeheartedly believe that if you are in the coaching, healing, helping, practitioner fields, learning NLP is an absolute foundational skill.

If you don’t have that foundational skill then you’re missing out on a really powerful skill set that can amplify your other gifts.

And when you have that then it allows you to frame and put a container for your intuitive gifts so that you can communicate them with power and give you some structures for your coaching sessions to allow you to move with ease and grace wherever your client needs you to go.

I’m opening up the Growth Collective. I’ll put the link below.

There will be a Founders Special for the first 20 members who join up. And if you’d like to become a founder and get involved, then let me know, drop an emoji below and I will send you a special code for our founder membership rate.

And after that first 20 people have joined up then we will have the standard investment rate, which is super low.

I’m going to bring in some really incredible teachers.

I’ve got a really great collection of colleagues.

My friend Dane who created the Spiral will be one of the first guest mentors so that we can talk through the structure of the Spiral, the levels of the Spiral, which are so important to understand as we’re moving through this ascension of consciousness.

Sales trainers that are great friends of mine that have so much integrity, kinesiologists, NLP trainer friends that have incredible wisdom to share.

So many wonderful trainers and teachers of other modalities that I’m going to invite in for guest spots into this Growth Collective, so we can start to share information and have this collaborative field of honoring everybody’s modality, honoring everybody’s space in this work that we’re doing.

We are doing very important work right now.

And the more I realize how much the planet is calling out for people to raise their consciousness to shift into kinder thoughts, and more productive thoughts, and more compassionate thoughts, then we need every single one of us to stand up and be counted and do the work that our souls are calling us to do.

If you would like to learn your letters so you can move beyond letters and start to write poetry with your coaching sessions, then come be a part of the Growth Collective.

It’s going to be a really magical place for us to learn together, to grow together, to share together and become better together.

Join us.

I would love to see you on the inside.

Kylie x

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