One Single Step to Body Confidence.

One Single Step to Body Confidence.

Everyone seems to want to be thinner…

Body image dissatisfaction, dieting and wanting to be thinner has now topped the list of concerns for children as young as 7! SEVEN!! Jesus.

We are a really messed up society when normal young girls are wanting to become thinner. Media Advertising targeting children and the body dissatisfaction of the the parents are huge factors in this scary reality.

After speaking with many hundreds of women on their quest to become weightless, lots of you have the goal of being able to walk confidently in a bikini and feeling at peace with your body. However you think you need to be thinner in order to achieve that. Wrong.

“When I look better and am skinnier, I will love and accept myself.”

this commonly held belief is completely flawed logic and is a big part of what keeps you stuck. The truth is acceptance, love and gratitude must happen in this moment NOW. Not in some imagined future.


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The Single Step. Acceptance.

The paradox is, when you accept your body, are grateful for it and can love it right now, you will gain the deeper more profound sense of peace and confidence that you crave. This has nothing to do with what size you are or whether you have cellulite or not. This has to do with whether you have dealt with enough of your emotional baggage from the past.


Check Your Emotional Baggage.

Yes, the baggage that caused you to emotional eat, binge, or overeat and under-exercise in the first place. The baggage that creates that nasty, mean voice in your head that tears strips off you whenever you stumble.  This takes effort and commitment, there are lots of ways to do this; private reflection, journalling, meditation, yoga are all wonderful ways. Personally, I prefer the fast track approach of coaching and hypnosis to get massive internal change quickly and painlessly.


Come back to the present.

In the present moment your past does not exist except as a thought, a movie in your own mind. It will only affect you if you choose to allow it to. Bring yourself back inside your senses, focus on what your body can do for you and the experiences it allows you to have and less on how it looks.

You can have body confidence right now, regardless of how you look. And of course, when you do have that elusive confidence you gain a glow that makes you more beautiful and helps you to walk taller, and helps you to easily effortlessly do the things you need to to keep a strong, slim, sexy body.





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