VIDEO – Bionica Interview. Fat-loss transformation secrets.

VIDEO – Bionica Interview. Fat-loss transformation secrets.

You are going to LOVE this interview with the gorgeous and passionate Bianca Aiono.

Bianca is a champion fitness athlete, so far she has competed at an international level in 6 different sports! Wow!  Now she is an expert Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Specialist. She is passionate helping women transform, because when she wasn’t training for events and being an elite athlete, she too has struggled with emotional eating, and excess kilos.

A few years ago, in just a few sessions with me, Bianca completely shifted her paradigm about becoming slim and staying slim, got herself off the crazy diet ride and helps other awesome women do the same. She’s super awesome and we have loads of great tips in here for women who want to escape dieting and embrace their most gorgeous, self-loving potential.

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